Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 10 – Fiery Sun Quencher

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Chapter 10 – Fiery Sun Quencher

From a certain distance, an elegant and beautiful teenager observed the whole violent verbal exchange. It was Lin Zi Yan!

Her glossy purple hair was resting on her shoulders and the white slim fit dress emphasized her curves in contrast to the thin profile of her body. While her neck and collarbones were gracefully and seductively exposed through the opening of the dress, which was framed by the embellished collar on her dress. There was even a stylish purple flower embroidered on the dress, sitting right next to the bulge on her chest.

Zi Yan saw Ye Wei slowly walking away from Green Phoenix Hall. She could see from Ye Wei’s posture that he felt lonely and frustrated because of what just took place between Joe Yin and him. The distant look on Ye Wei’s face caused a throbbing pain somewhere in Zi Yan’s heart.

But there was not even a hint of rage on his face. Ye Wei always held rage back like a dormant volcano that would never erupt.

Lin Zi Yan couldn’t imagine how much mockery and pressure he had received from his peers and teachers; that on top of the sadness in his heart due to his poor performance in class and being a red Sentient one star Student, who was constantly told he would never be worth anything other than trash. Even now with his new found soul sensibility, he still distanced himself from the world because he didn’t have enough confidence to stand on his own two feet and talk back to people.

Like a hedgehog, Ye Wei faced obstacles in the fetal position, passively protecting himself from the world.

While looking at the lonely figure of Ye Wei getting smaller and smaller as he walked away, Zi Yan imagined the solitude he had experienced for all these years and tried to empathize with him.

“Ye Wei, where are you heading off to? Let’s go together!” Zi Yan called out to Ye Wei, with a uplifting smile on her face as she suggested casually. She quickly walked towards Ye Wei, with her dress flying in the wind of the summer breeze, causing her to look like an angel that descended from the heavens.

Beauty is subjective and relative. Joe Yin and her friends were good-looking academic achievers, but when Zi Yan came into sight, it was akin to watching a swan arriving near a flock of ducks.

Every time Joe Yin and her friends saw Zi Yan, they would start comparing themselves and become ashamed. When it came to family, wealth, looks, and talent the gap between them and Zi Yan was simply too vast. They didn’t even have the the courage to socialize with her. They preferred hanging out in their shared dormitories, whereas the private houses were out of their league!

‘Who did Lin Zi Yan just talk to? Are my ears deceiving me?’ Joe Yin’s eyes widened in disbelief as Zi Yan walked towards Ye Wei.

He came to Green Phoenix Hall for Lin Zi Yan!

But how did he even know her? They were from different worlds. One was trash that lived on the earth, while the other was a star that was only fit to belong in the heavens, themselves!

Hearing Zi Yan’s call, Ye Wei turned around with a startled look on his face. He mumbled softly “Mm… Sister Zi Yan…” He had almost forgotten to drop the ‘Miss’.

“I have to go to the Runemaster Union and we’ll be taking the same way, so let’s walk together!” Lin Zi Yan smiled and said this casually. She looked around, coldly setting her eyes onto Joe Yin and her friends and started frowning: “Who are these people? Ye Wei, I don’t think you should waste time talking to these nobodies! There are a lot of commoners who are not worthy of our attention at this academy. You should simply ignore them.”

After processing what Zi Yan had just said, the faces of Joe Yin and her friends had a pale complexion. All of them were bitterly thinking the same thing ‘Are we really unworthy commoners in her eyes?!’

Like a rock falling onto thin glass, Joe Yin’s conceited nature was instantly shattered by Zi Yan’s words. In Joe Yin’s head, Zi Yan had so many great qualities that she was someone Joe Yin idolized and wished to be someday.

Although Joe Yin was already a six star Student, Zi Yan was out of her league in status and strength.

Joe Yin could not even understand why her idol, Lin Zi Yan, was with trash like Ye Wei and was even supporting him. She ground her teeth, though she was offended by Lin Zi Yan Joe Yin didn’t have to courage to talk back because she was well aware that if Zi Yan said anything it could be the ruin of the Joe family!

