CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 698

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He Yi Meng looked at He Mei\'s back as she ran towards the opposite direction without hesitation. "Daddy, is that what I meant by that story? Is there a problem with my expressive ability, or is there a problem with Mommy\'s comprehension ability? "

"Isn\'t the answer obvious? Yi Meng, don\'t tell your mother about such a philosophical story in the future. " Huo Jiu looked at He Meixin\'s back as a trace of gloom flashed across his eyes.

"Then what about you, Father? "Don\'t you want to pursue your own happiness?" He Yi Meng turned her head to look at Huo Jiabao, pointing at him.

That was because, not far away, he saw the silhouette of Baihe.

"Do you think your father doesn\'t know what true happiness is?" Huojiao glanced at Lily who was chatting softly with someone not far away. Huojiao hugged He Yunmeng and avoided her sight.

"Alright, then Dad, for your happiness, let\'s go home." When she saw the painting, She Yimeng also felt that it was about time. He raised her pretty face and wrapped her arms around Huo Jiabao\'s neck.

"Alright." Huo Jiabao nodded and walked in the direction of the exit with He Yimeng.

The two of them walked out of the exhibition center and headed straight for the parking lot outside. After placing She Yumeng in the backseat, he took out her phone and typed out a message to She Meixin.

At this moment, She Meixin was learning how to explain the \'Vitruvians\' to Guo Caimei. Her diligent explanation made Guo Caimei seem to have a good impression of her. But not long after, she heard her cell phone ring.

It was probably the first time she had ever sent a text message to her, but the message was, "If you don\'t get out of the exhibition center and come to the car in five minutes, I guarantee you\'ll pay the price for your stupid decision in the next five thousand minutes."

Very good, very good, threatening her.

She hated him!

Seeing She Meixin gritting her teeth while looking at her phone, Guo Caimei said, "If there\'s anything else, you can leave first. When Wu Wei arrives, I\'ll let him know."

"Aunty, I\'m really sorry. Actually, I was originally accompanying my daughter to see the exhibition, but because I didn\'t have a ticket, my son\'s father came over." After some thought, He Meixin decided to explain.

"Hurry up and leave, otherwise, if Wu Wei comes, you will have to explain yourself again." Guo Caimei looked at He Meixin and said with an indifferent expression.

He Meixin knew Guo Caimei didn\'t like him very much, but her good upbringing prevented her from falling out with him in public.

"Then, aunty, I\'ll be leaving first. Please take your time and look." So that she would not regret it for the next five thousand minutes, she decided to hurry to Hooligan\'s.

In truth, He Mei had anticipated Huo Jiu\'s threat and had sent him abroad. Although she didn\'t really believe that he would actually do so, Huo Jiu had always been someone who didn\'t play by the book. Who knew if he would be crazy for a moment.

It would be better to let her die than to let her see her darling for years.

Unwillingly, she strode out of the center of the art exhibition. However, to her surprise, she was stared at by Lily. She took a step forward and blocked He Mei Xin\'s path.

"Are my eyes playing tricks on me? You actually came to see Da Vinci\'s painting exhibition?" Her tone was harsh as she raised her eyebrows and shot a cold glare at He Meixin.

"Didn\'t you come as well? "Why can\'t I come?" She Meixin looked at Baihe\'s surprised expression and rolled her eyes as she asked.

"Of course you can come, but do you know Da Vinci? You didn\'t come to see \'Mona Lisa\'s Smile\', did you? " Lily ridiculed, and her friends laughed along with her.

"Ugh …" How did she know she knew about The Mona Lisa\'s Smile?

"Who cares what I look for. Now that I\'m leaving, please move aside." She was somewhat impatient with the ridicule from the lily. All she wanted was to leave as soon as possible.

With a smile on her face, Lily took a step forward and approached She Meixin, her lips whispering into her ear, "Mona Lisa\'s Smile cannot leave the Louvre, don\'t embarrass yourself here. This kind of fine art is not something that a lower class person like you can appreciate. Let\'s go. "

Her voice was very soft, so soft that only He Meixin could hear it.

However, the vicious disdain in her words made He Mei\'s heart burn with anger.

She was so angry that she laughed instead, "You\'re right, I have to leave quickly. Your fiance just sent me a message, saying that he was waiting for me outside. Do you want to go over and say hello?"

Little fellow, you will shock me, won\'t I provoke you? If you have the guts, then calm down and show me …

He Mei thought complacently in her heart. There was still an obvious smug expression on her face. That look on her face was enough to make Lily tremble in anger.

"You\'re right, I am indeed from the lower classes, but what should I do? There are people who like the lower classes. " As She Meixin spoke, a victorious smile appeared on her face. She then turned around and walked towards the exit.

If Huo Jiabao had heard his words, she would probably have been able to dig a hole and hide in it.

However, there was no other way. This round of lilies had hurt her pride, so she had to get it back.

Looking at Lily\'s green face, He Meixin felt an incomparable amount of hate in her heart.

Outside the door, she saw Huo Jiajue waiting for her at the entrance. Without thinking much, she opened the back door and got in.

"Get out." As a result, when her butt touched the seat, she was driven off by Huo Jianji.

"Is... "Why?" She Meixin, who was unable to comprehend Huo Jianji\'s meaning, asked as she sat in her seat.

"Mommy, you actually dare to let your CEO become your driver, how dare you!" He Yimeng hurriedly explained.

"Ah?" "Oh, I see." The sluggish He Meixin finally reacted. She quickly got out of the car and sat on the passenger seat beside Huo Jiu.

According to normal etiquette, if the driver is not your driver, then the passenger seat should be a person, this is the respect of the driver.

Sitting beside Huo Jiu, She Meixin felt rather pressured. She stole a glance at Huo Jiu, who was seriously driving, and realized that his side profile had become so handsome and aggressive since who knew when.

Realizing that her thoughts were off track, she quickly ordered herself to calm down. Then, she turned her head towards He Youmeng, who was behind her, and asked, "Darling, have you gotten anything from watching today\'s exhibition?"

"Well, of course there is. But I think Mommy\'s harvest should be bigger than mine. There must be a certain amount of knowledge about the painting of the Vitruvians. " He Yimeng nodded, and then said implicitly.