CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 616

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In the garden of the resort.

At 5: 30 in the afternoon, the guests had already gathered.

The garden was decorated beautifully with a gorgeous stage set. The stage\'s background wall was a soaring green peacock, beautiful with the lighting effect.

As soon as Huo XIwen and Chen Zicheng entered the venue, someone immediately came to greet them.

Huo Xiwen had gained quite a bit of fame in the business world in the past two years. Furthermore, she had her back against the Huo Group. Even though she had retired from the position of president, she was still the focus of attention wherever she went.

Therefore, when she appeared at the venue holding Chen Zicheng\'s hand, she immediately became the focus of everyone\'s attention.

Everyone tried to guess the relationship between them. They were even secretly glad that they had come to this banquet.

One had to know, if the Chen family\'s American Group were to marry the Huo Corporation, then it would definitely be like a tiger adding wings, smoothly becoming one of the top in the industry, standing side by side with the big groups, Hao Ting, Ming Zhu, and the Huo Corporation.

Chen and Huo XIwen greeted those who came to greet them. After saying goodbye to everyone, he led Huo Xiwen to the side.

Huo XIwen saw a graceful and dignified woman in front of him. She also had a pink diamond peacock on her chest, and was currently surrounded by a group of women. Although those women also had peacock brooch on their chest, it was still green.

Chen Zi Chen led her over and said to the woman, "Mommy."

The woman turned her head and saw Chen Zichen, as well as Huo XIwen, who was standing beside him. She revealed an elegant yet restrained smile as she said, "Zi Chen, you\'re here."

"Mommy, let me introduce you to Miss Huo Xi Wen Huo of the Huo Group." "Xi Wen, this is my mother."

"Miss Huo, welcome to our American and Asian foundations\' charity dinner." Mrs. Chen smiled and extended his hand to Huo XIwen.

Huo XIwen also politely shook hands with her. "Hello, Madam Chen."

At this moment, an assistant came over and whispered a few words into Madam Chen\'s ear. Madam Chen then raised her head and looked at the crowd. "Everyone, the banquet is about to begin. I will take my leave first."

With that, he turned around and left with his assistant.

Huo XIwen turned to look at Chen Zi Chen, his face full of suspicion, "Chen Zi Chen, what the hell are you doing? Why are my brooch the same as your mother\'s, and the other people different colors? "

"Is that so?" At this point, Chen Zicheng had a curious look on his face as he looked around, and then he suddenly realized something, "What you\'re saying seems to be true."

"Stop pretending. Don\'t you know about this?" She didn\'t believe it.

Chen Zichen looked innocent. "I really don\'t know. Before I came here, I told them that I wanted to bring a lady companion for a brooch. I didn\'t know that brooch had any color."

Then, he laughed. "But, you should be happy, yours is made of pink diamond, it\'s so valuable, those people\'s are all emeralds, not worth much."

Huo Xiwen was speechless. Was this a matter of no value at all?

"Aren\'t I afraid of being misunderstood?" She pursed her lips.

"Misunderstanding what?" Chen asked.

"What do you think is wrong? What is my identity? She was wearing the same kind of brooch as your mother. " Huo Xiwen rolled her eyes. This guy looked pretty smart, but why did she have such a stupid reaction?

Chen Zicheng finally reacted and laughed, "So what if it\'s a misunderstanding?" You wouldn\'t marry me just because of some misunderstanding, right? "

"You wish." She turned her head arrogantly.

"So, what are you tired of? What was there to be afraid of? "Don\'t worry, although I really like you, I know what I can and can\'t do." Chen Zi Chen said sincerely.

In fact, Huo XIwen actually trusted him quite a bit. After all, he was Huo Jiu\'s friend.

With Huo Jiu\'s strange personality, his character wouldn\'t be that bad to be his friend.

Besides, if he was really in trouble, Huojiao probably wouldn\'t have allowed him to bring her to the resort.

At this time, the gala host had already stepped onto the stage, announced the start of the dinner and invited Mrs. Chen to give the opening speech.

Huo XIwen followed Chen Zichen and stood at a distance, looking at the direction of the stage.

"Aunt really is a peerless beauty." Huo XIwen sighed as he looked at the elegant and generous Mrs. Chen on stage.

"Of course, my mommy isn\'t beautiful, how can she make me look so handsome?" Chen Zi Chen said with a smile.

"You\'re so narcissistic." Huo Xiwen glared at him.

When she retracted her gaze, she suddenly saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

"Why is she here?" She asked with a puzzled expression.

"Who is it?" Chen Zi Chen looked in the direction of her gaze and saw a thin and frail figure. "Your friend?"

Huo Xiwen shook her head, "No, he\'s Qingyun\'s friend."

"Qingyun? "Who is it?" Chen asked.

"Brother Chen Hao\'s wife." Huo Xi Wen said.

"Brother Chen Hao?" You\'re talking about Su Chen Hao? "You …" He almost blurted out the words\' ex-husband \'before stopping the car in the nick of time.

"Yeah." Huo Xiwen didn\'t seem to mind in the slightest. She only looked at Jiang Zhixin, who was standing in the middle of the crowd. Beside her stood a man of around fifty with a stubbled beard.

The two of them were very close, and it could be seen that Jiang Zhixin seemed to be dodging a little as she constantly looked towards the young man at her other side. However, that man was looking at the stage with an indifferent expression, as if he did not care about the woman beside him at all.

"Isn\'t that guy beside her the boss of One Week Entertainment, Zhou Yi?" Chen Zi Chen said.

"Zhou Yi? "You\'re saying that the young man by her side is Zhou Yi?" When Huo XIwen heard this name, he immediately thought of the man that he had heard from her conversation with Luo Qingyun when he met Jiang Zhixin in the café the other day.

"Yeah, Xi Wen, what\'s wrong? You seem very interested in them. " Chen saw that she was staring at the two of them, and he felt a little strange.

"Then who is that bearded man beside them?" Huo XIwen asked again.

Chen Zicheng looked at it and shook his head, "I\'m not sure either. It\'s kind of like that director. But I\'ve only seen it on the news and I\'m not sure. "


That should be it. He had heard Jiang Zhixin mention that she was going to make a movie.

However … Why does this director not look like someone who is working closely with others?

At this time, Mrs. Chen had finished her speech on stage. Since it was a charity dinner, there would naturally be donations and other activities.

As the representative of the Huo Group, Huo XIwen couldn\'t be too kind. Therefore, she generously donated 50 million. She could almost imagine what expression that butler Huo Jiu would have when he found out she was so generous.