Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 167 – Joint Force

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Chapter 167 – Joint Force

“Lu Feng, I do not wish to follow you! However, you are welcome to hold back the Lu family if you hate them this much!” Ye Wei had to make the right decision here. “I will aid you. But I do not wish to have anything to do with Du’s! I feel like I’ve betrayed what’s good in me just having to consider siding with you!”

“Since the Lu’s came to Green Moon City, the Du’s decided they should be the two Lu elders’ dogs, I would love to get rid of these cowards, just let me deal with the Du family! And, if we are going to work together in anyway, I need us to make a heavenly oath as soon as possible!” Lu Feng’s brows rose and continued: “Because I can’t trust you either!”

Lu Feng also knew how valuable Ye Wei was to him. ‘A sixteen years old three-star Runemaster, a kid who can fight a ten-star condensed prime Warrior, one of the God’s Seven, we will complement each other and no one will be able to stand in or way after the heavenly oath!’

“Okay, but let’s not waste time, as soon as we deal with this madman, we will make a heavenly oath.” Ye Wei nodded, although him and Lu Feng had an unfriendly past, he was ready to put it behind him, ‘Desperate time calls for desperate measure, there are more important things than revenge. I will have to put my grudges to the side for now to live.’

Ye Wei nodded gently. This wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but the Lu’s were their common enemy after all.

‘Good that he agrees… This kid is too talented and with the aid of the Drakehead he will become even more powerful! But as long as we are bound by the oath I have nothing to be afraid of when he becomes something I have no chance of controlling!’ thought Lu Feng, excited and at the same time terrified.

They quickly finished their conversation through the voice transmission technique.

Lu Feng paced slowly towards Lu Zhong and whispered just three things, “A three-star Runemaster. One of the God’s Seven. Master Yi’s only legacy apprentice.”

“What?! What did you just say? He is who’s what?” Lu Zhong’s heart skipped a beat. He frowned, and his eyebrows almost stuck together.

During the fight, it became clear to Lu Zhong that the Ye Wei had been trained well, he could see the teeanger’s fighting techniques were advanced, but he never realized he was fighting a Runemaster.

Just the titles were enough to provoke Lu Zhong’s fear. If he had harmed Ye Wei there, he would have had to stand trial not only in front of the Green Army but also the Runemaster Union for the untolerated crime of harming a potential leader of mankind. ‘Even if I ignore all these people behind the kid, am I really able to kill him? I’ve never bled this much in a fight.’

Lu Feng saw how Lu Zhong’s face changed. He decided to strike the iron while it’s hot. He chuckled and said in a laughing voice, “You can beat this kid easily, I mean, you are a ten-star condensed prime Warrior, that’s exactly why the Du’s want to use you to deal with the Ye’s! I can take over and do the search myself with the Ye’s to make sure that the job is done properly while the Du’s will stay down here! You can take the time to rest and recover from your injuries and watch over these cowards.”

‘I guess I should give this bastard a try, he seems knowledgeable.’ Lu Zhong liked what he was hearing. He patted Lu Feng trustingly on the shoulder, “Indeed. Like you said, this kid is very talented. You may take care of your ancestral lands.This young Runemaster earned it.”

His sight finally fell onto the Du’s, “All of you are now under the command of Lu Feng. Do not dare disobey him! Or you will have to deal with me!”

Lu Zhong knew that if the fight went on, he would anger a lot of powerful men and probably even face exile. He therefore took his opportunity to step down and pass the responsibility over to Lu Feng, stepping away from the heat as quick as he could. ‘I never thought I could trust this lovechild kid, I would have dug myself in a hole if he didn’t help me in time!’

“I would like to apologize. I hope, you and your family can forgive my recklessness”, Ye Wei casted his eyes towards Lu Feng, playing along.

“It was my privilege to fight such a talented youngster! And that was enough fighting for today! Come join me and Lu Feng for a drink, we should celebrate instead!” Lu Zhong was trying to unkink the misunderstandings. Knowing Ye Wei could one day be an influential person, he didn’t want or need more conflicts.

“Such hospitality and this is not even your home, I wouldn’t dare declining,” smiled Ye Wei. He then looked to the side and winked at his cousin, “Ye Zhong, would you please take the rest of the Ye’s and also Lu Feng with you so we can finish the search of this hill. Be quick, we don’t want to miss the Lu’s family feast and Lu Feng needs to join us for a drink before eating!”

“Alright then. Let’s go!” Ye Zhong was confused by sudden request from Ye Wei to let Lu Feng help them search the grounds. But he knew his cousin would know better than put their family at risk, so he faithfully followed the lead.

“Lu Zhong! Are you going to leave Du Ji here? He was attacked by the Ye’s! We demand justice!” The Du’s were dumbfounded by the development, craved revenge.

Do Ji was a great cultivator and one of the strongest in the Du family. Besides, the Du’s used to be the Big Three of this city, they had never been treated like this.

“Humpf, I have heard about the shady things your family did three years ago when the elders briefed us about Green Moon City. Furthermore, it’s none of my business if this useless puppet decided to mess with someone he can’t handle!” Said Lu Zhong and chuckled disdainfully. His cold glare like daggers landed on the Du’s squad.

