CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 682

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"Then... That... CEO, please think about it again. You are so wise, how could you use me, such a mediocre person, as your assistant? "Aren\'t you afraid that I will destroy the Hawkins?" She \'kindly\' persuaded him.

"Don\'t worry, even if there are ten more like you, the Huo family won\'t be defeated." He was responsible enough to tell her.

"Right... By the way, won\'t Miss Lily be angry? "She already misunderstood our relationship, and now that you\'ve poached me from Wu Wei to be your assistant, she probably won\'t agree to it." Never mind, at this moment, he wished that he could bring out the lily to suppress him.

"Do you think …" He suddenly leaned his elbows on the table, put his head in front of her, and looked at her with a charming gaze. "Do you have the capital to make her misunderstand?"

He … What did he mean? Was she that bad?

"Didn\'t Miss Baihe misunderstand earlier? "Has she forgiven you?" But in the afternoon, she heard from Xu Lan that the two of them had fallen out.

"Do you think she\'d make the same mistake twice?" As if he was full, he put down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth.

He Mei was finally silent. It seemed like the lily had been taken care of by Huo Jianji. A man like Huo Jianji had plenty of methods. Furthermore, the lily liked him so much that she wouldn\'t give up so easily.

Xu Lan\'s plan was wrong.

This nominal dinner ended with He Mei starving herself to death. When she was the only one left at the dining table, she had the urge to cry. She even started to suspect life, just why did she do all this to herself?

The next day, in the office of the president of the Huo Group.

He had just returned from a high-level meeting when he saw Lily already sitting there waiting for him.

She had not called Huo Jiajue for several days because of the matter with She Meixin, much less came looking for him. She was waiting, waiting for Huojiao to explain to her, to apologize, but she forgot, what kind of person is Huojiao? How could he explain his apology to her?

"A family heirloom." The moment Huojiao walked into the office, Lily stood up from the sofa and looked at him with eyes full of emotion.

"What business does Miss Baihe have?" However, her hot face accidentally pasted on Huo Jiu\'s cold butt.

Seeing him address her with such a strange name, Lily immediately felt extremely wronged. It was clearly his fault, why was she lowering her status to look for him now, yet he still acted as if he didn\'t care?

"Jiao Zi, can you accompany me to lunch later?" Lily\'s face was somewhat pale. She bit her lips and said.

"Sure." Nodding his head, he didn\'t refuse this time.

Hearing him agree to her request, she finally revealed a smile on her face. She took a step forward and walked in front of Huo Jiuzi. She intimately held his hand and leaned her head against his chest, acting like a spoiled child. "I\'ve missed you so much these past few days."

"I\'ve thought about it carefully. You wouldn\'t like a woman like She Meixin, right?" Before he could speak, she continued, "From now on, I will never be angry at you for her existence again. Don\'t get angry at me, okay?"

"Since you\'ve decided not to be angry with her, let me tell you another piece of news. She Meixin will be working at the Huo Family in a few days and will be my assistant." He turned her head to look at her and said expressionlessly.

"Wh …" "What?" Upon hearing this, Lily\'s expression immediately changed.

"What is it? Didn\'t they say that they will never be angry because of her existence again? " He raised his eyebrows and silently looked at her red face that had been choked by his words.

"I heard Uncle Huo is back. I want to go to your house tonight. Is that okay?" She did not continue the topic, but instead rolled his eyes and smiled coquettishly as she spoke to him.

"Of course." He laughed and then said, "Aren\'t we going to have lunch? "Why don\'t you call the restaurant and make an appointment?"

"Yes." Hearing this, she immediately let go of his hand and went to the sofa to retrieve the phone in her bag.

Huo Jiu returned to his desk and sat down, signing the documents in front of him. He was thinking about something else.

In the afternoon, She Meixin was lying on the sofa in front of the french window, basking in the sun while She Yimeng was at the side playing high and low.

Because she didn\'t like kindergarten, Huojiao agreed to let him wait until September next year, when he would go straight to primary school, during which time his education would be attended by a tutor every morning.

"Darling, tell me, what the hell is your dad doing? Why must Mommy be his assistant? "Could it be that he\'s really that abnormal, wanting to mess with me?" She Meixin was still conflicted over Huo Jianji\'s proposal from yesterday. She did not know how he would explain it to Wu Wei since she did not have the courage to bring it up herself. This morning, Wu Wei called her to inquire about her situation, but she didn\'t dare to mention it.

"In general, a man who wants to tie a woman to him is either because he loves her or because she is useful and Daddy is not so bored as to want to mess with you. He is very busy. Furthermore, no normal person would put a person they hated and wanted to mess with right under their nose. Wasn\'t this just looking for trouble? Daddy was normal, so I firmly believe that the excuse he used yesterday was completely unfounded. So, you should think about it yourself, which is more likely. " He Yimeng was playing Lego while she was distracted by Little White\'s question.

Either because he loved her or because she was useful.

Cold sweat broke out from He Mei\'s heart.

Huojiao loves her? She wouldn\'t believe it even if he killed her. It was absolutely impossible.

As for the value of using it … Did she?

No, she didn\'t, not at all.

I can\'t figure it out, I can\'t figure it out...

"Darling, why do you like your dad so much? Is he being nice to you? " This was a question that She Meimeng had always been conflicted over. She remembered that when She Yimeng was very young, didn\'t she secretly instigate the notion that her father was a scoundrel? Why did She Yimeng stick to him so much when they met? Compared to Huo Jianji, Wu Wei treated She Yimeng much better. At least, Wu Wei never treated She Yimeng viciously, and never threatened to beat her up.

"When did you see how much I liked Daddy?" She Yimeng asked without batting an eyelid.

"No? I think you\'re always on the same side with him. " Was it her imagination? However, She Yimeng looked like she was in cahoots with a family heirloom, the father and daughter duo often colluding together.

"Miss He, please clear up the current situation. I\'m eating someone else\'s food, spending something from someone else, and I\'m also tasked with the family\'s mission. If I don\'t stick to someone else, do you think we\'ll live a good life?" He Yi Meng let out a long sigh and said in an experienced voice.