CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 553

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"Scram, do you think you\'re the Minister of Imperial Household or something?" Huo Jiu waved his hand, but he seemed to feel a lot more relaxed.

During this period of time, his heart had been stifled by the matter of He Mei Xin, causing him to feel unspeakably uncomfortable. Now that Qian Jun knew of this matter, this strategist might really be able to help him. At the very least, he wouldn\'t have to hide it in front of him anymore.

"I\'m not your Minister of Imperial Household, am I?" Qian Jun said with a smile.

"Enough, stop talking." Let me ask you, have you met She Meixin for the past two days and chatted with her? Huojiao asked the question that he wanted to know the most in the depths of his heart.

"Child?" Qian Jun shook his head. "No, I didn\'t hear her say it." Do you think she really gave birth alone? "

"How should I know? I know, and I\'m asking you? " Huo Jiabao said with an irritated expression.

Qian Jun quickly said, "Then I\'ll go investigate and see if her kindness has given birth to your child."

Then he paused. "What are you going to do if you find out that she gave birth to the baby?"

"What do we do?" Huo Jiabao asked.

"Yes, will you recognize this child?" Qian Jun said.

"Acknowledging what? Oh, I acknowledged the child and brought her back to the country so that she could be here with Wu Wei and his world? What are you thinking about? " Huo Jiabao felt infuriated when he thought of the intimate manner in which He Meixin and Wu Wei treated each other.

Back then, this woman had secretly escaped due to disobedience. To think that she would be able to lead a better life overseas. Thinking about it, he felt a sense of unfairness in his heart.

When Qian Jun heard Huo Jiu\'s words, he knew that his anger had yet to subside. Now, he was somewhat unsure of Huo Jiu\'s intentions.

He said that he did not care about She Meixin\'s heart, but he also seemed to be very nervous about She Meixin\'s feelings. As long as he heard that she had a suitor, he would explode.

He said he cared about He Meixin, right? However, he clearly had a daughter between them, so he could use her as an excuse to catch her. Yet, he refused to do so.

Was this the legendary act of jealousy?

This is not the way a hooligan does things.

He spent most of his time among the flowers, never touching a single leaf.

He had also never seen him so jealous of a woman that it would seriously affect his mood.

But now, when he faced She Meixin, he clearly wasn\'t treating her with the attitude of one treating a woman around him. On the contrary, his heart was filled with contradictions.

He clearly looked down on She Meixin in his heart, but he couldn\'t help but want to pay attention to her.

This is a sick heart.

If he wasn\'t his boss, Qian wanted to advise him to see a psychiatrist and ease his mind.

Originally, it was a lunch filled with anticipation. However, due to He Mei Xin taking the call and leaving, the two of them lost their appetite.

After a few sips of food, they left the restaurant.

Qian Jun was ordered to investigate the problems of He Meixin\'s child, while Huo Jianji returned to the hotel alone and continued sleeping in his bed.

On the other side, He Meixin and Wu Wei emerged from the restaurant and hurried home.

That call just now was from Michelle, the babysitter she had specially invited. She said that the child seemed to have something wrong with him and wanted her to go home and take a look.

When they got home, the nanny was walking around the living room with the baby in her arms.

"Michelle, what\'s going on? Everything is fine, why did she suddenly get a high fever? " He Meixin walked up and took the crying child from her hands. She turned around and walked out. "Quick, let\'s go to the hospital."

Michelle picked up her bag and followed her out.

Wu Wei drove the car and saw He Mei, who was hugging a child with a worried expression, sitting in the back row. He comforted her, "Mei Xin, don\'t be anxious. It might be an ordinary fever."

He Meixin\'s hand touched the child\'s forehead and felt a burning sensation. She could not calm down at all, "Michelle, wasn\'t my child perfectly fine when I went home last night? How come you suddenly have a high fever? "

"This... I\'m not sure, ma\'am... Could it have been yesterday evening, when I took her out to the supermarket, where there were so many people that they caught the flu? " Michelle had a pensive look on her face.

"…" As soon as She Meixin heard about the flu, she went into a bad mood, "Didn\'t I tell you not to take her to a crowded place? It\'s flu season, so why are you so careless? "

"Madam, you can\'t blame me for this, I\'m going to the supermarket to buy ingredients. You come back so late from work every day, I can\'t possibly wait for you to come back. At that time, the supermarket is already closed. It wasn\'t fair for me to do the work of two people alone. " Michelle retorted.

"You …" She Meixin was truly angered by her. Just as she was about to open her mouth to continue arguing with her, Wu Wei, who was driving a car in front, stopped her, "Alright, Meixin, don\'t tell her about this. Take the child to see a doctor first. Wait until the child\'s condition stabilizes before changing to a nanny or hire one more person."

"I\'m afraid I can\'t afford to hire one more person with this little bit of salary." He Meixin sighed helplessly.

Actually, Wu Wei paid her quite a bit, but she didn\'t have much time to go to the United States, so he didn\'t have any other options in hand. From giving birth, raising children, renting a house, asking for a nanny, paying for all the living expenses, and sending money to his family on a regular basis.

That was why she paid Michelle more than an ordinary nanny by one of their salaries and asked her to share some of the burden with them.

"There\'s no need to worry about money. Right now, children are the priority." Wu Wei gave her a calming pill and sped up, heading straight for the hospital.

When she got to the hospital, she had to see a pediatric emergency room because she didn\'t have an appointment.

Wu Wei helped her go through the relevant procedures. He Meixin carried the child into the emergency room and handed it to the doctor.

After some examination, the doctor determined that the child had a common cold fever, which led to pneumonia. Because the child was too young and unstable, he needed to be hospitalized.

After completing the registration procedure, She Meixin told Wu Wei to leave and to busy herself with the work while he waited for the child at the hospital.

The baby took the antipyretic and fell asleep in the hospital bed, her little hands exposed, white and tender, her eyebrows very pretty and cute, very much like her "irresponsible" father.

As She Meixin looked at the sleeping child, she suddenly thought of Huo Jiu. She immediately realized that Huo Jiu couldn\'t help but think of the child when he saw her. If he had thoughts about the child at this time, what would she do?