CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 674

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The next morning, He Mei Xin was woken up by the sound of the doorbell. She opened her eyes in a daze as the symptoms of the cold had almost subsided.

He put on his shoes and went downstairs. Wu Wei had already woken up and opened the door, but the person in front of her gave her a fright. She had the urge to dig a hole and hide in it.

"Beautiful Heart, you\'re awake." Wu Wei saw She Meixin walking down the stairs as well. He turned around and gave her a faint smile.

"I …" She blankly stared at the three people in front of her, not knowing what to say.

"Mom and dad, she\'s the He Meixin I told you guys about." Wu Wei noticed He Meixin\'s predicament and immediately introduced her to Wu Haotian and Guo Caimei.

Indeed, He Meixin did not guess wrong. This middle-aged couple before her was indeed Wu Wei\'s parents.

Heavens, who would save her? She wasn\'t mentally prepared to see Wu Wei\'s parents at all.

"Uncle, aunt, how do you do …" Although her heart was in a mess, she still forced out a smile that was uglier than crying as she greeted the godlike couple in front of her.

Wu Haotian nodded slightly towards He Mei Xin: "Hello."

Guo Caimei sized She Meixin up before saying, "Hello, I\'ve heard Wu Wei mention you before. You\'re indeed a very cute girl."

"Ugh …" Lovely?

Is she cute now?

Wasn\'t she supposed to be unkempt?

The noble lady\'s self-restraint was indeed good.

"Dad, mom, you guys have just arrived home, go upstairs and take a rest. I\'m going to the company with Beautiful Heart later." Wu Wei seemed to realize that this wasn\'t the way to meet them. He quickly said this to his parents and gave He Mei Xin a meaningful glance.

"Alright, Beautiful Heart, let\'s have dinner at home tonight. We\'ll have a nice chat when the time comes." Guo Caimei nodded slightly, then took Wu Haotian\'s wrist and headed upstairs to her room.

After they went upstairs, He Meixin noticed that there was a bunch of servants in the empty house last night.

"You scared me to death. Your parents came back so suddenly." She patted her chest in fear and looked at Wu Wei with a pained expression. \'Ah, if I had known his parents would suddenly come back, I wouldn\'t have come here with him.\'

Such an awkward meeting had caught her off guard.

"Isn\'t that good? Revealing your weakness all at once, the only thing they can see in the future will be your strengths." He smiled and then knocked on her head: "Hurry up and get ready. Don\'t tell me you want to go back to work today?"

"As you wish." "Mr. CEO." She was immediately startled and ran upstairs to wash up and clean herself up.

Looking at her lively back, Wu Wei smiled wryly. He thought, "When I get to the company, I guess you won\'t be this happy."

When He Meixin and Wu Wei arrived at the company together, under the gazes of all the colleagues, she walked into his small office with a flushed face and a dejected expression.

At ten-thirty in the morning, the usual high-level meeting continued to discuss the real estate project that He Meixin was in charge of.

Halfway through the meeting, as She Meixin was giving a further detailed explanation of her plan, the door to the meeting room was suddenly pushed open and Lily walked in with a cold expression.

"We, Xingyue, will no longer participate in this plan. Please remove the part that we are responsible for."

Her voice echoed in the crowd along with the sound of her high-heeled shoes on the floor.

Other than Wu Wei, who had expected this to happen, everyone else was stunned.

Because of what happened last night, things didn\'t go well. When He Meixin saw Baihe, there wasn\'t a smile on her face. However, when she heard Baihe say that she wanted to end the cooperation agreement with the Green Light World, she was dumbfounded.

"How can this be? Why did you suddenly end the cooperation? "

"Yeah, where are we going to find our strategic partners in this short amount of time?"

"Didn\'t we already discuss the conditions? Why did you change your mind again? "

"What exactly is going on? Xingyue, aren\'t you breaking your promise? "

The executives below were all whispering to each other. No one knew how to deal with this special situation, so they all looked towards He Meixin and Wu Wei.

Actually, the green light world\'s plan to enter the real estate industry was a very big move. The reason why they were looking for Xingyue Group to work together was because Xingyue Group was currently the number one construction company in Y City. They had a lot of experience in this area, so working together could bring a lot of benefits. Secondly, the two families were old friends, and their relationship was good. In order to mutually benefit each other, the other side had no other choice. At the moment, Xingyue had announced that she would withdraw from this cooperation. In a short period of time, it was almost impossible for the Green Light World to find a new company with such power.

Lily\'s move was both accurate and ruthless. She instantly grabbed onto the Green Light World\'s weakness, causing everyone to frown.

"Miss Baihe came here to announce this news on behalf of Xingyue?" While everyone was stunned and at a loss of what to do, Wu Wei opened his mouth and spoke at a moderate pace.

There was a self-evident glow of wisdom on his face, as if he had everything under his control.

That\'s right, how could someone like him let things go out of his control?

The two or three hours of sleep wasted last night were not for nothing.

"Yes, I\'m here on behalf of the Star-Moon Group to announce this news." Although she was not satisfied with Wu Wei\'s calm demeanor, she thought that it would be impossible for him to think of a solution so quickly. Thus, he raised her head and looked at Wu Wei arrogantly.

When She Meixin saw the current situation, she became slightly agitated.

She placed the document in her hand on the conference table in front of her, looked at Lily and said, "Can you please not bring personal grudges to work? This collaboration between the Green Light World and Xingyue, no matter if it\'s for our Greenlight World or your Xingyue, it has very good prospects. Why do you have to contend against us with Xingyue\'s future? "

"You\'re right, I\'m someone who likes to bring personal feelings to work and make me look bad, so why would I continue to work with her? I have already informed all of you of the news. I wish you all, Green Light World, a strategic partner with a heart of gold as soon as possible. " Lily looked at He Meixin with a cold smile before turning around to leave.

However, Wu Wei suddenly spoke up, "Hold on …"

"Is there anything else CEO Wu needs?" No matter what you say, I won\'t change my mind. " She stopped and slowly turned her head to look at Wu Wei, who was sitting on the chair with a calm expression. She thought he was finally going to give in and give in to her.