CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 481

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Only after he reminded Huo XIwen did he feel a heart-piercing pain from his feet.

What happened just now had caused her to feel extremely tense. She didn\'t even have the time to think about her injured foot. Only now that she had regained her senses did she realize how painful the wound on her foot was.

Seeing that she didn\'t say anything, Chen Yanzhuo stretched out his arms and picked her up in his arms.

At this moment, someone walked out from the front of the house with a flashlight. "Who\'s here?"

"Little Du, it\'s me." Chen Yanzhuo said.

The man with the flashlight took a closer look and immediately said, "Mr. Chen, this is …"

Then, he saw the person he was holding in his arms. His expression changed drastically. "Miss Huo is injured?"

"Have Uncle Li prepare a first-aid kit and take it to the bedroom upstairs." Chen Yanzhuo said as he strode forward.

Huo Xiwen raised her head, her gaze falling on his chin. She could hear his strong heartbeat, accompanied by his firm and fast footsteps. She felt a little muddled, that familiar feeling lingering in her mind.


Was it because she was injured and her consciousness had blurred, that gave birth to the illusion?

He wasn\'t Fu Muyun, although his facial features looked just like that, but it was impossible …

On the second floor of the villa, Chen Yanzhuo had just entered. He placed her on the soft, carved ancient bed. Uncle Li, who had a nervous expression on his face, came in with a first aid kit.

He handed the first aid kit to Chen Yanzhuo with a worried expression. "What\'s wrong with Miss Huo?"

"You guys go out first, I\'ll clean up her wounds." Chen Yanzhuo didn\'t have time to answer his question. He just opened the first aid kit and gave orders while doing the preparations.

Uncle Li and Little Dean immediately turned around and left. As they left, they even closed the door.

Huo XIwen sat on the edge of the bed with his legs on the edge, supporting his body with both hands. The waves of pain from his feet caused her to continuously take deep breaths.

Chen Yanzhuo took the trash can from the side and used alcohol to dispel the poison in his hand. Then, he carefully held her left foot to check the situation. "I\'ll help you clean up first, it\'ll be a little painful. Endure it a little."

Huo XIwen bit his lower lip, not saying a word. She was very nervous, her current state already made her sweat profusely from the pain. One could imagine how painful it would be when the disinfectant dripped on her wounds.

But now that she had reached this stage, she couldn\'t help but say it out loud.

"You should be more gentle …" She opened her mouth, her voice low and hoarse. "I\'m afraid of pain."

"I know." He nodded and took her lovely little feet in one hand and tweezers in the other. He held the sterile cotton ball in one hand and started rubbing the dried blood from her feet with alcohol.

Because she was afraid that the stimulation of alcohol would cause her wound to hurt, she first cleaned up the blood near the wound, revealing the originally white and tender skin on her feet.

With her snow-white skin, the wound was even more shocking.

Because she was barefoot, her feet were punctured in places by glass and stone, and most of the wounds were on her feet and heels.

"I\'m going to help you clean your wounds now. Endure it." He took out the cotton wool again and applied the iodine complex to the wound, carefully cleaning it for her.

Because she ran for so long on the ground, some of the wounds were covered in mud and had to be cleaned up. Although he moved very carefully, he still hurt her.

"Hiss …" Huo Xiwen couldn\'t bear the pain any longer and sucked in a breath of cold air. The piercing pain had made her collapse, and her eyes immediately turned red.

Chen Yanzhuo heard her voice and looked up at her. He saw that she had a delicate and touching look on her face. She was trying her best not to cry, but deep in her eyes, there was a look of unwillingness.

"I\'m sorry." He said in a low voice as he continued to clean up the wound.

"Hmm?" Huo XIwen thought he was hearing things, and blinked his eyes. The tears in his eyes couldn\'t help but slide down uncontrollably.

Chen Yanzhuo didn\'t say anything else. He was focused on cleaning her wound. He didn\'t know if it was because of the pain or because his movements were getting lighter and lighter. Gradually, she got used to the pain and no longer felt unbearable.

After his left foot was bandaged, he switched to his right foot.

By the time she had finished cleaning and bandaging both her feet, half an hour had passed.

Originally, his small feet were tightly wrapped by him, just like two big steamed buns.

At this time, Huo XIwen was totally exhausted. Looking at Chen Yanzhuo, his expression was not much better than hers. There were even beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Come, let me see the wound on your face." After fixing his foot wound, he raised his head to look at her red and swollen face.

Huo XIwen obediently raised his head, allowing her to examine his injuries.

Chen Yanzhuo carefully held her face with both hands. Her originally beautiful and delicate face was now red and swollen, and traces of blood could be seen at the corner of her mouth. She looked somewhat shocking.

Ye Zichen caressed the wound on her mouth with his thumb.

"Does it hurt?" he asked gently.

Huo XIwen looked at his mesmerising eyes, and saw her own petite reflection within them.

Shaking her head, she whispered, "No pain in my foot."

Chen Yanzhuo continued to take the cotton wool and gently wiped the wound at the corner of her mouth, "The wound on her face isn\'t too big. It should be able to reduce the swelling in a day or two."

"Why?" Huo XIwen suddenly asked, looking at him.

"?" Chen Yanzhuo looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"I found out that you are doing something illegal. Shouldn\'t you kill me to keep your mouth shut? Why did you save me? Also, why did you suddenly appear? " This was something she could not understand.

"You ask two questions at a time. Which one should I answer first?" He took his hand off her face, took her shoulder, and laid her body on the bed.

Huo XIwen was truly tired, he took the opportunity to lie down, "Tell me why you appeared so promptly and saved me."

"I\'ll send someone to follow you." He answered truthfully.

"What?" "You …" She was surprised that he had sent someone to follow her!

"Rest well first. If there\'s anything you want to ask me, just ask me again tomorrow when you\'ve recovered your spirits." Chen Yanzhuo comforted her.

Huo Xi Wen opened his mouth and was about to speak, but in the next second, he suddenly bent down with his face almost touching hers: "Listen to me, go to sleep first."

Huo XIwen did not dare to say another word, and hurriedly closed his eyes in fright.

Seeing that she had finally settled down to rest, Chen Yanzhuo straightened up, let out a long breath, and walked out of the room.

Coming out of his room, he went straight downstairs to the living room on the first floor.

At this time, Uncle Li and Little Du were standing aside with serious expressions. Seeing that Chen Yanzhuo\'s face was slightly relaxed, his tensed heart also relaxed.