CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 521

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"Miss, that gentleman left a call for you to call him back when you get home." The butler handed her a note with a telephone number.

Huo Xiwen looked at the number on it. It was a bit unfamiliar, but it was not Chen Yanzhuo\'s number.

Could he have two numbers?

Is this his private number?

It wasn\'t impossible, as executives like them would use several numbers at the same time for convenience.

Thinking this way, she took out her phone and dialed the number on the note.

The call was quickly connected. A high-pitched, excited voice came from inside: "Xi Wen, you\'re home?"

Huo Xiwen felt that the voice sounded familiar, but she couldn\'t immediately remember who it was. However, she was sure that it was definitely not Chen Yanzhuo.

"You are?" she asked.

"Can\'t you recognize my voice so soon? Me, Chen Zicheng. " The other party replied.

"…" Huo Xiwen was speechless. Chen Zicheng was actually this guy.

This really made her excited for nothing.

"Do you like the flowers I gave you?" Chen Zi Chen asked from the other end of the phone.

"I don\'t like it." Huo Xi Wen replied without thinking.

Chen Zi Chen was silent for two seconds, and then he said, "Xi Wen, are you still prejudicing me over what happened just now? Let me tell you this, I have already cleared away all the debts of those peach blossoms that I had provoked before. I have made up my mind that from tonight onwards, I will only treat you well and you can rest assured. "

"Chen Zicheng, listen carefully. I have no interest in you, and it has nothing to do with those girls around you. You saw it the other day, and I already have a boyfriend, so please stop bothering me." "Just like that, I\'m hanging up." Huo Xi Wen said, and hung up without waiting for the other side to speak.

After putting down the phone, she turned to look at the butler and instructed, "Throw this flower out."

"Ah?" Throw it away? " The housekeeper was stunned. Looking at those beautiful flowers, he could not bear to see them.

"If you like it, take it home. Don\'t let me see it." With that, Huo XIwen went upstairs without even looking back.

On the other side, after being hung up by Huo XIwen, Chen was feeling depressed.

Huo Jianji sat opposite him. He looked depressed as he smoked his cigar, his feet resting on the desk. He said lightly, "I told you, you don\'t have to waste your efforts. That girl didn\'t fall for you."

"I don\'t understand. How could I not be able to understand that surnamed Chen? I want money. Chen Zi Chen scratched his head in annoyance, a look of unwillingness on his face.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth?" Huo Jiabao looked at him with a smile and asked.

"Tell me, tell me about it." Chen looked up at him, not believing he could convince himself.

"Let\'s talk about money first. Say, you have money, do you think Xi Wen needs it? Chen Yanzhuo may not be as wealthy as you, but he is not lacking in money, so your small advantage is worthless in Xi Wen\'s eyes. What\'s more, do you really believe that the kid with the surname Chen is handsome? As for your figure, if I remember correctly, you should be two or three centimeters shorter than he is. "In the end, you said it with sincerity. To be honest, I don\'t believe it." Huo Jiujiu compared them one by one, and the conclusion was naturally that he, Chen Zicheng, had been defeated.

Hearing this, Chen Zi Chen was angered to the point of being unable to bring it up. He looked at Huo Zhi with a wronged expression, "Jiao, who exactly are you friends with?" Am I that bad in your eyes? You siblings are too much of a bully. "

"Zi Chen, people have to face reality. Don\'t keep thinking about things that don\'t belong to you. Seeing that you have a good relationship with me, how about this, I still have a sister to introduce to you. " Huo Jiabao looked at him sympathetically as he spoke.

"Which sister?" Chen asked.

"Xu Lan, you\'ve seen her before, right? She\'s the girl who lives in my house and follows behind my mom all day long." Huo Jiabao said.

Upon hearing the name, Chen Zi Chen\'s eyes narrowed: "Jiao, are you mocking me? What kind of sister is that? She has no blood relation to you at all. "

"I say, are you looking for a wife or a woman who is related to me by blood? You can\'t be thinking about me, right? " Huo Jiabao pretended to be nervous as he covered his chest.

"..." I\'m a straight guy and I\'m not interested in men, thank you. " Chen Zi Chen rolled his eyes.

"Then what are you being picky for? It\'s decided. I\'ll get Xu Lan to meet up with me later. The two of you should meet up and get to know each other better." Huo Jiabao said.

Hearing this, Chen Zi Chen waved his hands, "I have no interest in her, I still like Xi Wen. "No, I can\'t give up on her so easily, I must insist. What if the two of them break up?"

"Kid, can you hope for my sister to be better?" Huojiao picked up an apple from the tea table and threw it at him.

Chen Zichen\'s head dodged to the side, evading his attack. "This kind of relationship is hard to say. I feel that Xi Wen and I are fated to be together. Just you wait, I\'ll definitely get her."

"Hurry up and get lost." Huojiao shouted at him.

Chen Zi Chen was about to get up, but he picked up the apple he threw on the sofa and took a bite. As he walked towards the door, he said, "I won\'t give up. Just you wait, I\'m destined to be your brother-in-law."

Huo Jiabao was about to throw fruit at him again, so he quickly ran out the door.

Just as Chen Zicheng left, Qian Jun walked in from the other side of the door and said, "Director Huo, did young master Chen leave?"

"I drove him away." As Huo Jiabao said this, he stood up from the sofa, walked over to his desk, turned on his computer, and logged into the game.

"Director Huo, there\'s a letter from the American Oda Corporation. Their board of directors has met for research and has agreed to cooperate with us. We can officially sign the contract next Wednesday. Do you think we should let Vice President Wu go this time, or …" Qian Jun passed a folder in his hands to him as he reported.

"Next Wednesday?" Huo Jiabao raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this.


"The partnership with Oda was very important. I think I should go there myself." Huo Jiabao said.

When Qian Jun heard this, he was very surprised. "You want to go over personally?"

"What is it? "Can\'t you?" Huo Jiabao raised his eyebrows and asked when he saw his reaction.

"No, that\'s not it. It\'s just that, aren\'t you the one who hates long distance flights the most?" He had been with Huo Jianji for a long time, so he knew his boss very well. As someone who had been pampered since he was young, anything that made him feel tired was something he loathed doing.

"Isn\'t this for the benefit of the company? For such an important contract, how can I be at ease if others were to sign it? " Huo Jianji solemnly replied.

"Alright, since you are the one who wants to go, I\'ll arrange for a private plane for you." Qian Jun said.

"Mm, go ahead." Huo Jiabao nodded, indicating that he should get back to work.