CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 711

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Grabbing the purse, She Meixin suddenly reacted. She discovered that she had once again been tricked by Huo Jianji …

"Then... That... Are you sure you can go back and forth today? " As the meat was on the chopping block, she couldn\'t help but jump up and down. As she sat in the car, she looked at him and asked weakly.

"Do you want to spend the night there?" When he heard this, he sneered.

"No, no, not at all …" She shook her head like a rattle.

He ignored her and just seriously drove.

After about twenty minutes of driving, they finally arrived at the airline\'s last hour of changing boarding passes. When they were changing boarding passes, He Meixin took the special pass that was needed to enter and exit the city. Huo Jianji looked at her.

"Who has nothing to do with taking all the documents with them? And I\'ve never been to City G at all. I\'ve never had a special pass. " She Meixin innocently blinked before shrugging her shoulders.

"You …" He wanted to throw her out of the airport lobby and make her disappear from his sight forever.

"Hurry up and go through the formalities, the passengers are rushing us from behind." He Mei Xin had a complacent smile on her face as she thought in her heart: Little kid, you didn\'t expect this, did you …?

"Wait for me at the airport. I\'ll give you the keys to the car," Huo Jiabao ordered in her ear. After saying that, he stuffed the car keys into her hands.

She Meixin was stunned. She wanted to reject him, but he had already changed her boarding pass and went through the security check.

She was filled with despair. She finally understood that this guy just didn\'t want to see her any better. Even if he couldn\'t drag her to Hong Kong, he wanted her to stay with the airport.

Walking out of the airport, she ran directly to the parking lot, climbed into the eye-catching Ferrari, and laid down her seat, preparing to pass the time by having a good night\'s sleep.

Drip, drip, drip … The sound of time passing...

She Meixin slept soundly. She had been woken up by the sound of a cellphone ringing.

At first, he didn\'t know where the ringtone came from. It was a melodious ringtone that was also very unfamiliar to him.

After her brain had crashed for two seconds, she suddenly reacted and screamed. She immediately took out the new phone that Wu Wei had someone deliver to her and pressed the answer button.

"Sorry, I didn\'t hear my cell phone ring just now, so I picked it up so late." Her tone was hurried, full of apology.

"Still at home?" He did not blame her, but asked softly.

"No …." "No, I\'m at the airport."

"Airport? What are you doing there? " Wu Wei seemed surprised.

Damn it!

He Mei cursed in her heart. How could she be so stupid?

Forget it, forget it. She wasn\'t a liar. She sighed and said honestly, "I\'m waiting for Huo Jiu. He went to City G. He should be here soon."

As she spoke, her eyes fell on the electronic watch inside the car. It said 6: 20.

No wonder she felt that the sky outside had already darkened. So it was already this late, but why hadn\'t he come yet?

"He went to City G? Where do you want to come back from? " Wu Wei seemed very surprised and hurriedly asked.

"I don\'t know the exact flight, but I said it would be six thirty."

Just as She Meixin finished her sentence, the call was suddenly cut off. She looked at her phone in a daze. It was the first time that Wu Wei had hung up on her.

He thought that there might be something urgent on his side, so he didn\'t call back.

Looking at the time, it seemed that it was about time for him to get off the plane.

She continued to wait foolishly in the car. She switched on the video system in the car, which showed a movie that Huo Jiu didn\'t finish last time. No, to be more accurate, it was a movie she was going to watch, because it seemed like the opening title wasn\'t finished yet.

In retrospect, did he still have time to watch movies in the car?

These equipment were all useless to him. The chances of him being able to use them were too small.

It was a Spanish movie, untranslated, in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles, which left She Meixin in a daze. She really couldn\'t understand the taste of the family heirloom. Was he a Spanish major?

The movie, to He Meixin, was a pantomime, watched for half an hour without knowing what the movie was about, only to see a man, flicking his fingers, watching a bullet through a woman\'s head, blood splattering everywhere, and then he could still take food out of the fridge and chew it as if nothing had happened. In the dark, the woman\'s youngest daughter walked into the kitchen. The man reacted instinctively and pointed the gun at the girl\'s temple. Following a twist of the scene, a slim and graceful girl appeared in the movie. She was as beautiful as a butterfly, but after seeing the blank look in her eyes, she became confused …

As she could not understand the dialogue in the movie or the subtitles, with He Meimin\'s poor comprehension ability, she was unable to understand what the movie was about and was unable to immerse herself in the movie. She found that the time on the electronic watch inside the car indicated 6: 50.

Why isn\'t he back yet?

He got off the plane at 6: 30. It was already 6: 50, so even if he wanted to crawl, he would have to crawl back to the plane, no?

She wanted to get out of the car and wait at the exit of the airport, but there were so many terminal buildings, which one was she going to?

Just as she was hesitating, the phone suddenly recalled something.

"Meixin, you don\'t need to wait for him at the airport anymore. I just had someone check and found out that the engine on the flight from G city to Y city broke down at 6: 30 this afternoon." Wu Wei\'s voice came from the other end of the phone, like the ruthless judgement of a judge...

"You … What did you say? " She Meixin only felt a \'boom\' in her head and immediately lost the ability to think.

"I\'m on my way to the airport. Wait for me in the car, I\'ll come pick you up."

"You just said …" Aircraft... has he fallen into the sea? " She couldn\'t believe it. She couldn\'t believe it even if she died.

"When I called you, I received this news, and later sent people to investigate and confirm it. Not long after the plane took off, something happened in G City Bay."

"How is that possible? He … He told me to wait at the airport for him to come back, and she said... She even said … If I don\'t wait for him, I\'ll die a horrible death... How could he not come back? How can I? " As She Meixin spoke, she loosened her grip. Her phone slipped as she leaned her head heavily against the back of the chair.

This news came quickly and ferociously, catching He Mei off guard.