As Ye Wei assessed the situation he could not resist giving Zi Yan a thankful look, having realised she was getting the girls back for what they had just said.

“Let’s go!” Zi Yan smiled merrily and casually held Ye Wei’s hand.

Sensing Zi Yan’s soft breast on his arm, Ye Wei felt slightly cramped. He stood tall and stopped looking at Joe Yin, as he set off with Zi Yan.

“How does Miss Zi Yan know Ye Wei?” A tall slim girl was confused and therefore asked a couple of questions after Ye Wei and Zi Yan had walked past “They looked really close, their relationship might not be simple!”

“I just heard Ye Wei calling Miss Zi Yan by her last name!” A round faced girl said in surprise.

“If I’m not mistaken, that is Ye Wei, a boy with red Sentient. How come Miss Zi Yan is speaking to him?” The tall girl said after thinking it through. ‘I have never seen Lin Zi Yan this close to a boy, maybe they are dating?”

Seeing Ye Wei and Zi Yan slowly disappearing in the distance, Joe Yin’s lips started bleeding from extensive biting, as she thought about what she said to Ye. ‘Dragons don’t associate with snakes’, Ironically would be a perfect summation of her situation and that phrase she had previously spoke made her feel as if someone stabbed her heart with a dagger!

Now Joe Yin knew she did not know who Ye Wei was anymore. She believed Ye Wei would not ever talk back to her, because he was defenseless and pathetic, but now Joe Yin realized he just could not be bothered to waste energy talking back to someone unworthy!

Lin Zi Yan turned and glanced at Joe Yin and cleared her throat. ‘Ye Wei has the sharpest soul sensitivity I have ever seen. I am one hundred percent certain he can become a Runemaster’

Just like that, Zi Yan kept holding onto Ye Wei’s arm and together they exited Green Phoenix Hall stepping onto the gravel trail leaving the speechless Joe Yin and her friends behind.

The sun had now set and it is rush hour in Green Moon City and the path was packed full of people. After making sure they were out of Joe Yin’s sight, Zi Yan let go of Ye Wei’s arm and she blushed a little in an adorable way.

“Zi Yan, thanks!” Ye Wei looked at the beauty in front of him and said sincerely.

Of course Ye Wei wouldn’t assume that Miss Zi Yan fancies him; he is clear that arm holding stunt was just an act to build up his image and gain respect from the girls, an act to help him!

After going through so much, Ye Wei started to have feelings and affection for Lin Zi Yan, as a brilliant and kind girl is irresistible to most boys after all.

But for now Ye Wei knew that Zi Yan and him would never work and therefore stopped thinking too much about it.

“Don’t mention it. I told you you’re like my little brother now!” Lin Zi Yan smiled playfully, looking at Ye Wei’s well-proportioned face and remembering the moment when he perfected the Triple Tidal Palm, she was still a bit shocked.

Ye Wei’s eyes were set on Zi Yan’s charming looks, spacing out.

Neither of them talked and the atmosphere became a little ambiguous and awkward.

“Oh yea Ye Wei, I have some Fiery Sun Quencher pills here take them and put them to good use!” Lin Zi Yan took out a jade bottle from her pocket and passed it to Ye Wei. Giving him these pills was one of the reason she went to catch up to Ye Wei at the gate.

“Fiery Sun Quencher pills?” Ye Wei was startled, there are a wide variety of quenching pills, and Fiery Sun Quencher was amongst the most effective and valuable pills that could be concocted. In the Ye Family, only Wei’s cousin Ye Zhong was deemed worthy enough to get a few Fiery Sun pills.

Ye Wei stopped spacing out and started panicking a little “Miss Zi Yan, this is too valuable, I can’t take this!”

“You deserve it, you perfected Triple Tidal Palm with me and helped me become a Warrior, do you really think that is worth less than a few Fiery Sun Quencher pills? Lin Zi Yan played along pretending to be serious when she said it.