Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 134 – Lion’s Fall

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Chapter 134 – Lion’s Fall

“A one-Star condensed prime Warrior!? I wonder how Ye Wei will deal with him…” Xu He’s wary face constricted. He was still unsure about what Ye Wei’s entire strength looked like, and he grew concerned from his uncertainty.

“Shi Hun Tian broke through to become a condensed prime Warrior!?” The sudden burst of energy at platform three distracted the young cultivators on the other martial platforms. When they recognized the Qi belonging to those who caused such disturbance, they became enviously upset.

None present, including the competing teams close by, could ignore the power they felt.

Shi Hun Tian grunted. Although he did not gain advantage in the past trade, he remained confident with his cultivation. He planned to climb higher up the ladder of God’s Seven later in the tournament. He decidedly would not let himself lose to a dark horse like Ye Wei.

Looking at Ye Wei’s relaxed smile, Shi Hun Tian was furious; it was the first time someone took him so flippantly.

“I will destroy you in the name of God’s Seven title!” both of Shi Hun Tin’s hands flew in the air. All of a sudden, hundreds of glittering runes appeared where his hands were.

“That is brother Shi’s forbidden stance, Tempest Sword, now, watch and learn guys…” the Tri-Solar youngsters gloatingly gazed at Ye Wei.

“I can’t believe he is using a Myst stance right away! It looks like he really dislikes Ye Wei; oh well, that brat deserves it!”

They had seen this stance before, but, now, it was a completely different experience. Shi Hun Tian used every fiber of his being executing this stance. Apparently, he was taking no chances of defeat.

“Nice Shi Hun Tian, you finally used a stance! Does that mean I am worthy?” Ye Wei looked at the Qi storm in front of his opponent. He sensed an unignorable surge of sharp dense energy brewing. Quickly, he channeled his own energy. The silver ball in Ye Wei’s dantian added a yellow glow to his Qi as it rushed out of his dantian into his meridians.

‘Searing Selenic Palm!’ Ye Wei’s slightly golden Qi stuck onto the will-force of his fingers and became runes as his hands danced in the air.

Like every other stances in the Selenic Seven, they were created by the Glacial Emperor based on specialized runes, which made them more powerful than the stances composed of normal runes of their respective levels.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ye Wei launched globes of magnificent green runic flames from his palm strike. Flying and clashing towards the Qi storm, they collided with it erupting a rumbling sound that echoed throughout the whole mountain. All eighteen martial platforms on its flat peak were shaken by the terrifying burst of imploding force as the stances collided, affecting all other fights occurring.


A beam of flowing light shone down from the cloud platform, creating a tough and thick barrier over platform three, Separating South Star and Tri-Solar’s fight from the rest of the tournament.

“Amazing power!” the fighters on the other platforms simultaneously stopped fighting. They unconsciously looked towards platform three where they sensed the enormous Qi disturbance.

Enough reasons allowed people to believe either side would win the fight. Though, the scale of the fight alone was a sufficient reason for anyone at the tournament to put down what they were doing and pay attention to Ye Wei and Shi Hun tian instead.

Back on the cloud platform, the important figures were astonished. Amazed at the power they felt from these young contestants, they still found it hard to realize such strength could come from such small age.

At the beginning of the match, Shi Xiao Ran was confident about Shi Hun Tian’s victory, but when he felt on his cheek the scorching Qi presence Ye Wei’s stance was giving off, he nervously clenched his fist, quite uncertain now. Although he was at a high place, being the vice-principal of a well established school, a medium-grade mystic arm was still something of a rarity and in the end the school’s reputation was also on the line.

“In the name of God’s Seven? What does that even mean? Why don’t you show me what you can do instead of just constant talking!” Ye Wei looked at the raging energy, with a cool gaze. He channeled his dense Qi and vast will-force, topping up his Selenic stance.

The cyan flames immediately burned hotter and brighter; they began to outshine Shi Hun Tian’s Qi storm.

