CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 642

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"I heard that stepmother is very scary. Snow White\'s stepmother is a bad person, and Cinderella\'s stepmother is also a bad person …" He Yi Meng said, looking worried for her future.

"Eunuch Meng, grandma won\'t let anyone bully you, that Aunt Lily won\'t be a bad person." Tang Yingyue comforted She Yimeng by patting her on the cheek.

"Grandmother, I\'ve also dreamt of Mommy. Can I let Dream see Mommy?"

"You\'re already missing Mommy?" It\'s Saturday, and Grandmother wants to take you to a birthday party tonight. " When Tang Yingyue saw He Yimeng, she had already made up her mind to nurture this little granddaughter of hers and make her the most elegant girl in society.

"Then will dad go?" She was more concerned about that.

"Of course, how could he not go?" Tang Yingyue nodded.

"Alright then, I won\'t go to see Mommy today, I\'ll go tomorrow. Grandmother, you usually take your partner with you to those dances, right? "

"Yes, what is it? You want to take your partner with you? "

"Can I?" If she could, she would take Mommy with her.

"Of course you can, but who do you want to bring? Your teammate at the kindergarten? " Tang Yingyue looked at He Yimeng with a smile.

"This is a secret." He Yi Meng smiled at her before jumping off her legs and running out the door.

"Slow down, don\'t fall." Tang Yingyue\'s concerned voice sounded from behind him. However, He Yi Meng wasn\'t in the mood to listen.

He Yimeng ran downstairs and dialed He Meixin\'s number.

The phone rang three times and was answered.

"Hello." He Meixin\'s voice came from the other end of the phone. The pleasant sounding voice made He Yunmeng, who was originally very worried about her situation, heave a sigh of relief.

"Mommy, it\'s me. "Also a dream."

"Darling, is it really you? You finally called. Mommy missed you so much. How were you doing at Huo family? Your dad didn\'t bully you, right? " Upon hearing She Yimeng\'s voice, She Meixin was extremely excited. Her voice also started to choke.

The reason She Yimeng hadn\'t called He Meixin for the past few days was because she was afraid that she would act like this. She wanted her to slowly get used to the days without her by her side so that she wouldn\'t feel so sad. Unfortunately, he was just a child after all. Her thoughts were not thoughtful, so how could her mother\'s longing for her daughter diminish with the passage of time?

"Mommy, I\'m fine. How are you?"

"Mommy\'s fine too, darling. Mommy\'s so happy to hear your voice. Do you miss Mommy?"

"Yeah, I miss Mommy a lot. By the way, does Mommy have time tonight? "

"Tonight? Your godfather, Wu Wei, asked me to accompany him to a dinner party. Do you want to see Mommy tonight? In that case, Mommy will call your godfather and tell him to invite someone else. "

"No, no, no …" "No need, I didn\'t think that dad would return so quickly. Just go to the banquet with dad, I\'ll come see you tomorrow."

"Darling, Mommy really misses you. Mommy feels so sad without you by her side."

"Mommy, I miss you too. Alright, I\'m going to hang up now. Don\'t worry, we\'ll meet again very soon. Mommy, be good. You can\'t secretly shed tears behind my back. Bye bye."

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly hung up the phone, because he saw that the Huo family heirloom that he had left behind had suddenly returned.

"Daddy." He shouted as Huo Jiu walked straight up the stairs.

He stopped and turned his head to look at He Youmeng, who was sitting on the sofa, and asked, "What do you want?"

"Why are you back? Didn\'t you have lunch with Aunt Lily? " He tilted her head and asked like a little adult.

"Your mommy didn\'t teach you, so don\'t worry about adult matters, child?" He took a deep breath. He felt more and more that this daughter of his was a bit like a housewife. Not only did she answer his phone call privately, she even dared to inquire about his private matters.

"Daddy, I think you\'re very handsome today." He immediately changed the topic.

Huo Jiabao\'s lips quirked into a faint smile. It wasn\'t because he found Wang Zhong funny, but because He Yi Meng was smart enough to read other people\'s words.

Huojiao went upstairs to his room, grabbed the phone that was lying on the bedside table, and hurried downstairs again.

When he entered the living room again, he could no longer see He Yi Meng. He looked around and then went out again.

In the evening, She Meixin changed her clothes and waited at home for Wu Wei to come and pick her up.

After waiting for less than ten minutes, she heard the sound of a car horn coming from outside the door. She picked up her bag and headed out the door.

Wu Wei\'s black Porsche stopped in front of the villa. Seeing her come out, he sized her up from head to toe and then opened the door for her. After she got in, he sincerely said, "You\'ve been following me for five years, right?"

"Why are you suddenly asking this?" He Mei Xin asked curiously.

"I\'ve taken you to quite a few banquets of various sizes. Why can\'t you find a suitable outfit for yourself?" He swept his eyes over her and finally sighed.

"Is there a problem?" She Meixin lowered her head to look at the black coloured clothes she was wearing. Other than the style being a little conservative, everything else was quite good.

Wu Wei didn\'t tell her where the problem was. He just started the car and raced towards the Valentino flagship store that was closest to the banquet\'s location.

The car stopped in front of a lavishly decorated store, Valentino, the eternal elegant exclamation mark, no matter where, no matter where, she was always a lavish, elegant, and beautiful incarnation, full of dreamlike visual metaphors that, once assimilated into peaceful reality, transformed into a perfect unity of personal sensibility and social emotion. For more than forty years, she had spread the dreams of thousands of consumers...

At this moment, all she needed to spread was She Meixin, this grass root rich woman\'s dream. Yes, Wu Wei wanted his girlfriend to be tonight\'s brightest star, regardless of the purpose. As for She Meixin, he was also happy to cooperate with him.

As a result, when she appeared in front of Wu Wei wearing a dark blue, low-cut silk evening gown, Wu Wei was amazed.

"Is it all right?" In these clothes, even she felt a lot more confident. Although it exposed a lot of things, her perfect figure was wrapped up by a tailor. It was luxurious and elegant, as if Audrey\'s body was possessed by Ben, causing people to be unable to shift their eyes away.

"It would be perfect with this." A faint smile appeared on his face, and he casually took out an exquisite diamond necklace from his jacket pocket and presented it to her.