Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 108 – Seven-Star Warrior

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Chapter 108 – Seven-Star Warrior

“This red-haired youngster is the weakest amongst them, but I can sense he is a six-star Warrior. The rest of them haven’t even used their skills yet!” Coa Ning mumbled in Ye Wei’s ears, and there was a sense of worry on his swollen face. His eyes were glinting with fear.

“Six-star Warrior?” Ye Wei was calm, and he casually stepped forward towards the visitors.

‘How dare you touch my friend.’ Thought Ye Wei.

“Wei, please don’t do anything stupid. That guy is a genuine six-star Warrior! Let’s just wait until a teacher or people from the gifted class arrive. We have to be patient!” Seeing Ye Wei was eager to fight, Cao Ning’s back was covered in a cold sweat. “I don’t know what kind of fancy runes you can make now, but these guys are powerful cultivators!” He even stood up and quickly grabbed Ye Wei trying to drag him into the crowd despite the pain he was in.

“Huh?” Ye Wei looked at his arm while glancing at Cao Ning’s hand. He was touched by how tight he was being held. He then smiled reluctantly, ‘Brother Cao, he’s just a six-star Warrior..’

“Who dares have a wild tantrum in my school!?” A loud, angry voice rang out as Ye Wei was about to tell Cao Ning how strong he had become.

The gathering crowd and all the visitors looked in the direction of the angry voice.

“It’s Mu Feng and Joe Yin!”

Everyone’s eyes brightened seeing these two were quickly approaching. They all knew that in the last official ranking assessment Joe Yin came seventh, and Mu Feng came third; they were happy to know the school’s elites were here.

“Finally some decent cultivators?” The red-haired youngster wore a cheeky smile as he arrogantly looked at Mu Feng and Joe Yin.

“What a gorgeous b*tch!” The black-robed cultivators’ eyes only stayed on Mu Feng for a brief moment before they were stuck on Joe Yin. They wondered why they had never seen someone this pretty during their previous visits to Green Moon City.

The leader of the black-robed gang, who had dark circles around his eyes, stared at Joe Yin’s flawless face.

“Hello, I am Ning Yang is your name as pretty as you are? How would you like to transfer to Polaris Academy? A girl as fair as you deserves better company!” The dark-eyed youngster asked in a frivolous tone. He smiled and pervertedly looked at Joe Yin’s body.

Witnessing this youngster openly flirting with Joe Yin, the gathering crowd was furious.

“Watch your mouth! You are at South Star Academy. We take offenses seriously you dog!” Mu Feng was deeply irritated by the disrespectful visitors.

He was the third strongest cultivator at South Star Academy, and he had not yet gotten over the fact that he was humiliated in the dining hall earlier on. Now that these black-robed visitors were disrespecting the girl he admired as if he was not there he finally had somewhere to vent his frustration.

Mu Feng could not take it anymore. He clenched his fist and decided to let his rage take over and punish these arrogant people.

“Get to the side. I am speaking with this fine young lady here; this does not concern you!” Ning Yang disdainfully glared at Mu Feng and scolded. He then turned back to Joe Yin, “I am a lot stronger than that guy next to you. I am sure of it, and I think we should get to know each other better, don’t you?” He said in a soft, smooth voice.

Ning Yang completely disregarded Mu Feng’s presence as he slowly walked towards Joe Yin with a provocative smile on his face.

“Shameless!” Joe Yin bit her lips, and her breasts rose and fell to the rhythm of her heavy breathing. Her cheeks were completely red from humiliation. She channeled her Qi, and her black hair flowed with the wind.

“Let me handle this. I will teach this disrespectful guy a lesson!” Mu Feng grunted and said while looking at her cute, angry face.

Mu Feng’s body shook and set in motion before Joe Yin could reply. He turned into a flash that sped towards Ning Yang.

“It’s too late now. Even if you got on your knees and apologized, I would never let this go!” Mu Feng said with a cold gaze. His hands flew through the air and fired out eighty-one runes almost instantly.

‘Mid-level Spirit stance – Crystalline Feather Sword’ Mu Feng grunted, and the runes sequence shook as a ghostly wing appeared in the air.

“Let’s go!”

The feather sword pierced through the air like a speeding arrow. It flew towards Ning Yang making a shrill noise.

