CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 656

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Huo Jiu and He Mei Xin looked at each other. He Mei Xin was in a bad mood today, so no one could control him.

However, the thought of continuing to be even more loathsome made her heart tremble.

On the other hand, Huo Jiajue didn\'t seem very interested in She Yimeng\'s suggestion. He only glanced at She Meixin and asked, "Your mommy has legs and can walk? Do you need me to take her?"

She Meixin knew that Huo Jiu had said it on purpose. This man was so petty that he wouldn\'t die even after sending the two of them off. She sighed at the irresponsibility of She Yimeng\'s father. She steeled her heart and prepared to take She Yimeng away, but at this moment, her cell phone started ringing again happily. Feeling that something was wrong, she immediately took it out of her bag and pressed the answer button.

"CEO Wu …" It was Wu Wei who called. He Mei thought to herself, "Huo Jiabao received a call from her before. He shouldn\'t be mistaken, right?" Feeling extremely nervous, she weakly shouted towards the other end of the phone.

"Not going to explain what?" Wu Wei\'s voice came into her ears from the phone, but no one could tell whether he was happy or angry.

"Then... I can explain that. " He Mei panicked. Under normal circumstances, as long as she could not determine his emotions, she would not be able to control what happened next.

"Speak, I\'ll wait for your explanation."

"My daughter, uh, your goddaughter, is going to have a baby today. I\'m taking her to the hospital. She just said that she\'s going to play at the amusement park, so can you give me a day off? "

"Yes." "And then?"

And then? Well, she knew he was waiting for her explanation that the phone had been picked up by Hooligan.

"Then... Shall I tell you about it when I see you later? " She couldn\'t explain it over the phone in a few words, could she?

She Meixin was on the other side of the line when Huo Jiuzi suddenly spoke up, "Why did you wait so long to pick up a phone? Didn\'t you want me to take you guys to the amusement park? Hurry up. "

Upon hearing that, She Yimeng\'s face broke out into a smile of joy. She nodded fiercely at Huo Jianji, then urged She Meixin: "Mommy, Mommy, hurry up. Daddy will bring us to the amusement park."

Being urged on like this by her daughter, She Meixin did not have the time to say anything to Wu Wei. Instead, she spoke into the phone, "I\'ll contact you later." Then she hung up.

"It\'s been so long since I\'ve made a phone call. Don\'t you know my time is precious?" Seeing that He Meixin had hung up the phone, Huo Jianji said in a displeased tone.

"Didn\'t you say I had legs to go?" He Mei Xin rolled her eyes at him. She really didn\'t know how this man turned hostile as quickly as flipping a book.

"You …" Huo Jiabao did not expect She Meixin to become so unafraid of death that he dared to contradict him like this. His expression immediately changed, and as he looked like he was about to fly into a rage, He Yimeng noticed that something was wrong and immediately reached out to Huo Jiabao, "Daddy, hug."

"Hug what? Didn\'t your mom hug you?" Feeling annoyed, Huo Jiu turned around and walked towards the elevator.

Upon being yelled at by Huo Jianji, He Yi Meng couldn\'t hold back her tears anymore. "Wow!" She started to cry, and even started to speak with conviction. "Daddy doesn\'t love nor dream! Daddy wants to give birth to a baby with Auntie Baihe! How pitiful …"

"How are you pitiful?" When he stepped into the elevator and heard his daughter\'s accusation, the rage that had been building up slowly subsided, and he looked at her in amusement.

"Daddy, you don\'t have to carry me. Other people\'s dad has been holding this baby since he was young …" His small face was scrunched up in grief, and his tears and snot even brushed against He Meixin\'s face.

"Can you drive?" He suddenly raised his eyes to look at He Meixin.

"Ah?" Oh, yes... "I can open it …" It\'s just that it hasn\'t been used very often. She did not say the last sentence.

Hearing that, Huo Jiabao stuffed the car keys into her hands, and received the tearful He Yunmeng. He hugged his to his chest and said, "Your daughter said that I\'ve never hugged him before, so I\'ll hug him well. You drive."

It can\'t be? Didn\'t that mean she had to carry three lives at once?

The elevator arrived at the first floor in an instant. When they got in, He Meixin mustered the courage to start the car.

It turned out that she did know how to drive, especially since it was easier to drive a fancy car like Ferrari. However, what was her hand holding the steering wheel shaking?

The car drove very slowly towards the road, She Meixin saw the cars coming and going on the road, her heart was filled with apprehension.

She couldn\'t remember how long she hadn\'t touched a car. At that time, she was in the United States, and because she had to go out often, Wu Wei had her take the American driver\'s license test. However, after finally getting the certificate, he didn\'t dare to let her drive on a road with endless traffic. He Meixin had not touched the car since she got her driver\'s license.

With her most primitive familiarity with cars, she still dared to drive at her slowest speed, cursing herself in her heart: Let you say you know how to drive, let you say you know how to drive …

"Mommy, are you hot?" She Yimeng asked in confusion when she saw the beads of sweat on He Mei\'s forehead.

"No …." None... Mommy isn\'t hot … " He Meixin replied as she stared unblinkingly at the car in front of her.

"Then why are you sweating so much, Mommy, let me wipe your sweat." As She Yimeng spoke, she pulled out two pieces of paper from the tissue box and wiped She Meimeng\'s face. Just as they hit a red light, the car in front of them had already stopped, and She Meixin was so shocked by She Yimeng\'s interruption that she stepped on the gas pedal.

"Ahhh, I think I\'m in trouble." At this moment, She Yimeng had buried her head deep in Huo Jianji\'s arms.

The driver of the BMW was very powerful, he immediately pointed at She Meixin\'s nose and scolded: "Do you know how to drive? Can\'t you see the red light in front? Are you trying to hit me on purpose? Do you think it\'s that great of you to open a Ferrari? "Let me tell you, if you don\'t solve this problem for me today, you won\'t be able to leave."

"I\'m sorry, I\'m sorry, I didn\'t do it on purpose. Tell me, how should I settle this and how much should I compensate you? I\'ll compensate you right away." She Meixin, who had done something wrong, had already gotten off the car, bowing and apologizing to him like a grandson.

Huo Jiabao, who sat at the side, did not say a word. He carried He Yumeng and quietly sat in the front passenger seat. He coldly watched as the BMW driver and He Meiming tangled with each other.