CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 647

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"Of course. Are you sure you saw that on TV? "

"Yeah, if you don\'t believe me then go ask our servant next time."

"What\'s the name of your servant?"

"A lot. Which one are you talking about?"

"The one you know best."




"You took me out again."

The next day, She Meixin went to the company. As soon as she entered the office, she met her colleague\'s strange gaze.

When they met in the morning to discuss her new proposal, Wu Wei announced that everyone should take a fifteen minute break to sort out their thoughts. He Meixin took the opportunity to slip into the tea room and prepare to pour himself a cup of water.

At this moment, Ding Ning was just about to fetch some water from the teahouse. When she saw He Meixin, she gave her a smile that was unprecedented in the world. She took the initiative to express her goodwill, "Your proposal has been well done."

She was immediately horrified.

An illusion. It must be an illusion. The usually "avenging revenge" Deputy Director Ding was actually smiling at her and even complimenting her on his own initiative. It was too weird, too weird.

"Thank you, you\'re too kind." She gave a fake smile and nodded at her, as if she was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

"Are we going to fetch water?" I\'ll help you. "

"No …" She wanted to say that there was no need to trouble herself, but the cup of water in her hand was taken away by her.

She Meixin thought, you were the one who wanted to fetch the water for me, not the one who ordered you.

Soon, the cup was filled with water. He Meixin was ready to take the cup and leave, but Miss Ding placed her quilt on the table beside her and took out a disposable paper cup to pour the freshly brewed coffee. She then handed both cups to her and said, "You don\'t have to tell the CEO that I poured this coffee."

"Ugh …" What did she mean? What do you mean?

He Meixin was holding the cup of black coffee, feeling a little confused.

The supervisor gave her a dubious wink before walking out of the teahouse.

Slightly depressed, they carried the coffee into the meeting room. The rest of the executives either went to smoke and drink or to chat in the lounge. Only Wu Wei was still sitting there, reading the documents.

"CEO, this is for you." She walked over to him, put the cup of coffee in front of him, and said.

"I have learned to be smart." He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her, who was standing in front of him, before speaking with an unknown intention in his words.

What did he mean? What do you mean smart?

"CEO, don\'t you feel that the atmosphere in the company right now is a little strange?" She Meixin turned to look outside the glass wall and noticed that a few of her colleagues who were chatting in the corridor were peeking into the meeting room from time to time.

"What\'s strange?" He took a sip of his coffee and asked without looking up.

"That\'s right, everyone is looking at me like that. I keep having the feeling that something is wrong." She scratched her head and thought for a moment, but she couldn\'t find the answer.

"Are you free right now?" Finally, he stopped tapping his fingers on the keyboard of his notebook and looked up at her.

"Ugh …" What was he trying to do?

"Go and copy this information for 13 minutes. Every executive must have one copy." As he spoke, he placed a stack of documents in front of her and added, "Hurry up, these are the materials that will be needed for the next meeting."

"…" She Meixin was about to go on a rampage. Why didn\'t he tell her secretary to do something like this? Was she that easy to bully or squeeze out?

The morning meeting continued in a strange atmosphere, and when it was over, she walked into the company\'s staff dining room, still in the midst of everyone\'s attention.

"Beautiful, did the CEO intend to assign you the responsibility of handling this case in the future?" Linda, the secretary of the executive department who sat at her table, asked her about the meal.

Just as He Meixin was about to say no, the secretary of the HR department, Joe, spoke first, "Linda, you are so stupid. Although this future world\'s plan is our company\'s first major project to enter the real estate industry, but the location of the project is overseas and the CEO won\'t personally take over the job. Think about it, how can a person with a beautiful heart go there?"

"Wait, wait, I\'ll interrupt you guys. Why can\'t I go if the president doesn\'t personally take charge of the work?" As He Mei listened to the two of them singing the same tune, she felt that it was even weirder.

"Meixin, it can\'t be. Not everyone can solve the problem of separation. Aren\'t you afraid that the CEO will suddenly change her mind?" Hearing this, Joey looked at He Meimin with a surprised expression.

"…" Now, who could tell her what was going on?

"I say, did you misunderstand something?" She wanted to explain, no, it had to be.

"Misunderstanding? Don\'t worry, no one will be jealous of you. Even if there is someone who is jealous, they can only be secretly jealous. At the very least, you might become our future boss, so we have to curry favor with you. " Hearing this, Linda said with a smile.

"…" Now, she finally knew what was going on.

She also knew the reason why the atmosphere had turned a bit weird after entering the company today. She also knew the reason why Ding Ning showed goodwill to her.

However, she didn\'t want it. She didn\'t want to have anything to do with Wu Wei.

One of them was a cloud in the sky, the other was the mud at the bottom of the pool. How could she climb up to him?

"That... I... I\'m full, you guys eat slowly. " She stood up with a strange expression and walked out of the restaurant.

No, she had to stop this wind and not let the scandal spread any further.

In one breath, she went to the CEO\'s office on the 32nd floor.

Therefore, the company was still very human. The restaurant on the sixteenth floor was located in the middle of the train, just like the dining car on the train.

It was the break time. The secretary went to eat. She walked to the door of the CEO\'s office. She didn\'t know if Wu Wei was inside, so she knocked on the door gently.

Three times, his deep voice came from inside, "Come in."

Pushing the door open and entering the office, she found that he was still busy with some of his work. On one side of the desk, there was a used lunch box that he hadn\'t taken away yet.

She Meixin, that waterfall of sweat, as the CEO, she thought he was so busy, but there were very few in this world.

"That... CEO, you are now... "Busy?" She helped him pack up the lunchbox and put it away in a bag. She saw that the name of Yunfeng Restaurant was written on the bag. Indeed, he was a corrupt capitalist.

"What is it?" He entered the last bit of data in his hand into the computer and slammed the notebook shut. Then, he raised his head and crossed his arms as he looked at He Meixin before him.