CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 675

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I forgot to tell you, the contract for the cooperation with Xingyue was signed yesterday afternoon by your father, the chairman of the Xingyue Corporation. He raised his eyes and smiled faintly. Then, he handed a copy of the contract to He Meixin, who was beside him, indicating that she should give it to Baihe for a look.

Upon hearing this, Lily\'s expression froze. She took the copy of the contract from He Meixin\'s hands and looked at it, immediately incensed.

"Wu Wei, is this how you schemed against me?" Her eyes were red with anger, and he looked like he was about to cry.

Wu Wei remained calm and collected. He looked at her quietly and said, "I just want to protect my woman."

When He Mei Xin heard this, she was already completely confused. What was all this?

As a matter of fact, he had decided to sign the contract next month.

After that, the two of them chatted for a while, and Lily inadvertently revealed what she was going to deliver to the Huo family at night. When Wu Wei heard her words, he naturally knew that she would meet He Meixin at the Huo family, so he quietly went to the Star Moon Union in the afternoon to find Chairman Bai to sign the contract ahead of time.

Therefore, when Lily came to the Huo Manor at night and met Wu Wei at the entrance, she would be slightly surprised. Everything that happened after they entered the Huo Manor together was basically under Wu Wei\'s control.

Of course, he would not tell He Meixin. The reason why he went to the Huo Mansion yesterday was not only because he was worried that she was sick, but also because he was afraid that Lily would do something too excessive to him.

"She Meixin, you are very powerful. You have won. However, I will not let you off so easily." The sudden reversal of events caused Lily\'s previous complacent look to turn into one of unwillingness. She glared fiercely at She Meixin. That look was enough to skin her alive.

Looking at the expression on Lily\'s face as she hated him to the bones, She Meixin suddenly felt that she was unable to make sense of the situation.

What had happened to her? Why did she hate her so much?

She didn\'t want to live in the Huo Family. Previously, she hid her identity from her because she couldn\'t help herself. If it wasn\'t for her misunderstanding about Huo Jianji, she wouldn\'t have gone through so much trouble to keep calm in front of her. Now, it had all become her fault. Just who had she offended?

As compared to He Mei\'s depression, Wu Wei was much more relieved. He looked at Lily\'s distorted face and said coldly, "Miss Lily, if you want to participate in today\'s meeting, please take a seat at the side. If you don\'t want to participate, please leave. Don\'t hinder our meeting\'s progress."

Originally, she wanted to show off her strength, but not only did she not threaten He Mei Xin, she had also caused herself to lose face. Lily\'s expression was extremely ugly as she glared at He Mei Xin before turning around and walking out of the meeting room.

The dramatic scene just now caused He Mei Xin\'s brain to stop working.

She didn\'t think that Wu Wei would sign the contract so quickly, let alone that he would lose all decorum with Lily for her. After all, they had grown up as good friends, and the other two families were old friends. If Wu Wei\'s parents knew about this, what would they think of her?

When she thought of Wu Wei\'s parents, she suddenly recalled that they would be having dinner together tonight. Could this be the so-called Hongmen Banquet?

At this moment, He Meixin\'s mind was already racing to think of something. He only came back to his senses when Wu Wei tapped her hand lightly with the folder, signaling for her to continue the meeting.

At this moment, the way the executives looked at her was no longer as simple as it was before.

Perhaps everyone was trying to guess what exactly had happened between Baihe and the two of them.

After the morning meeting, Wu Wei was dragged downstairs by She Meixin to the staff dining hall. The two of them had lunch together. By the way, He Mei wanted to find him and find out what Lily meant by \'so this is how you schemed against me\'.

Naturally, Wu Wei didn\'t explain to He Meixin how he schemed against Baihe.

For he was not the only one to scheme against Baihe.

Without the Huo family, he would not be the one to strike first, and he would not be the one to strike when he was down.

Before she left work that evening, Wu Wei reminded her that he had already arranged to have dinner with her parents.

This time, they were getting to know each other for real. He didn\'t know why, but He Meixin started to get nervous.

Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that she wasn\'t mentally prepared to face Wu Haotian and Guo Caimei.

Dinner was reserved at a high-class Chinese restaurant. Perhaps because Wu Haotian and his wife had traveled abroad for too long, they had missed the taste of domestic cuisine.

For this formal meeting, She Meixin had Wu Wei accompany her to the mall after work. After a bloody battle, she had tormented herself until she was like a famous lady, only then was she willing to go to the restaurant.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very relaxed. Wu Haotian and Guo Caimei did not even have as many questions as the Bai Family had.

They just watched She Meixin\'s every move with smiles on their faces. Then, they asked about her interests and discussed their wonderful trip to Africa.

When the topic at the table shifted to Wu Wei, He Meixin finally relaxed.

Beautiful, don\'t look at how Wu Wei is now as an adult. He was very timid when he was younger, I remember when he was six years old, he suddenly didn\'t dare to sleep alone for some reason. Back then, he was very busy at the company and didn\'t have much time to accompany us. When Guo Caimei talked about Wu Wei\'s childhood, his face was always filled with the faint glow of a mother\'s love.

"Mom, don\'t create my image in front of my good heart. When the time comes, she will really think that I\'m a coward." Wu Wei immediately pretended to be angry when he heard Guo Caimei\'s words.

When Guo Caimei heard this, she chuckled and said, "Don\'t worry, Beautiful Heart has more guts than you do. She wouldn\'t shrink back just because I called you a coward."

There was a different meaning to Wu Wei\'s words. He Mei couldn\'t understand them immediately, but she noticed Wu Wei\'s expression secretly changed.

"Beautiful girl, how long have you known Wu Wei?" Then, Wu Haotian suddenly asked.

"It\'s been almost six years." He Mei thought for a moment before replying.

"It\'s been a long time. I didn\'t expect that it took Wu Wei six years to chase you." Hearing this, Guo Caimei said with a profound tone.