Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 152 – Reveal

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Chapter 152 – Reveal

Ye Wei and Tu Fesheng unevenly stood on the opposite edges of the bed of amethyst shards and debris. Both of them were releasing a significant amount of Qi and both at nine-star condensed prime Warrior level.

“Pfft, an amplification stance again, I want to see how long you can keep yourself at that level!” Tu Fusheng glared at Ye Wei.He stomped the ground and launched himself forward.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Tu Fusheng punched in quick succession, dense like rain in a storm, aggressively tearing through layers of defensive Qi towards Ye Wei’s heart with the intent to kill him.

‘Peerless Presence!’ Ye Wei channeled his Qi to keep his stance active. His gaze was cold, set on Tu Fusheng. He did not plan on dodging him;, instead. He wrapped his fist with the Zodiac Sword Qi. Taking a step forward, he threw punches as he steadied his footing. Every strike had the sharpness and strength to cut through solid steel.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The figures of the fighters looked like blurs of light, barely touching the bed of broken amethyst pieces. The dust swirling around was taking shapes of fists as Ye Wei, and Tu Fusheng exchanged blows. The loud rumbles shook hearts and the impacted waves rippled. All the audience, at ground level and above, were becoming nervous.

Under the widened eyes of many, Ye Wei and Tu Fusheng exchanged over a couple hundreds of blows within seconds. Both sides had the power of nine-star condensed prime Warrior, and both could have died to one another’s aggressive attacks if they made one mistake.

Most of the experienced cultivators who thought the fight was over and expected Tu Fusheng to dominate Ye Wei. Once his power exponentially exploded, but they were now shocked to see Ye Wei had the capability to match his opponent’s intensity.

They had no choice but once again admit Ye Wei was stronger than they had expected.

“These two young ones are incredibly powerful!” Most of the audience on the cloud platform exclaimed as the fight became something like a death match between a lion and a panther.

“Bang! Bang!”

The raging energy from both contestants exploded in the air and cracked like thunder.

Countless nervous gazes were aimed at the epicenter where the impact had caused an actual storm. The crushing gusts were strong enough to tear condensed prime Warriors to pieces.


The two figures met mid-air. With this exchange of violence came a rippling force-wave that shook the whole mountain, Ye Wei and Tu Fusheng flew backward. After a series of clumsy staggering both regained balance.

Though the fight was unforgiving, neither Ye Wei or Tu Fusheng were showing signs of backing down They were both ready to answer their opponent’s next strike even meant it would be their last.

“How is this possible? How can you last this long in my ghost freeze zone!?” Tu Fusheng’s face darkened. His specialty technique traps whoever is stuck in the zone with power from the spirit realm while at the same time draining their energy. He did not expect Ye Wei would stay strong and have his amplification stance last this long under the pressure.

“I can’t let this go on any longer!” Yu Fusheng by grinding his teeth showed his frustration. He understood the longer the fight lasted, the more he risked blowing his human cover. “No matter what stance you are capable of using you are no match for me!” His green eyes stared at Ye Wei. His killing intent intensified. Then his hands danced in the air at lightning speed as he made one hand seal after another.

As Tu Fusheng made countless hand seals, his heart raced, his blood flowed through his body like an overflowing river, rumbling as the live fluid circled through.

The green light burst out from the platform like waves. The light resonated with the primal energy in the atmosphere from a hundred kilometers radius. Thus, the two forces surged together and expanded.

Faintly an image of a demon could be seen in Tu Fusheng’s eyes; it was the shape of his real demon form.

The image was also green, and somehow it showed no signs of being alive. Nonetheless, the image was still threatening.

Tu Fusheng was a corpse demon. These demons are the most mysterious species out of the six biggest demon clans. They are capable of harvesting the negative energy of death and utilizing that energy in combat. In turn, they use the void’s power to stun and silence their human prey.

Within the green light, a black stone tablet appeared above Tu Fusheng, a dark presence of death grew and drowned the mountaintop.

All members of the audience began to have trouble breathing as if there were heavy rocks sitting on their chest.


Ye Wei, who was the closest to Tu Fusheng, felt a strange sensation. His body was becoming weightless, and it was becoming harder for him to think. His soul started drifting away.

Ye Wei consciousness then began to sway; his head became heavy, and it was increasingly hard for him to stay sharp.

“Damn it!”

Ye Wei realized his situation was worsening, bit his tongue in hopes that the intense pain will wake himself up. However it was proven to be useless, his eyelids were becoming heavier, and his consciousness was becoming blurrier.