“How can a Spirit stance suppress a Myst stance?! This is impossible!” Shi Hun Tian was furious. He was expecting to beat a higher ranked God’s Seven with this stance; the stance he was told by his master that he was not strong enough to learn before he broke through to a condensed prime Warrior.

Feeling the Qi storm’s power fading and softening, Shi Hun Tian screamed at the sky. Lines of runes that were imprinted on his arm shone silver as he began to activate a stance he was told not to use unless in critical moments.

‘‘Lion’s Savagery!’’ yelled Shi Hun Tian as his body twitched and strengthened to the level of a two-star condensed prime Warrior.

Just like the Supernova stance, this amplification stance allowed its user to access their Qi, primal energy in a condensed form within a time period. Nevertheless, comparing to the Glacial Emperor’s stance, Lion’s Savagery was not even half as powerful.

Ye Wei rose his brows at the sight of what his opponent was doing, He then drew a rune on his palm, injecting his Qi onto the runes engraved on his bone and activated the Supernova stance.

‘Supernova first evolution!’

Ye Wei’s body strength greatly expanded, reaching close to a three-star condensed prime Warrior level.

Due to his foundation, Ye Wei benefited massively from his major breakthrough and was stronger than other cultivators of the same level; the supernova stance took that advantage a step further in power.

‘Lion’s Roar!’ Shun Hun Tian grunted as a wall of his Qi rushed towards Ye Wei like a tsunami. He gain a presence of the king of the beasts, his muscles bulged up and left a deep footprint on the ground each step closer to Ye Wei he took.

The amethyst platform trembled..


“No wonder why he is a God’s Seven!”

The gathering crowd was still too scared to stay where they were as they felt the immense flood of energy surged forth even despite the shield the City Lord had already set up. They took a step back from the frontline, afraid they would get hurt.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Academy and Seven Star School finished their fights as quickly as they could. They were more interested in watching the title fight than continue their own fight. They rushed to platform three at almost the same time.

“That’s Lion’s Savagery! Ye Wei pushed Shi Hun Tian this far?!”

“The kid from South Star is very special; I think he will be challenging us sooner or later!”

Galaxy Academy’s Feng Yi, Xiao Yuan, and Xuan Yu joined the crowd, the youngsters standing close to them respectfully took a few steps back giving the three local celebrities space, so they could get a better view on the fight they seemed to have a sincere interest in.

On the other side of the platform, a few young cultivators from Seven Star School gathered. The dark skinned boy, Tu Fu Sheng and his seductive looking female friend were also paying attention to Ye Wei’s every move.

“The kid from South Star improved since we last saw him fight!” the girl bit her lip and rolled her eyes in admiration.

“Haha, so what?” Tu Fu Sheng chuckled, “he is no match for me!” a strange, aggressive green glow lit up deep in his eyes.

“Hey, don’t forget why we were sent here… he hasn’t contacted us for weeks now. It’s very possible that he has been captured or even killed by a human cultivator. I think it’s up to us to finish the task, stay attentive!”

“Stop being annoying! I am not stupid.” Tu Fu Sheng grunted.

The girl chuckled and disappeared into the crowd.

Back on the platform, Shi Hun Tian was approaching Ye Wei with heavy, ground shaking steps.

“I didn’t expect to use the Lion’s Savagery… this was the stance that won me the fight to become God’s Seven. I will make you suffer!” Shi Hun Tian’s face contorted from the suffering as his bones and muscles experienced by being twisted and stretched by the amplifying stance.

“You know an amplification stance too? It’s a shame it’s not comparable to mine.” Ye Wei shook his head and chuckled as he mumbled.

Ye Wei drew a sequence of specialized runes as he looked at the muscular figure walking towards him, ‘Selenic Ironbark Seal!’

The runes flowed fluidly as he kept channeling his Qi into them; a gigantic wooden palm appeared fifty meters high in the air. The runes’ twist and turns became wooden layers resembling a grainy bark pattern.

“Now, I’ll show you why stance quality matters, but don’t worry you can thank me later.”Ye Wei slowly extended his arms, making the stance fall on Shi Hun Tian’s head.