Mu Feng was naturally trying to impress, so he did not hold back; he used his best stance. The Crystalline Feather Sword was one of the most powerful offensive mid-level Spirit stances, and in the hands of a six-star Warrior, it carried fearsome momentum. The gathering crowd eyes’ widened and they stared with a worshipping gaze while watching this play out.

“He is the third strongest cultivator at south star for a reason. Who else had the power to lead with a mid-level Spirit stance!”

“Judging by this power, Mu Feng should be able to break through soon!”

“Ha! Let’s see how he deals with this, and then how can they call us, South Star Academy, trash?”

Cao Ning looked at Mu Feng’s graceful moves with admiration and envy. Although he was the boss of Senior One, he only just broke through to become a Warrior. He was still only a one-star Warrior.

“Wei, do you see that? He is the third strongest cultivator at our school at the moment. He is around our age, but he is already a six-star Warrior! Also, I can tell that he’s not far from breaking through again.” Cao Ning said enviously.

“Oh really?” Ye Wei rubbed his nose and noncommittally shrugged. He recognized Mu Feng from the dining hall.

“He should not be so rash. Those black-robed guys are not simple…” Ye Wei said while trying to sense how strong they were as he quietly looked at Ning Yang, who had his arms crossed in front of his chest, and Mu Feng, who was confidently shooting through the air.

“Third best in South Star? Haha!” Just before the feather sword was about to connect, the red-haired boy who stood behind Ning Yang laughed and stepped forward.

‘Mid-level Spirit stance – Raven’s Descent!’ Over a hundred runes appeared in front of the red-haired boy, and before he even moved his hands hundreds of ravens burst out towards Mu Feng’s feather sword.

The black ravens wrapped around the feather sword, and after a series of cracking sound, the feather wing disintegrated. Some of the Qi ravens that were still fine soared towards Mu Feng.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The spirit ravens exploded once they reached Mu Feng, and the sharp pressure waves tore holes on his robe and left bone-deep wounds over his body.

“Ahhhh!” Mu Feng clumsily fell as he was struck and heavily impacted the ground. Blood gushed from his wounds and his mouth; it was apparent that he was badly hurt.

“Sorry! He attacked first; I just defended my friend!” The red-haired boy said.

“Pfft, looks like I am not needed here at all!” Ning Yang shook his head regretfully. He was confident with himself and his friends but he did not expect the third best cultivator at South Star Academy couldn’t even withstand one stance.

This unexpected development shocked everyone. They had already planned out what insults they were about to say when Mu Feng beat up Ning Yang, but they were forced to swallow their words before they could even speak. The South Star students at the scene now looked at the seven black-robed youngsters in fear.

“He is a seven-star Warrior… That must be it!” Cao Ning was greatly startled and started to mumble next to Ye Wei’s ears.

The seven-star Warrior level was a bottleneck in the Warrior level. This is because when breaking through to the seventh star it opens up some previously unused meridians; therefore, helping one increase the Qi flow throughout their body. This was the reason why seven-star Warriors were multiple times stronger than six-star Warriors. They were Warriors feared by anyone below their level.

‘The fact that the red-haired boy could knock Mu Feng out with one blow meant that he was at least a seven-star Warrior, and even the two top students of South Star might have trouble dealing with his friends who were even stronger.’ Cao Ning was startled, and his heart froze as he thought.

“Haha, you see what I mean? Come here girl. Let’s have a chat?” Ning Yang’s arms were still crossed, and he didn’t need to use his hands. All he needed to do was send their weakest to fight. He walked slowly towards Joe Yin in front of the crowd’s fearful faces.

“You..” Joe Yin’s face was ash-white. She didn’t think the cultivators from Polaris Academy would be so strong. She was scared because their leader, the young man walking towards her, was probably extremely dangerous.

Joe Yin’s lips bled from her biting them, and the panic she felt caused her to look around for ways out. After glace around her eyes fell onto Ye Wei. She knew Ye Wei might be able to help, but seeing how cold he looked she hesitated to ask for aid.

Ye Wei sighed as he saw Joe Yin was shaking from helplessness. He frowned and walked forward then stood still in front of Joe Yin blocking Ning Yang’s way.

Although he did not have feelings for her, he could not stand seeing someone who was so close to him being threatened.

“I don’t exactly want to help you, but these people’s obnoxiousness is bothering me.” Ye Wei said with a calm voice.

Joe Yin’s heart ached, and she nodded while stepped back close to the crowd.