Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 183 – Huyan

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Chapter 183 - Huyan

The Sky Freeze Formula was not only the precursor to Frozen Goldsplit Sword, it also synergized to forbidden high-level Myst stance, making the cultivator momentarily stronger while using the stance.

Motivated by the will to live, Lu Qianying’s Qi flowed faster than usual. He quickly drew thousands of runes. The temperature around his chubby body dropped drastically, and the ground began to frost over, quickly turning white.


The returned prime Warrior’s runes turned into white flakes. They then gravitated towards Lu Qianying’s hand, forming a white Qi blade. Lu Qianying thought he dodged the lava pillar, but he soon realized that the beast’s incinerating breath was following him.

He lifted the sword and struck the lava. He knew that he had to somehow deflect the incoming attack since he did not have the speed to avoid it.


The white Qi sword melted; it evaporated before it even touched the lava. The runes were reduced into a thin layer of scattered energy.

The Quadwing Barren Beast had the strength equivalent to a seven-star returned prime Warrior. Lu Qianying, the one-star returned prime Warrior, was aware his resistance was futile. Nonetheless, he did all he could in hopes that his effort would help him survive.


The lava pillar fell onto Lu Qianying. It engulfed him and burrowed him into the ground. The impact caused a brief earthquake. The elder’s bloody and burnt body was left motionless in the pit created by the beast’s breath.

“How is he still breathing!?” The Quadwing Barren Beast frowned in shame. The scales on his face made a sizzling sound. He was afraid his allies would doubt his capabilities since he did not kill Lu Qianying as planned.

“Pfft!” The Quadwing Barren Beast grunted. He lifted his hoofs and stomped down at Lu Qianying.


The powerful leg strokes sent shockwaves down onto the pit. The hill around it began to collapse.

‘This guy can’t even defend himself against the beast’s breath!’ Ye Wei ran and found shelter more than three hundred feet away. He was desperately hiding behind a tree, shaking the whole time while tightly holding his talisman.

It was obvious to the young five-star condensed prime Warrior that he could easily become the next victim. He slowed his breath and contained his energy the best he could. He realized he would not be able to escape the beasts and the demons if they were eager to chase.

Just before the hoof was about to take Lu Qianying’s life, as many as twenty beams of light crossed the sky. A thunderous hoarse chant stunned the beast.

A cultivator appeared on the end of each light beams. All of them were returned prime Warrior. and all of them were stronger than Lu Qianying.

“Viled winged abomination! You will pay for injuring a returned prime Warrior!” His powerful voice echoed the mountain range. Seven turquoise Qi blades ignited and flew towards the winged beast’s feet.

The beast’s gigantic blue eyes disdainfully stared at the Qi blades, “Klapa Turquoise Blades? What is the Royal Huyan family doing here!?” He nimbly turned his enormous body and stomped forth. He defended himself with his sturdy hoofs.

“Punish them!” The royal squad’s leader shouted as his stance crashed onto the winged beast’s limbs. While the squad, the returned prime Warriors rushed towards the seven king grade wild beasts to his command.

“You can clean the dirt on the ground with your faces!” The beast was bold. He fearlessly led his pack to the spirited human cultivators.

The Demon King understood his ally was in a tight situation. He lifted his hand and curled it into a claw. He then struck towards the squad leader. “Your kind owe me one!”

The demons beast, and royals started a deadly brawl. The clash of forces created an energy maelstrom in the sky it wrapped the dimension, dark scars, opening to other realms were spreading above the battlefield.

Ye Wei could feel the ground he stood on was shaking tremendously. The trees and rocks were breaking and sinking into the soil.

A surge of energy erupted out of the maelstrom. It hit the ground while a pulsating wave spread outwards through the mountains. The towering hills collapsed and the land cracked where the wave passed through.

To the battlers, Ye Wei was just a part of the environment, unnoticed.

Under the pressure of all the powerful presences, Ye Wei could not move. He too began to sink into the ground, but he was looking a step ahead. He used this outside energy to power the runic transformation on his bones.

‘With the next Supernova evolution, I will be able to have the strength of a returned prime Warrior!’ Ye Wei lusted after power which would give him the ability to escape and protect what his ancestor left to his family.

Ye Wei looked around and spotted Lu Qianying. He could see the elder was wiggling, though, the ground was trembling. He wanted to finish him off, but he was too afraid that one of the royal squad would intervene.


The runic patterns on Ye Wei’s bones kept transforming. He was overwhelmed and engulfed by pain as the transformation process was about to reach its end.

Even in pain, he was alert, though. Although none of the demons or beast saw him as a threat, he knew he could easily become colossal damage. He felt like he was lounging in a burning room.


The surface waves were heading towards Ye Wei’s direction. He tore an Instant Shadow scroll immediately since he knew he would become miles underground within seconds otherwise.


Sequences of runes burst out of the scroll. They wrapped around Ye Wei and made him disappear from this terrifying and threatening scene. Within the same second, a whole globe of light vanished and reappeared a hundred miles away from its original location.


After Ye Wei’s departure, the battlefield became a thirty miles wide bald spot within the mountains.

“Just in time!” Ye Wei glanced at the brawl from a distance. He gasped as he realized the scale of the destruction. There was no signs of life; only debris and blood remained at the battlefield.

“I would have died if it wasn’t for the scroll! I need to become stronger, at least a returned prime Warrior level!” Ye Wei inhaled deeply and muttered. His eyes shone determination.

‘At least I don’t have to worry about Lu Qianying now.’ He looked at the destroyed battlefield and thought. ‘If he was willing to kill me, he should have been ready to die as well!’

Ye Wei sat down to adjust the Qi flow in his body but could not focus. He was too agitated and concerned over the beasts, the demons, and the royal family’s involvement in the search of the Drakehead.

The images of the battle haunted and teased him. He clenched his fist stood up and looked towards the Drakehead. ‘There is no other way! I have to finish the third Supernova Evolution.’

“I have very limited time to improve my cultivation.” Ye Wei mumbled. He was nervous. If anyone who were involved in the fight moments ago realized how close they were to the treasure, the Drakehead would be lost forever.

“Twenty-four days had past since Lu Ren was killed. The green sandalwood box’s effect is only going to last for another week at most!” Ye Wei bit his nails as he muttered, “They will know Lu Feng’s and my involvement. Then they will be able to guess easily that we have been sabotaging their missions.” He shook his head and continued, “There is another elder stationed close by. Lu Feng’s and my life would be at risk!”

After clearing his mind, Ye Wei sped towards the secret pond. He didn’t have to worry much about the Lu’s wandering close to the Drakehead now that he had killed most of the search team leaders.

Ye Wei leaped upwards to the top of the woods. Using a springing motion from the trees, he achieved an astounding speed. It only took him less than an hour before he was at the pondside again.

The young Runemaster was completely focused. He took a deep breath and wrapped his body with protective layer of Qi and will-force. Immediately, he dove straight down to the bottom of the body of freezing water.