Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 153 – Demon King

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Chapter 153 – Demon King

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Tu Fusheng’s rapidly enlarging body ripped his clothes into pieces. Under the audience’s awe, his face inhumanly contorted while the widened eyes of the shocked cultivators, old and young, watched the horrifying scene unveil itself.

The monstrous six meters tall body was muscular. His skin turned from a bronze coloration to a pale white. Two fearsome cyan fangs stuck out of his gigantic mouth.

“It’s a demon!”

“A Corpse demon!” The audience on the cloud stood up surprised, terrified by the fanged, towering, levitating abomination.

“You have some guts to reveal your demon form in my city!” Chen Yuan City Lord slammed the table in front of him, dissipating the cloud structure around him as he channeled his energy.

“A pathetic young demon like you should not have wandered into human territory. You should respect the Green Army and think about the consequences before you reveal your demon form!” Commander Shi Qing’s presence expanded, and he was surrounded by a blood red aura.

“Tu Fusheng is a… a demon!?” The audience on ground level were startled. They all felt a chill run down their spines, and their knees went weak. They struggled to accept that the young cultivator they’ve grown to like was a sinister being who infiltrated the tournament.

“No wonder his body strength is so exceptional!” Xu He’s forehead became wet from sweating and questioned himself on why he was not able to make the association before.

All present wholeheartedly believed demons would never dare to show themselves around Ning City, especially ever since the Battle of the Trapped Beasts.

“Do you have a death wish? This is human territory! If you reveal your demon form, you won’t just be fighting me!” Ye Wei held his sword tight, looked around him then struck Tu Fusheng with his sword.

“Bang! Bang!”

Ye Wei’s sword left a trail resembling the milky way. He nearly blinded the audience as it came crashing down on Tu Fusheng’s head.

The peak high-level Myst stance’s power erupted, but at the same time draining all of Ye Wei’s will-force and Qi.

Although Tu Fusheng transformed to his demon form, he was still not sure if he could handle the sword strike. His body glowed black to summon the spirits from the other side to attack Ye Wei.

While the spirits were slowing Ye Wei’s sword strike down, Commander Shi Qing made a move. He used a stance to transform himself into a giant gold-armored war golem. Grabbing Tu Fusheng‘s body, he held it in place. “How dare you disrespect an army commander!?”

“Pall demon king, please help me, quick!” Tu Fusheng did not expect Shi Qing’s swift reaction. He desperately screamed for help as he felt his life under threat.

“Bang!” While the Green Army commander’s large golden palm strike was falling down onto Tu Fusheng, a jade pendant hanging on the demon’s neck turned into dust, activating the teleportation device within.

Suddenly, a vortex appeared in the sky, and a large black palm, over a kilometer in length, stretched out of the dimension’s opening. It pressed downwards towards the gold war golem, and covering the sky. Nobody on the mountaintop could see the sun.

The patterns on the pall demon king’s hand were carved deep into his onyx textured skin, resembling the green shapes on Tu Fusheng’s skin. Black mist formed between the fingers of the over-sized hand

The commander, in his war golem runic armor was shakened and knocked back by the pressure. At the same time,the large fingers of the demon king’s other hand collapsed on Ye Wei’s Selenic Sword stance and broke it into shards.


Ye Wei’s face turned pale. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell rapidly towards the ground. With his Qi sword broken, his weakened body’s anchor, he lost all of his strength.

“I am impressed, you are just a teenage boy, but you would have defeated a green corpse demon singlehandedly if I did not intervene. I apologize but I cannot let you live.” A dark, hoarse voice sounded, shook the mountaintop, and the demon’s gigantic hand smashed towards Ye Wei.

“Pall demon king, know your place!” Commander Shi Qing shouted furiously. His voice roared like thunder.

A burst of energy exploded from the commander’s body. His golden fist tore through the thickened air, hoping to knock the black hand that was on the course to annihilate Ye Wei away.


Countless of runes were flowing on the surface of the golden fist. The air close to the impact compressed and then exploded. The shining runes illuminated like the sun, and everyone at the scene closed their eyes not to become blind.

Only a few were unaffected by the side effects of the returned prime Warrior’s powerful strike.

“Do you really think we will just sit here and watch you kill a young talent in our territory?” The City Lord joined in without hesitation. A dark long sword appeared in his grip out of nowhere.

