CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 487

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Noticing that she was laughing, he immediately waved his hand towards the direction behind Huo XIwen, "Auntie XIwen, the dog is mine now."

Luo Qingyun followed the direction of his hand and saw Chen Yanzhuo leaning against the door, standing under the setting sun. From afar, the silhouette of his body was exactly the same as the one in Fu Muyun\'s memory.

This discovery surprised her a little. She suddenly seemed to understand something. She looked at Huo XIwen and saw that she had also turned her head to look at Chen Yanzhuo, who was not far away.

"Mommy, let\'s give the dog a name." Hugging the little mutt, he said to Luo Qingyun.

Luo Qingyun withdrew her gaze and looked at the soft ball in his arms. She thought for a while and said: "Bound Boat, are you sure you want to bring this puppy home? Can you take care of it? "

"I can, I like him. Mommy, I will take good care of him and play with him every day. I will even give him delicious food. Let\'s take him home." "Yes," Yuan Zhou replied confidently.

"Alright, since you want to raise it, from today onwards, you will be its master. The task of naming it will have to be done by you."

Hearing this, Bound Boat looked at the puppy in his arms. He tilted his head and thought for a moment before looking at the fruit on the table. His eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "How about we call it winter melon?"

"Winter melon?" "Why winter melon?" When Luo Qingyun heard this name, she almost couldn\'t hold back her laughter.

At this time, Huo XIwen also turned his head around, looking at the puppy. He frowned and said, "The name \'Winter Melon\' is too casual. This is a French bulldog, can you give it a more impressive name?"

"But it just looks like a winter melon, white and round." He stared at the puppy\'s face for a while before saying, "Then why don\'t you call it balsam pear? Look at its face, it looks rather bitter."

"That\'s not even as good as a winter melon." Huo Xi Wen rolled his eyes. "Winter melons are at least cute and bitter."

"Then it\'s decided." Yuan Zhou happily lowered his head and reached out to pat the little melon\'s head. "Dongguo, we\'ll be family from now on. You have to listen to me obediently, okay? I\'ll love you."

Seeing him like this, Huo Xi Wen\'s heart warmed. He looked at Luo Qingyun with envy: "Qingyun, you\'re so lucky to have such a cute baby."

"You will have one in the future." As Luo Qingyun spoke, she suddenly joked, "That\'s not right, don\'t you already have it? They have already sent over the tonics. "

At this time, Old Li walked over. Seeing the two of them laughing happily, she said in a respectful tone, "Miss Huo, Mrs. Su\'s dinner is ready, please move to the restaurant."

With that, he walked behind Huo XIwen and pushed the wheelchair.

Seeing this, Luo Qingyun stepped forward and said to Old Li: "Let me do it."

Hearing this, Old Li took a step back. Luo Qingyun turned Huo XIwen\'s wheelchair and headed in the direction of the villa.

At this time, Huo XIwen discovered that Chen Yanzhuo, who had been standing at the door a moment ago, had already disappeared.

They entered the cafeteria and sat down on their own. They hugged the little winter melon tightly and refused to put it down.

Luo Qingyun was afraid that he would be rude, so she said to him: "Man Man, put the puppy aside and go wash your hands. After you\'ve finished eating, hug it and play."

"It\'s called a winter melon, not a puppy dog." Squadron Leader corrected him very seriously.

"Alright, then hurry up and put down the winter melon. Daddy will come to pick us up after dinner later." Luo Qingyun asked.

"Mommy, I\'m not very hungry. I don\'t want to eat."

This was the usual trick of a group of people at the table every day.

Grandmother Bai Ci Yi always prepared all kinds of snacks for her grandson in order to please him.

If you eat too much snacks, your child will be easily averse to eating and will have no appetite as soon as he eats.

In order to coax him to eat, Luo Qingyun had to expend a lot of effort every time. In the end, Su Chen still needed to use martial arts to intimidate him to make him eat obediently.

"Man, did you forget what Mommy taught you when you left the house? "Look at you, Mommy won\'t bring you out to play next time." Luo Qingyun began to threaten everyone.

However, Dazzling Spring wasn\'t afraid. "It doesn\'t matter, Grandmother will bring me out."

"…" Luo Qingyun was at a loss for words as she did not know how to refute his words.

"If you don\'t eat, the dog can\'t be taken away." At this time, Chen Yanzhuo, who had changed into casual clothes, walked in from outside the restaurant. As he passed by the group of chairs behind him, he said something.

Hearing this, the group became nervous. He stretched out his neck and said to Chen Yanzhuo, who was sitting on the seat of honor, "But you have already promised to give it to me as a reward."

"I gave it to you, but if you can\'t take care of it properly, then of course I can\'t give it to you." Chen Yanzhuo said.

"I can take care of it." Everyone\'s face was filled with confidence.

"You don\'t even know how to eat obediently, do you still remember to feed it every day? I don\'t believe you. " Chen Yanzhuo shook his head.

Hearing this, he immediately jumped down from the chair, placed the puppy on the ground, and turned towards Old Li: "Grandpa, may I ask where is the washroom?" I\'m going to wash my hands. "

"Young Master, please follow me." Old Li said as she led the way to the washroom.

Luo Qingyun didn\'t expect Chen Yanzhuo to be able to take care of her son with just a few words. She couldn\'t help but praise: "I didn\'t expect you to be so good at dealing with children."

"Regardless of whether he is an adult or a child, there must be a reason why he must be forced to do something that he does not want to do. I just grabbed on to his little weakness. " Chen Yanzhuo said with a smile.

"You even schemed against the child. You really are something." However, Huo XIwen ridiculed him on the side.

"It\'s not a calculation. It\'s just a way of dealing with the problem." Chen Yanzhuo corrected.

Huo Xi Wen stuck out his tongue, and no longer looked at him, and said to Little Du: "Can you serve the dishes now? "I\'m hungry."

"Please wait a moment, the dishes will be served soon." As he spoke, he turned around and went into the kitchen to hasten the cooking.

After washing their hands, they returned to the dining table and began to serve the dishes.

The dinner was done in a proper French style and the taste was very authentic, causing Huo Xiwen and Luo Qingyun to exclaim in surprise as they ate.

She began to wonder if this winery was purely a winery or a restaurant.

"Old Li, the chef from your winery knows how to cook French food. It\'s really not simple." Halfway through their meal, Huo XIwen couldn\'t help but praise Old Li.

Old Li smiled and replied, "This chef is not from our winery. Mr. Chen specially prepared this dish for you from a five-star hotel, and it\'s the Michelin three-star chef. "Not only is the dinner today, the lunch you had yesterday was also cooked by this chef."