CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 533

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At this moment, Chen Yanzhuo pulled the needle out and got out of bed.

"What are you doing?" Seeing this, Huo XIwen looked at him in surprise.

"I\'ll send you back." Chen Yanzhuo tidied up his clothes and said to himself.

Huo XIwen quickly pushed him to the side of the bed, "Lie down. I don\'t need you to send me back. The doctor said that your wounds are lacerated. You need to take care of yourself."

"I\'m fine." Chen Yanzhuo grabbed her shoulder and looked at her tenderly, "Didn\'t you say someone was following you? "I don\'t trust you to leave alone."

Huo XIwen\'s heart trembled slightly, but he immediately pushed away his hand, "Lie still, I won\'t leave now."

Then, he raised his hand and rang the bell. Soon, the nurse came over. Huo XIwen pushed Chen Yanzhuo onto the bed and laid him down. He turned to the nurse and said, "Miss nurse, help him with another shot. The needle dropped."

The nurse looked at the removed needle. Although she was curious as to why the needle had fallen off, she changed the needle and injected Chen Yanzhuo again.

Huo XIwen and Chen Yanzhuo looked at each other. The atmosphere was a bit awkward for a moment.

In order to ease the atmosphere, Huo XIwen took out his phone, lowered his head and pretended to play with it.

Chen knew she was avoiding him, so he closed his eyes to make her feel better.

No one in the ward spoke, and for a moment there was silence.

Inside the IV tube, the liquid was dripping down at a steady rate.

Huo XIwen lowered his head and played with his phone for a moment. Then, he looked up and saw that Huo XIwen\'s breathing was steady. It seemed that he had fallen asleep.

After staring at his sleeping face for a while, she sent Zhao Wei a message.

Half an hour later, Zhao Wei arrived in a hurry. Seeing Huo XIwen and Chen Yanzhuo in the ward, his expression became serious.

Since Chen Yanzhuo was still asleep, Huo XIwen didn\'t want to wake him up. Thus, he got up and walked to the corridor outside the ward with Zhao Wei.

"Miss Huo, what happened to him? It\'s okay, right? " Zhao Wei asked with a worried expression.

"If I hadn\'t appeared in time, I would not have known what would have happened to him. When I went to his house, he was already unconscious on the ground. " Huo Xi Wen said.

"How can this be? Isn\'t Vivian taking care of him? " At this time, Zhao Wei seemed to be confused and was talking to himself.

Huo Xiwen\'s heart sank the moment she heard Vivian\'s name. She turned around and looked at Chen Yanzhuo, who was in the ward, and said, "Okay, I have no business here anymore. You can contact his girlfriend to take care of him. I\'ll go back first."

"Miss Huo …" Seeing that she was about to leave, Zhao Wei opened his mouth and called out to her.

"Is there something else?" Huo XIwen stopped walking and asked.

Zhao Wei opened his mouth and seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then, he slowly said, "Assistant Chen has troubled you. I thank you on his behalf."

Huo Xi Wen curled his lips, but didn\'t say anything. He lifted his leg and walked out of the hospital.

The United States, New York.

Green Light Forest Network Game Company, 5: 30 PM, Office of the Vice General Manager.

He Meixin was looking at a video on a computer.

Someone knocked on the office door from outside. She raised her head and looked towards the door. "Come in."

A familiar figure walked in from outside, and when she saw the person in front of her, she immediately revealed a surprised smile: "CEO Wu, when did you arrive? Why didn\'t you notify me to pick you up at the airport? "

"I wanted to give you a pleasant surprise, so I didn\'t tell you in advance." As he spoke, Wu Wei extended his hand, which was held behind his back, in front of him. A bouquet of bright red roses was presented in front of He Meixin.

When She Meixin saw the roses, she immediately smiled. She took over the United States and put it into a vase, "You came at just the right time. The CG animation for the game has just been completed. Take a look."

Wu Wei walked up to her and turned off the computer. He picked up her coat and handed it over to her. "Let\'s go. I\'ll treat you to dinner."

She Meixin pointed at the computer screen, wanting to say something, but she had already been pushed out of the office.

The two of them left the office, got into a car, and drove to a fancy restaurant downtown.

"Why are you here at this time? I thought you wouldn\'t be here until next month. " She Meixin sat in the front passenger seat and asked as she sent a text message on her phone.

"The domestic affairs have been settled, so I came in advance to help you finish the projects." to let everyone have a holiday for the new year. " Wu Wei said as he held onto the steering wheel and looked forward.

"You\'re such a good boss." He Mei Xin laughed.

"That\'s right. So, you should cherish a boss like me when you meet one." Wu Wei replied with a double entendre.

How could She Meixin not understand the meaning behind his words? However, she only smiled and took out a photo from her phone, showing it to him. "Look at my daughter, isn\'t she getting cuter and cuter by the day?"

Wu Wei glanced at the photo on his phone and saw a five-month-old baby smiling brightly with his gums exposed. His big eyes were curved like a crescent moon, looking very pretty and cute. "How many nannies have you changed to?"

"Sigh, don\'t mention it. The previous fourth genius will be able to hold on for so long." I don\'t know who our little devil is, to be able to torture someone to death. " Whenever She Meixin brought up the issue of a child\'s nanny, she felt a headache coming on.

"Have you ever thought of taking your aunt and uncle over to help you take care of your child? That way, at least you can be at ease." Wu Wei suggested.

When She Meixin heard this, she quickly waved her hands, "No, I wouldn\'t dare. If my parents knew that I was carrying them on my back, they would definitely scold me to death for having a child of their own."

"I don\'t mind being your shield." Wu Wei said.

When She Meixin heard this, her expression froze, "CEO Wu, you\'re joking with me, right?"

Wu Wei chuckled but didn\'t say anything.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them arrived at a very tastefully decorated western restaurant.

After entering, the waiter took off He Meixin\'s coat and led her to the table that Wu Wei had reserved beforehand.

They sat down facing each other. Wu Wei ordered, and He Meixin turned to look at the view of Los Angeles through the French windows.

The evening in New York was beautiful. The orange setting sun hung in the sky, dyeing the surrounding clouds red.

"How is it? "Do you like this place?" Wu Wei asked with an intoxicated expression as he saw He Mei gazing out the window at the scenery.

She Meixin nodded. "I\'ve never seriously watched the setting sun after coming to New York for so long."

"Speaking of which, it\'s my fault. The company is too busy and often lets you work overtime, causing you to miss out on such a beautiful scenery."

"However, since you\'ve brought me here, I\'ll forgive you." He Mei Xin smiled and suddenly thought of something. She picked up her phone, took a picture of the scenery outside the window and posted it onto her Weibo.

After a while, he received a lot of praises and messages.