CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 705

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"If you want me to say it, then I will say it. Wouldn\'t that mean I have no face at all?" She Meixin did not place Lily\'s domineering face in her eyes at all. In any case, this territory belonged to her daughter, so she did not dare to do anything to her.

"She Meixin, let me warn you, you are just a nanny in this family right now. Don\'t think that just because you are the mother of a child you can act arrogantly and remember your own identity. "I remember that your parents are in Y City, right?" Lily warned She Meixin with a cold face.

What did she mean? Threatening her?

"If you dare to touch them and try, I won\'t let you go." She had never been afraid of anyone other than the evil Huo Ying. If Lily really dared to do anything to her family, she wouldn\'t go easy on her.

"Alright, let\'s wait and see. Oh, I almost forgot, you have a useless cousin. Seems to be Sun Jianmin? "I don\'t remember too clearly, he was a security guard at our Star Moon. We found out that he stole some office equipment from the company last time and sold it, so we haven\'t dealt with him yet." Lily smiled as she looked at She Meixin. When she first discovered this matter, she was prepared to force him to leave immediately. However, when the detailed information about She Meixin was delivered to her, she immediately changed her mind. As if grabbing onto She Mei\'s weakness, she decided to make this the best weapon to defeat her.

"You …" She did not expect that her unskilled form would actually be used as a guarding tool. For a moment, she felt like her face was burning up.

"That\'s no wonder. It\'s probably your family\'s tradition to steal from a chicken or dog. Your cousin stole from someone else, and you stole from someone else\'s man. Your family really have similar relationships." Looking at He Mei\'s flushed face, Lily laughed even more smugly. She had finally stepped on He Meixin\'s tail, making her so angry that she couldn\'t utter a single word.

"Aunt Lily, who do you think my mother stole the man of someone else? Why didn\'t I see it? " He also dreamt that He Mei\'s face was as red as a pig\'s liver from anger. He couldn\'t say a single word, so he quickly replied. Then, he turned his head towards He Mei Xin and asked, "Mommy, where did you hide the stolen man?"

"Brat, how could your mommy tell you such a shameless thing? You know what kind of man she stole." Lily smiled sinisterly as she looked at He Meixin\'s face turn from red to white. An inexplicable pleasure of revenge arose in her heart.

"That\'s weird, why didn\'t the owner ask Mommy for the person? How do you know that, Aunt Baihe? I watched TV and said you have to show evidence when you\'re accusing someone. "My Mommy already has a man as outstanding as my dad, so she probably won\'t fall for any other men. I think it\'s more likely that someone else wants to steal my dad\'s land." He Yi Meng raised her cute face and said while blinking innocently.

"Damn girl, what do you mean by that?" Upon hearing He Yimeng\'s seemingly innocent words, Lily was at a loss for words, and asked coldly.

"Meaning, my mommy disdains to steal other men, she has my daddy enough. "However, if anyone tries to steal my father\'s property, I will definitely not let them succeed." After She Yimeng finished speaking, she revealed a cold smile, an age that did not match her age appearing on her face.

"You …" This time, Lily had really hit the nail on the head. She didn\'t expect that this usually innocent and cute looking little guy would be so painful when he bit her. He was much more nimble than her mother, and was able to find the fatal point of someone else in an instant.

"Is there anything else, Aunt Lily?" If you don\'t leave now, I\'m afraid that when dad gets up and sees you, he might really ask Uncle Bodyguard to send you away. " Seeing how Lily couldn\'t even speak because of her anger, He Yimeng reminded her with a \'kind\' look.

"Hmph, just wait and see your cousin go to jail." Lily angrily threw down those harsh words before turning around and leaving.

He Mei Xin heaved a long sigh and touched He Yi Meng\'s cheek. Just as she was about to turn around and return to her room, she found Huo Jiu standing in the hallway.

"Daddy, why did you get up?" He Yi Meng said in surprise when she saw Huo Jianji.

"So noisy." Huoji glared at Lily, then turned and went back into the room.

"Wait... and so on... Daddy, Aunt Lily said you were sick and needed medicine. " She also seemed to be dreaming as she rushed over to grab the corner of He Meixin\'s clothes, winking at her.

"What medicine do you want to eat? You\'ll be better off if you get sick. " He pulled her hand away and continued to walk into the room.

"Mommy, Daddy isn\'t obedient. Daddy won\'t take any medicine …" She Yimeng shouted when she saw He Meixin standing there in a daze.

"What did you say?" Huo Jiu turned his head and asked as he lifted He Yunmeng from the ground.

"Mommy said, as a man, you shouldn\'t be afraid to take medicine by injection." As She Yimeng spoke, she turned to He Mei and asked, "Mommy, is that right?"

"Cough, cough …" That... I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment at noon... " Huo Jiujiu was now an explosive depot. If he accidentally poked a sore spot, he would be blown to smithereens. Thirty-six tricks to escape was the best. She dodged …

"Mommy, are you going on a date? Is it following your godfather? " He Yi Meng asked loudly.

When the words reached Huo Jiko\'s ears, he instantly frowned.

"Yeah, I made an appointment with him yesterday. We\'ll have lunch together today." Nodding her head, She Meixin turned to return to her room to change clothes.

"Hey, stand still …" Huo Jiabao hurriedly said upon seeing this.

"Wh …" "What is it?" He Mei Xin\'s feet faltered as she slowly turned her head to look at him. Her heart was trembling. Could it be that this fellow wanted to deal with her again?

"Yesterday, I threw away your ring. Aren\'t you afraid that he will be angry when you see him like this?" For a moment, he didn\'t know what to say. After thinking for a moment, he took out the ring to talk.

"Right." Damn it, how could she have forgotten about it?

She scratched her head and thought for a moment. Then, she said, "It\'s fine. I will explain it to him. He will forgive me."

"How do you explain that? Say I threw away your ring? " Huo Jiajue asked He Meixin with a dark expression.

"You were the one who threw it." He Mei Xin pursed her lips as she muttered resentfully.

"Woman, I said yesterday that I will give you another one. I\'m not feeling well right now, so I\'ll accompany you to buy them in the afternoon. Don\'t go for lunch." "Go to your mother\'s house, and don\'t get infected by my cold."