Ye Wei looked at the Du’s. ‘I had to show my strength and had Lu Feng talk this out for me, if not for him I would have been in trouble now! Ha, why do you Du’s think you can convince this madman at all? Lu Zhong would not show mercy, not to puppets.’

“No, not puppet, more like a dog.” Said Ye Wei. The Du stared back at Ye Wei, but didn’t dare to say anything further.’ The Lu family is clearly favouring us. If the Du’s won’tt stand back right now, they might lose more than their squad leader.’

Du’s cold glares were piercing Ye Wei, the sole reason why they didn’t succeed in their mission and the man who paralyzed a valuable asset of the Du family.

Ye Zhong and the rest started moving towards the hill. This storm had finally passed.

Ye Wei then told his cousin to return to the camp and he followed Lu Feng, away from the burial hill.

The two young Runemasters found a quiet spot close by, stood together on a peak and made sure they weren’t followed. Neither of them spoke a word. Lu Feng’s robe flattered, the cold breezes whistled between the hills and the mountains.

Ye Wei looked calmly towards Lu Feng, ‘He wasn’t lying about the Drakehead. But how did he find it in the first place?’ He appeared calm but his mind was restless, trying to find answers, explanations.

‘I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the Lu’s cannot find the Drakehead. Me and Lu Feng will be able to control the Lu’s for now. I think I made the right decision’

“Don’t you want me to tell you more about the Drakehead?” Lu Feng seemed to read Ye Wei’s mind with his cold glance, “As soon as we’ve made the heavenly oath, I will take you there.”

‘Ye Wei’s strength was comparable to a ten-star condensed prime Warrior. I cannot match him,’ Lu Feng remembered how he couldn’t sense Ye Wei’s Qi and wondered if the teenager had already recovered from fighting Du Ji.

“What are we waiting for then?” Ye Wei replied

“We solemnly declare, that we mean well to each other!” They said in unison and held each other’s arm.

“I shall not expose the location of the Drakehead in any way.” Ye Wei swore.

“I shall not harm the Ye’s in any way.” Lu Feng followed.

“Come with me!” Lu Feng felt reassured and led the way.

Ye Wei effortlessly kept up, the closer they were to the pond the more Ye Wei appreciated his old rival’s honesty, ‘Lu Feng really knows!’

As they were reaching the pond, an incredulous look spread over Ye Wei’s face, “How did you find this place?!” He said.

“A few years ago, I was told about my past, I ran away from what I thought was my family, just to have some time and space so I could clear my mind. I accidentally wandered into North Hill Bay, and found the Drakehead.” Lu Feng answered, pointing at the pond.

“These past years I have been investing my time and effort onto rune knowledge, not much onto actually cultivating. However I was able to breakthrough to become a four-star condensed prime Warrior, which I am actually very proud of, considering my age.” Lu Feng looked at the small ripples on the pond, his lips curled up to a self-disapproving smile, “It’s nothing compared to what you’ve achieved of course…”

Lu Feng had always been confident with his talent, especially since he discovered the Drakehead, nobody in his circle could challenge him.

But when he met Ye Wei, his world turned upside down. Meeting a sixteen year old boy, who was able to better him at the Runemaster Union entry exam, made him reevaluate life. Meeting Ye Wei for the second time, Lu Feng was completely humble before the three-star Runemaster who managed to go even while fighting a ten-star condensed prime Warrior.

‘Ye Wei, the boy with red Sentient… You deserve the Drakehead more than I do,’ thought Lu Feng. Comparing himself to Ye Wei, he suddenly felt unworthy. He could no longer be proud of any of his accomplishments.

Although Lu Feng had planned his revenge for long, he realized he was still not ready to take on the Lu’s, ‘Is three years really enough? Can I keep the Drakehead from the Lu’s while trying to assemble my own crew?’

If the Lu’s were not desperately trying to discover the Drakehead, Lu Feng would have had all the time he needed to harvest its power and, as he planned, become an influential figure within the family.

However, even though the Lu’s didn’t know the exact location of the Supreme’s resting place, they were still aware that it was nearby Green Moon City. It would not take them more than two or three years to figure out the rest with the resources they had access to.

Once they found the sacred place, Lu Feng would have lost his only way to avenge his mother.

His desire to recruit Ye Wei was based on his fear of not being able to achieve his goal on his own, so he would rather share the sacred place with the powerful kid that would be his ally, if the kid too, wished to keep it a secret.

“You and I are like Yin and Yan, dark and light! We will complement each other and will be able to delay their search for at least a year, maybe two if we are lucky.”

“Even I don’t plan to mess them up before three years of preparation. It’s impossible for me to become strong enough to physically challenge the Lu’s elders. They were the people that made my mother suffer!”

“I was lucky to meet you! Ye Wei, you are the most talented person I’ve ever seen. Even the best cultivators in Lu’s family are not superior to you.”

“Within three year, I definitely think that you will be able to challenge the Lu’s! I don’t want much for myself. I just want to avenge my mother. I can’t let them torture her any longer! The Lu’s have to pay for what they did!” Lu Feng fiercely ground his teeth.

“Do not worry. We have made a heavenly oath. If you decide to challenge Lu’s in three years, I won’t just stand and watch.” Ye Wei was feeling Lu Feng’s hatred towards the Lu’s.

‘He did save our family’s squad today. Is it fair? Should I just let the past go?’ Ye Wei suddenly realized.