“I can engulf mankind’s souls, and you are too weak to get away from me! Now face your death insolent human!” Tu Fusheng smiled sinisterly. His figure turned into a green flash and shot towards Ye Wei while he lifted his fist.

“What’s happening?! Ye Wei does not look well; this is not natural!” City Lord Chen Yuan’s eyes lit up. He was the first to notice the abnormality.

“What kind of technique is that? Ye Wei looks startled as if his soul is leaving his body! And, Tu Fusheng’s punch is possibly strong enough to challenge a nine-star condensed prime Warrior. This is not good!” Shi Qing, the Green Army commander, displayed a horrified expression. It would be a disaster for humanity if either of the youngsters lost his life fighting.

“Hahaha! Die!” Tu Fusheng radiated a green light. The black stone tablet above him rattled. His bloodthirsty smile made his appearance even more sinister.

“No!” Ye Wei’s consciousness began to fade, but he was still able to analyze the situation he was in, he could see Tu Fusheng’s fist closing in.

With Tu Fusheng’s soul constriction, Ye Wei did not have the energy to channel his Qi. He could only watch with despair as the fist closed in.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

Staring at death, Ye Wei remembered what he had learned from the Karma tower when he fought the inner demons.

‘With my heart, I shall master the way of the universe; with my heart, I will calm my mind. I will cultivate my mind and control my heart with my mind!’ As his emotions calmed down, he was able to stabilize his soul, stopping its detached motion.

Ye Wei’s eyes widened. His golden will-force rushed out from his Sentient, forming the shape of the holy conservatory. A glint of sacred light burst from inside his pupils shone onto Tu Fusheng.

Like the first light of the sun, the holy conservatory’s bright golden light shone and replaced the dark, green energy Tu Fusheng spread all over the mountaintop.

Beams of the golden light landed on Tu Fusheng’s body and began to melt his skin and flesh. He squealed as the excruciating pain intensified, consuming him.

Ever since Ye Wei became a runemaster, his enchanted will-force was a counter to demons , and this was the second time he had a chance to show it.

Although Tu Fusheng’s body was disintegrating, he did not back down. Rather, he continued advancing towards Ye Wei with his menacing fist strike.

‘Selenic Triple-Primal Sword!’

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

When Tu Fusheng’s fist was three inches away from Ye Wei’s head, a burst of runes stopped the sharp Qi wave from hitting Ye Wei’s face.

The runes began to flow. An array of stars appeared in front of Ye Wei’s suppressed body. They intertwined to become a ten meters long spectral sword.

What Tu Fusheng thought to be his opponent’s final moments, Ye Wei was able to activate the mid-level Myst stance in its peak high-level, refined form.

Ye Wei’s will-force and Qi rushed out like a flash flood. Under the effect of the Supernova second evolution, the Selenic Triple Sword stance drained his resources regardless of his amplified cultivation.

The spectral sword vibrated. The edge’s glint resembled a starry night sky, and its energy was directed towards Tu Fusheng’s direction.

The fist that was powering towards Ye Wei’s head had suddenly stopped. It appeared, three inches between the fighters, there was an invisible and invulnerable wall hindering Tu Fusheng.


The star-like runes conveyed their energy and exploded. Consequently, the amethyst platform turned into a mist of purple dust, shrouding the fighters entirely.

The audience on the cloud, who understood the scale of destruction and the powered required to create such devastation, gasped because they realized Ye Wei could defeat them in a bare-hand fight.

Seeing Ye Wei had become the aggressor now, they all shifted their attention to Tu Fusheng, wondering if he could take the hit.

“Argh!” Tu Fusheng’s face became pale. He screamed in pain, tortured by the agony of his skin and muscles peeling off his bones.

‘Back!’ Tu Fusheng horrified tried desperately escaping. He wanted to dodge all the rippling force-waves of Ye Wei’s stance. Even though he was flying through the air at an incredible speed, he could not shake the waves behind his figure.

“What chances do you have now?” Ye Wei coldly questioned. He grabbed his sword and prepared to strike the next strike.

“Damn it, you filthy human child!” Tu Fusheng cursed desperately while considering if he should transform into his demon form so that he could defend himself. However, he knew doing so would make him the target of all the great human cultivators on the cloud platform and those below them.

“You left me with no choice! I will bring you down even if that means risking my life!” Tu Fusheng glared at Ye Wei with an eviscerating gaze. The green glow in the demon’s eyes brightened as his voice became hoarse.

“Kerrrrrr!” A strange vibrating noise came out of the demon’s widening mouth as the rest of his body expanded rapidly. Tu Fusheng lifted his head and screamed.