CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 643

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"This …" He did not think that he was so meticulous that he knew she was not in the habit of buying jewelry, that she had prepared necklaces for her.

"Shh, be quiet. I bought this from the street stall next door when you went to change your clothes." He quickly came around behind her and whispered in her ear as he helped her put on the necklace.

Looking at the glistening droplet shaped diamond swaying on her pure white chest, she only smiled. She felt that his joke wasn\'t funny at all.

"Could this thing be some Ocean Heart or Tears of Angels? Now the stalls are getting more and more real. " She deliberately waved the pendant in front of him as she joked.

"What you say it is is what it is. It\'s getting late, let\'s go. " He smiled at her, then took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. Then he took her in his arms and led her out.

How did the rich get corrupt? He Meixin had been cheating, eating, and drinking with Wu Wei all these years and had participated in many Wealthy Class banquets. However, there weren\'t many of these feasts held for a child\'s 10th birthday.

Their arrival immediately caused a commotion, not only because of He Meixin\'s brilliance today, but also because this was the first dinner Wu Wei had attended since he had returned home for the first time in five years, and his companion was a beauty who had never appeared in any kind of domestic social circle. Everyone couldn\'t help but be curious about this woman\'s background, of course, they were also interested in the diamond worth several tens of millions that hung around her neck.

"Young Master Wu, welcome home." As soon as Wu Wei entered the venue, a few men in suits and suits came over with glasses to greet him. They seemed to be very familiar with him.

"These few years, I\'ve seen green light forest buildings everywhere in foreign countries. Young Master Wu is really a role model among the young entrepreneurs of this generation."

"I wonder if Young Master Wu has any new investments to invest in this time\'s return. There\'s a good chance of him getting rich, but you have to remember to pull brother." A few people immediately stopped Wu Wei in his tracks. After a short conversation, He Meixin regretted coming with him to this bullshit party.

"Ah, look at us, we\'re really a rude beauty. Young Master Wu, let me introduce you, who is this beautiful lady?" Finally, when She Meixin was feeling drowsy and bored to death standing beside Wu Wei, one of the men finally noticed her existence. No, to be more accurate, they had long since noticed She Meixin\'s existence. However, fawning on Wu Wei was more important than respecting this beauty, so they put her aside first.

"She Meixin, my right-hand man in New York." Wu Wei smiled humbly and turned to She Meixin, introducing, "These people are Kaiyue, Hua Rui, Yang Hua Group\'s Shaodong."

"Hello everyone." He Meixin gave them a signature smile and politely greeted them.

"I was wondering why there\'s such a beautiful young lady, I\'ve never seen her before, she was actually hidden in the United States by Young Master Wu. "My apologies!" The young Dong of Kaiyue Corporation raised his glass to He Meimei and gave her a toast. Then, he took a sip.

He Mei Xin raised her glass as well and was slightly impressed.

While they were talking, another commotion broke out at the door.

He Meixin could hear someone saying, "Isn\'t that the Huo Corporation\'s Young Master Huo?" Who was the little girl beside him?

Huojiao? Little girl?

When this message reached He Mei Xin\'s ears, she immediately turned her head towards the door out of reflex. Huo Jiu was dressed in a world-limited suit of some kind. On his right was a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family. He was also wearing a red dress and had a beautiful butterfly knot on his head.

The scene of her eyes being nourished in harmony caused She Meimeng to suddenly have the illusion that She Yimeng was no longer her own daughter.

"Who is this little girl?" Why are you following beside Young Master Huo? "

"Since when was Miss Lily with Young Master Huo? "There wasn\'t any wind."

"This child can\'t be the child of Miss Lily and Young Master Huo, right? This is a big new article. "

"What\'s so strange about that? For such a beautiful child, Mommy would definitely be very beautiful as well."

"The Huo Family\'s luck with women is quite good."


The crowd\'s chattering reached She Meixin\'s ears, causing her to lose control of her legs and fall to the ground. Luckily, Wu Wei had already sensed that something was wrong and held her tightly.

"Are you all right?" he whispered in her ear.

"I... "I\'m fine …" She forced a smile at him with a pale face, then turned to look at little Yi Meng. He had already followed Huo Jiabao to the venue and was walking towards her.

Huo Jianji and Baihe were greeted by the crowd. He Yi Meng took the opportunity to slip away from them and approached He Mei Xin. "Mummy, let\'s go dance."

He Mei grasped She Yimeng\'s hand and turned to look at Wu Wei. He gave her a warm smile. "Go on."

Hands in hand, mother and daughter went to the dance floor and danced.

The strange combination of one big and one small immediately attracted everyone\'s attention. Judging from their tacit understanding of each other\'s movements, it was hard for them to believe that this was the first time they were dancing.

At this moment, Huo Jiajue, who was chatting with a bunch of people, was also attracted by the scenery on the dance floor. As he looked at He Meixin\'s familiar face, waves once again surged through his heart that had been sealed for a long time.

"Who is that woman? "Why is she dancing with the kid that Young Master Huo brought?" A friend who had known Huo Jiu for many years couldn\'t help but tease him.

"Young Master Wu\'s girlfriend. From the looks of it, she\'s most likely his girlfriend." "Yes," another replied.

After the song was finished, He Yimeng dragged He Meixin to Huo Jianji.

When He Meixin saw Huo Jianji, she was prepared to turn around and run away, but her daughter held her back.

"Daddy, come. Let me introduce you to a beautiful woman." She Yimeng said to Huo Jianji with a smile as she held He Meixin\'s hand.

"This beauty looks a little familiar." Huo Jiu slightly raised his eyes to look at He Mei Xin who was standing in front of him, feeling uncomfortable all over.

When She Meixin heard his words, she knew that he was purposely pretending not to recognize her. This was good as well, saving her the embarrassment.

She raised her eyebrows, raising her head and said coldly: "What? Does Young Master Huo always use this as an opening when he meets women? "

Her gaze coldly shot towards She Meixin as she said in a slightly unfriendly tone, "Miss, please do not take this to heart. She has always been a little blind in the face of women who don\'t have much recognition for the family heirloom."