CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 419

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"Mr. Su, I know what happened in the past was my fault. I shouldn\'t have …" Even though what happened back then clearly wasn\'t her fault alone, and because of that, she even paid a heavy price, but now that she needed his help, she had no choice but to lower her head and apologize.

However, before she could finish, Su Qizhe interrupted her with a cold voice. "Was it forced or voluntary?"

He knew that his father might be a philanderer or a lover of beauties, but he did not believe that his father would force a woman.

Now that Jiang Zhixin was standing right in front of him, he desperately wanted to hear a negative answer from her.

Jiang Zhixin did not expect him to ask her such a question. She suddenly raised her head, met his cold eyes, and opened her mouth. Or did Mr. Su want me to do it voluntarily or because I was forced to? "

"I just want to know if I did anything wrong that year." Su Qizhe looked at her coldly.

His words caused Jiang Zhixin\'s heart to tighten inexplicably.

Her lips trembled as she opened her mouth, her voice trembled slightly. "The accident that happened that year was not an accident, right?"

"I have never believed in retribution, so when I encounter something that makes me unhappy, I like to solve it myself. I don\'t want to wait for the heavens to come and clean up my mess."

Su Qize\'s reply was tantamount to admitting that he had indeed arranged the accident accident that year. Although he already had an answer in her heart, hearing this answer still made his feel somewhat unable to accept it in the depths of her heart.

Tears started to roll down his cheeks, and he subconsciously touched his stomach.

There, life could have been nurtured and given her the right to become a mother.

But now, she had forever lost the possibility to become a mother.

And the person who had caused her to end up in such a state was sitting right in front of her, yet she was still begging him to help her.

This was truly a step wrong, every step wrong. Her heart was truly wronged and wronged at the same time.

When Su Qize saw her expression of uncontrollable pain, his originally cold eyes gradually became warm. He vaguely felt that perhaps what Qiu Ye told him was true.

The woman in front of him probably didn\'t deserve what he had imagined.

Did he really wrongly accuse her?

Both of her hands covered her chest. After a long time, she finally managed to calm her emotions and raised her misty eyes to look at Su Qize, "Back then I was really jealous of Luo Qingyun and hated her. I don\'t understand why a woman like her can marry you, and marry into such a wealthy family like the Su family. But I have a man I love, and that man loves me too. How could I go and mess with an old man my father\'s age and family to marry into a rich family? The person I hate the most in this life is Little San. I hate Luo Qingyun, and because her mother interfered with my parents\' marriage, I view her as a thorn in my side. "

Hearing her words, Su Qize\'s face instantly froze. It was as if his guess had been verified, causing him to feel both alarmed and nervous.

"In that case, what happened the first time you were forced? You seem to enjoy being a third party, and even want to give birth to evil beings. " He wanted to find proof that he hadn\'t done anything wrong and refute her words.

However, when Jiang Zhixin heard this, she smiled pathetically, "Do you think that your father will let me off for the second time when it\'s like this? Since I can\'t go back, then I might as well take this opportunity to marry into the Su Clan. At least this way, in terms of status, I will be able to suppress Luo Qingyun. It was precisely because of this absurd idea that I ended up like this today. So, I don\'t blame anyone. Even though you made me never have the chance to be a mother again in my life, I\'ve never hated you. I can only blame myself for being too greedy, too stupid, and choosing the wrong path. "

After Su Qize heard her words, he didn\'t say anything for a long time.

Only now did he realize that sometimes, doing things too cruelly was not a good habit.

Even if Jiang Zhixin was in the wrong, there was no need for her to pay such a painful price for her fault.

Furthermore, in a sense, she was still a victim.

The real instigator is now living a life of luxury.

"You can go back. I\'ll prepare 5 million for you." After a long while, Su Qize raised his head and looked at the haggard woman in front of him. She now looked like a blooming flower without any spirit. Her beauty and liveliness were no longer the same as before.

"Thank you." Jiang Zhixin nodded at him and turned to leave.

"Wait a moment." Su Qizhe suddenly remembered something and called out to her.

"Is there anything else, Mr. Su?" Jiang Zhixin turned to look at him and asked.

"Qiu Ye …" "Not for you." Su Qize said.

Jiang Zhixin\'s face revealed a wry smile, "I know, I\'m not worthy of him." Don\'t worry, I won\'t provoke him. "

When Su Qizhe heard her reply, he suddenly felt that he had become a little petty.

The current Jiang Zhixin was indeed very different from the past. Not only was her appearance, her temperament and personality were also completely different from before.

In the hospital, the moment Jiang Zhixin had just returned to her ward, she saw the nurse rushing over anxiously and pulling her hand, "Miss Jiang, you\'re finally back. Where have you been? Seeing that you have disappeared, Mr. Zhou has been looking for you everywhere for a long time.

Hearing this, Jiang Zhixin looked at the nurse in curiosity, "Didn\'t he go out this afternoon? Why are you looking for me? "

"He came back not long after he left. "Who knew that I wouldn\'t be able to see you in the ward, so I went looking for you everywhere." "You go back to your bed and lie down. I need to call Mr. Zhou. I\'m guessing he\'s still out looking for you."

Hearing the nurse\'s words, Jiang Zhixin obediently lay on the sickbed. Seeing the nurse call Zhou Yi, for some reason, a warm feeling rose in her heart that she hadn\'t felt in a long time.

Zhou Yi actually still cared about his so much, this was something she couldn\'t even imagine in her dreams.

Twenty minutes later, Zhou Yi\'s figure walked in from outside at an extremely fast speed. Only when he saw Jiang Zhixin lying on the bed with her eyes closed did her heart finally drop.

Taking a few steps forward, he reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace. With a questioning tone, he asked, "Where did you go?"

Jiang Zhixin\'s breathing became sluggish from her embrace. In the next second, she raised her head and looked at the face that was almost within reach, "Zhou Yi, I\'m sorry."

"Sorry? "Why did you say you were sorry?" Zhou Yi looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"I\'m sorry, back then I shouldn\'t have betrayed you, I shouldn\'t have betrayed our love, and I shouldn\'t have betrayed our love in the beginning. In order to break up the relationship between you and Luo Qingyun, I used all my effort and means …"

These words of apology that she had held in her heart for so many years had finally come out of her mouth.

She suddenly brought up the past, and it was as if she forcefully pulled open the gate that he had painstakingly lowered. The past poured out like a flood, causing his body to abruptly freeze.

"Is a word of apology enough?" He looked at her, his eyes cold.