The wooden palm landed on Shi Hun Tian, smashing and pushing him towards the platform’s edge even against the force of Lion’s Savagery.

The two waves of energy clashed into each other similar to two tall tsunami waves. The terrifying force of the impact caused a quake at the platform. It sank a few meters into the mountain surface as the foundation became loose.

Under the pressure of Selenic Ironbark Seal, Shi Hun Tian could not control his movements although he stood upright. His body became a pick, his feet, the sharp hook, dug two deep ravines into the damaged platform as his body was pushed deeper and deeper into the damaged amethyst.

“How could this be!? I can not even fight back!?” Shi Hun Tian’s eyes widened, incredulous at the action taken place, ‘what kind of monster am I facing?’

Shi Hun Tian furiously channeled the remaining Qi in his meridians to fight Ye Wei’s Selenic stance, but his energy was of no use as he could not gain momentum under the immense physical pressure the Selenic Ironbark Seal imposed. Within seconds he was out of energy and unable to even slightly weaken the incoming strike.

“You are too small a cat to call yourself a lion,” Ye Wei shook his head and clenched his fist; the wooden palm immediately fell, burying Shi Hun Tian in the martial platform entirely.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The immense energy of Ye Wei’s stance did not stop; it just kept pressing into the platform.

The gathering audience behind the City Lord’s shield were stunned and knocked off balance by the escaping energy. They could only imagine what kind of force Shi Hun Tian was enduring; however, none of the three strongest Galaxy youngsters were afraid. Rather, they looked at each other and smiled excitedly.

“That was Shi Hun Tian with the amplifying stance…”

“So, Feng Yi, what do you think of this kid now?” Xuan Yu frowned and looked to his side. He anticipated his trustful comrade’s opinion.

“There was nothing I saw that you didn’t. I think I will be the one fighting him the day we face South Star.” Feng Yi slowly exhaled. It was the first time he felt this threatened by someone of such a young age.

Xiao Yuan and Xuan Yu nodded and exchanged a look. They were surprised that someone was able to intrigue their strongest cultivator. They never had seen him take a fight this seriously.

Back on the martial platform, Ye Wei slowly canceled the Selenic Ironbark Seal, retrieving the vast energy back into his body. He left the wounded Shi Hun Tian whose robe was torn into pieces inside the platform, panting for air. He had no strength to move as the amplifying stance’s effect faded.

All the audience widened their eyes as they witnessed the unbelievable.

“Shi Hun Tian lost? He barely fought back! Has he gotten weaker or is Ye Wei just incredibly strong?”

“Oh god! How powerful is Ye Wei?!”

Another thought struck the crowd as the dust started to settle down.

“God’s Seven, the person left standing is now the new God’s Seven!”

“Ye Wei has replaced Shi Hun Tian to become a seven!”

The South Star youngsters couldn’t help themselves; they screamed and danced.

“We have a God’s Seven in Green Moon City! And he is from our school!” Cao Ning shouted, Joe Yin, Liu Jian, Chen Mo and the rest were cheering from their hearts, shivering in ecstasy.

Until now Liu Jian was never truly happy with Ye Wei taking his place as the academy’s best cultivator. Nonetheless, as Ye Wei brought the title to South Star, he completely gave up the idea of competing with Ye Wei.

“How was that possible!?” Shi Xiao Ran shocked and startled, looked at his motionless student. He could not believe Shi Hun Tian was defeated by someone a whole year younger.

“Vice-principal Shi, I believe we had an agreement?” Xu He narrowed his eyes and chuckled. Winning the mystic arm did not mean half as much to Xu He as his team sweeping off Tri-Solar school, one of the crowds favourite, with only Ye Wei.

“Of…of course!” Shi Xiao Ran’s face was completely red, undisguisably embarrassed.

No one in the crowd expected the match to be over this quickly. Nor did they expect it would be such a one sided fight. Notwithstanding, Yu Wei’s strength spoke for itself. They were now looking forward to see if the new God’s Seven could carry on his momentum and topple the other six which would gain him a higher rank during the course of the tournament.