The next second the City Lord’s blade flew towards the vortex where the demon king’s hand came from.

“Hahaha! Chen Yuan, Shi Qing, good day to you too! And, may I say that you two are way too slow?” The demon king’s hoarse voice crackled and resounded all throughout the arena, knocking many unconscious.

“Too late!”

Although both the commander’s golden fist and the City Lord’s sword strike were swift, their speed were no match to the rampaging black palm strike.

Distressed by the demon king’s motive and his merciless execution, the two strongest cultivators shivered since they knew Ye Wei would be crushed within moments.

Before contact, the fearsome pressure imposed by the black palm already began to dismantle Ye Wei’s body from the inside. His veins ruptured, and he bled out from the fissures all over his skin.

While his skin was splitting, and his muscles were tearing, the runic energy on his bones seemed to have its own mind. The rune pattern flowed rapidly; the spaced out tadpole shapes melted into each other due to the pressure.

Catalyzed by the force of the demon king, the runes on Ye Wei’s bones consolidated and grew into connected ying yang shapes.

Ye Wei knew how talented he was, but even so he concluded that it will take more than ten years of training and painful process of altering and modifying the runes on his bones before reaching the third stage.

However under the demon’s pressure, the runes on Ye Wei’s bones were forcefully empowered with the speed thousand times quicker than he had ever expected.

Ye Wei stared at the demon king who stretched out from the black void in the sky. He shook his head reluctantly.

‘I can’t wait any longer,’ he thought. He could feel most of the runes on his bones were compressed, and the runic transformation was close to finishing, ‘if I don’t succeed and withstand my ground now, I will get killed by the black palm!’

A sudden flash of inspiration filled his mind.

Ye Wei breathed a sigh of relief as his iron talisman hanging on his waist this whole time, suddenly came to life. Its energy bursted out and became million of strands of silver lights, filling all the space around him. It formed an invisible force field that instantly enveloped and stopped the demon king’s black palm.

The black palm froze abruptly in space; not a single muscle could move or even twitch.

The talisman Ye Wei found in the Bloodmist valley was not mystic arms, but it was more powerful than one. Once it absorbed enough power, it could create a force field strong enough to freeze a demon king’s full-force strike. Although it was not a pretty or fancy piece of jewelry, its power had just turned the tide.

Ye Wei had found it three years ago during which he had only used it three times. After every use, the talisman needs more and more energy to restore itself. Unless it was absolutely the last resort, Ye Wei was not willing to use it. Having accumulated so much energy, the scale of the force-field released by it was never before seen.

Before today, his iron talisman was his best kept secret weapon. But being in a life or death situation, there was only so much Ye Wei could do than not taking advantage of the talisman’s hidden power.

“What? What just happened?!” A muffled hoarse voice angrily asked The demon king was completely shocked as his hand was firmly held in place by a mysterious force.

The strength of the demon king was far superior to anyone present, however, the iron talisman was able to stop him for a few decisive moments. Although it could only hold the demon’s strike for a second, that one second was all that was needed.

By the time the demon king broke the talisman’s constricting power, City Lord Chen Yuan’s black blade, with the momentum like a meteor, l decisively cut the huge demon’s arm .

The demon king’s voice howled within the nether. Even he was shocked by the sudden powerful energy, since he did not expect anyone to be able to stop his attack.

A dull crush noise echoed from the impact. An invisible force wave rippled outwards, knocking everyone down. Though they were standing on the outside of the protective shield made by the City Lord, their bodies weakened and their faces became pale.

The gusts of wind around the martial platforms intensified.

“I shall spare your lives this time, mortals!” In agony, the demon king’s wounded voice growled from above. Without his real body, he could tell that he would be defeated shortly now that his initiative had been stopped. There was no chance for him to end Ye Wei’s life this time, “Goodbye, mortals!”

The demon king roared to Tu Fusheng to run and hide himself within the void nether.

“You filthy creature! How dare you come to my city! You disrespect me by crossing the boundaries! And you wish to leave without any consequences?!” A mighty voice sounded above everyone’s heads. Chen Yuan was there to avenge the citizens.

“Don’t let him escape!” Yelled Chen Yuan as the sudden burst of energy exploded from his Black Sword.

The City Lord’s sword Qi heated up. The kilometer long body of energy became a tornado, and its fearsome pressure drowned out the whole mountain.