CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 532

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The living room was spotlessly clean. On the left was the dining room, where everything was neatly placed and gave off a shiny glow.

Next to the dining hall was an open kitchen. Just by standing at the door, one could clearly see the situation inside.

There was no sign of Chen Yanzhuo on the first floor, not even a shred of glass on the floor.

Huo XIwen could only lift his leg and walk towards the second floor.

This was her first time in Chen Yanzhuo\'s house, and his mood was a little agitated.

With her feet on the bluish gray stairs, her every step seemed cautious and urgent.

On the second floor, in front of her were four rooms, all with closed doors.

Which one is Chen\'s bedroom?

Without time to think, she lifted her hand and pushed open the first door, only to discover that it was the study.

He hastily closed the door and walked to the second room. He pushed open the door and saw Chen Yanzhuo lying on the floor beside the bed. Beside him was a broken glass cup.

Seeing this, Huo XIwen was completely terrified. He immediately went forward, knelt on the ground, held his head and called his name, "Chen Yanzhuo, Chen Yanzhuo, what happened to you? Wake up. "

Ye Zichen\'s hand lightly patted his cheek, and felt that his hand was burning up.

Was it a fever?

Without time to think, she picked up her cell phone, dialed the emergency number, and called an ambulance.

After putting down the phone, she turned around and went to the bathroom. She grabbed a wet towel and came over to wipe his face, trying to wake him up.

Just like that, a few minutes later, the ambulance arrived at an extremely fast speed and carried him onto the ambulance. Thinking that Huo Xiwen was the patient\'s relative, he let her go with him to the hospital.

Chen was pushed into the emergency room, and Huo XIwen went to check him in.

Half an hour later, Chen Yanzhuo was pushed out of the emergency room by a nurse and sent to the ordinary ward.

She went to the doctor who asked about Chen Yanzhuo. The doctor looked at her and asked, "Are you the patient\'s wife?"

Huo XIwen froze for a moment, then shook his head and said, "No, Doctor, what exactly happened to him? Is there a cold? "

The doctor waved his hand. "It\'s not a cold. Did he have surgery in another hospital? I have already treated his wounds and treated him accordingly. Now that the fever has subsided, there shouldn\'t be any big problems anymore. However, you still have to pay attention to the wounds, you must not get infected again. "

The wound split open?

He was perfectly fine. How could the wound have split open?

When I saw him last night, wasn\'t he still fine?

Huo XIwen didn\'t know what had happened, so he turned around and headed for the ward. At this time, Chen Yanzhuo had already opened his eyes and woke up. He was a little surprised to see Huo XIwen, "XIwen, why are you here?"

"Why am I here? Why don\'t you ask yourself why you\'re here? "If I didn\'t come, you probably would have died at home without anyone knowing." Huo Xiwen could not help but retort in a bad mood the moment he saw him.

At this time, Chen Yanzhuo understood that Huo Xiwen was the one who sent him to the hospital. He looked at her gently and said, "You saved me."

"Yes, I saved you, and now we are even. You saved me once, and I saved you once again. I don\'t owe you anything in the future." Huo Xi Wen raised his head.

"You don\'t owe me anything." Listening to her break off their relationship like this, Chen Yanzhuo felt bitter and bitter in his heart, yet he couldn\'t say anything.

"Alright, since you\'re fine now, I\'m leaving. You better take care of yourself." Huo XIwen knew that he couldn\'t face him for too long, and he also didn\'t know what kind of demon he had found. As long as he faced him, it would be hard to calm his heart down.

"Xi Wen." He stopped her as she turned to leave.

Huo XIwen\'s footsteps paused, but he didn\'t turn back to look, "Oh yeah, there\'s one more thing. Although I don\'t know why you\'re sitting there like that, but from today onwards, I, XIwen, will not send anyone to follow me anymore."

"I didn\'t send anyone to follow you." Chen Yanzhuo denied.

Seeing that he was admitting it no matter what, Huo Xi Wen became angry again. He turned around and looked at him with his pair of beautiful big eyes: "You didn\'t? Who else could it be other than you? Chen Yanzhuo, you already have a girlfriend, so what are you going to do with those meaningless things? I don\'t need your concern. You just have to take care of yourself. "

"Like I said, if it\'s not me, then it\'s not me. If it really was me who sent someone to follow you, I would admit it." Chen Yanzhuo reiterated.

Huo XIwen looked at his face and realized that he didn\'t seem to be lying. However, aside from him, she really couldn\'t think of anyone else who would be so bored as to send someone to follow her.

Could it be the Crown of Tang?

That guy wanted to take revenge on her, so …

But that\'s not right, they just had a big fight at her house, even if this guy wanted to take revenge, he shouldn\'t be so fast.

Chen Yanzhuo saw the look of suspicion on her face, and he already had some answers in his heart, but he couldn\'t say them out loud. He only opened his mouth and said in an obscure tone, "Could it be that you are mistaken? Maybe they didn\'t follow you? "

"There\'s no mistake. I found that guy was staring at me for a long time. I was eating in the cafeteria, so I got up and left. He also got up and left. He must be following me." Huo XIwen was absolutely sure that he wasn\'t mistaken.

Right after she said that, she seemed to recall something, "Do you think that he might not be following me? Could it be that he is following Fu Mujun?"

The thought of Fu Mujun\'s special identity made it possible for him to be targeted by the Chou family.

What should he do?

Was it really her fault?

As soon as the two of them confirmed their relationship, Fu Mujun was already targeted.

Of course, Chen Yanzhuo was very clear that the one who was following them was probably Fu Mujun\'s bodyguard.

Most likely, he had only hidden those security measures when he was with Huo Xiwen, so that she wouldn\'t be able to find any clues about him.

Huo XIwen could discover one, but it was very likely that there were more than a dozen of them around.

"Did you tell Mr. Fu that someone was following you?" Chen Yanzhuo asked.

Huo XIwen shook his head, "I thought you sent someone to follow me, and didn\'t want him to misunderstand anything, so I didn\'t tell him."

"If he really was Fu Muyun, do you think he wouldn\'t have noticed something that even you discovered?" Chen Yanzhuo reminded her.

Hearing his words, Huo Xi Wen remembered, it was as if Fu Mu Jun didn\'t notice the stalker.

Or could it be that he found out, and pretended not to discover it because he was afraid of scaring her?

Well, that must be it.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why Fu Mujun didn\'t notice the people following them.

After confirming her inner thoughts, she looked at Chen Yanzhuo and said, "Take good care of yourself, I will clarify this matter."