CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 411

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"Is it to make Mister hate you even more? "After all, if you were to run over now and tell Teacher now about this matter, he would definitely annoy you. Originally, Teacher had no impression of you, but if you were to cause a ruckus, he would definitely hate you." Sister Wu tried to guess.

When Luo Qingyun heard this, she shook her head: "It won\'t be that simple. No, we should tell this matter to Qiu Ye and Qizhi."

"Right, right, right. Tell Second Young Master, he definitely knows what\'s going on." Sis Wu nodded her head.

At this moment, a cry came from the garden upstairs. Luo Qingyun heard the sound and rushed upstairs to the garden without caring about anything else.

Sis Wu was also frightened. She ran up together and saw that the baby carriage had somehow turned over on the ground. Her fat body was lying on the ground with a bunch of people holding her head as if they were trying to carry her out of the baby carriage.

"What is it? "Man Man, what\'s going on?" Seeing that, Luo Qingyun immediately went up and picked Yuan Yuan up from the ground to check her injuries.

Fortunately, it was just the baby carriage that was flipped over. She did not fall out, so it was not obvious that there were any injuries.

"I was playing Lego on the side just now. My sister called me, but I ignored her. Who knew she would suddenly stand up from her baby carriage and then fall down …"

"Madam, I think it\'s better if you take Yuan Yuan to the hospital for an examination. If it breaks somewhere and I can\'t see it with the naked eye, then my heart won\'t be at ease." Sis Wu said with a worried expression.

Luo Qingyun carefully examined every part of Yuan Yuan\'s body, especially her head. Other than her slightly red forehead, she could not see any other injuries. It could be seen that when she fell down, she hit her forehead.

At this time, Yuan Yuan also stopped crying, only obediently lying in Mommy\'s embrace, his beautiful big eyes wide open.

"With such a short pram falling, he didn\'t even fall out, so he should be fine. However, let\'s go to the hospital and let the doctor have a look. The child is so young, and I feel uneasy. " As Luo Qingyun spoke, she carried Yuan Yuan back to her room. After changing her clothes and wetting her pants, together with Sis Wu, they headed to the Children\'s Hospital closest to the apartment.

At the Zheng Family.

Having received instructions from Sister Lian, Zheng Baozhu got up in the morning. After breakfast, she pulled Mrs. Zheng along and began to talk about the wedding.

Because the approximate date was set at the end of the year and the date had yet to be set, Zheng Baozhu said to Mrs. Zheng, "Mommy, I thought about it last night. You and Daddy only have a daughter like me, so you must want to see me happy for the rest of my life, right?"

"This child... Daddy, Mommy, of course, wants you to be happy. Even if we have ten daughters, we want all our daughters to be happy. " Mrs. Zheng took her hand and smiled.

"Then Mommy, since you care so much about my happiness, you can\'t be careless with your wedding day. I heard from my friend that when she got married, it was because she didn\'t choose a good day that made the marriage unfortunate. Although we can\'t completely believe in superstitious things, but there is a saying, rather than believing it, it should not be. Don\'t you think so? " Zheng Baozhu said again.

"Of course. "Don\'t worry, you are my most beloved daughter. Mommy will definitely choose the best day for you." Mrs. Zheng touched Zheng Baozhu\'s face and said solemnly.

Zheng Baozhu watched his mother slowly move on, and then said, "Mommy, I heard from my friend that there is a big monk in the Temple of the Great Sage who would specially choose a auspicious day for others. Many rich families in the city would marry him to calculate the day. Should we also go find him and visit him at the temple? "

"Oh? Is that so? "I know about the Temple of Holy Light, but you know that Mommy didn\'t burn incense worshipping Buddha very much in her life. Is it really useful to hold onto Buddha\'s feet for the time being?"

"It\'s useful, of course it\'s useful. Didn\'t Buddha have a saying? He put down the butcher\'s knife and turned into a Buddha on the spot. Lord Buddha is quite magnanimous. As long as you are willing to believe in him, you will naturally be able to do so at any time. " Zheng Baozhu did not understand Buddhism, so she could only casually say that.

"In that case, alright, when do you want to go to the temple to find that master?" Did someone recommend him? "Don\'t let us go when the time comes, and we won\'t be able to see each other." Mrs. Zheng agreed when she heard Zheng Baozhu\'s words.

"Let\'s go in the afternoon. We should go earlier. We should pick our days early and make preparations." Zheng Baozhu said with a face full of joy.

Mrs. Zheng nodded. After half a second, she said, "Then should I call your Aunt Ci?"

"There\'s no need, right? Didn\'t Auntie Ci say that we can tell her straight away when we\'ve decided on a specific date?" Just don\'t bother her and come with us. It\'s so tiring. " Zheng Baozhu said.

When Mrs. Zheng heard this, she smiled and knocked on her head. "You little rascal, you haven\'t even passed and you\'re already starting to feel sorry for your future mother-in-law. She\'ll be tired, and am I not tired? "

"Oh, Mummy, I didn\'t mean that. "You are my mother, how can you compare to an outsider?" Zheng Baozhu quickly explained.

When Mrs. Zheng heard her words, she quickly slapped her lips and reminded her, "My foolish daughter, don\'t you dare say such words to me in the future. Once you give it to Chen Hao and enter the Su Clan\'s gate, your Aunt Ci will no longer be an outsider. If she had heard your words, she would be extremely sad. "

"Mom, don\'t worry. I\'m not that stupid. Isn\'t it just the two of us, that\'s why I said that? This is a personal word between us. " Zheng Baozhu said coquettishly, sticking out her tongue at her mother.

Mrs. Zheng looked at her daughter, her face full of smiles.

In the afternoon, after the mother and daughter had finished their lunch, Zheng Baozhu hurried her mother out of the house.

The Enlightenment Temple was located on the mountain peak south of the city. The carriage could only reach the foot of the mountain. After that, they had to climb more than a thousand steps to reach the mountain gate.

The mother and daughter pair had been raised to be pampered. They didn\'t know that the Temple of Holy Light was built on a mountain, so they only thought of it as coming out to shop. They wore high heels and dressed beautifully, but when they got off the car and saw the steps in front of them, they were dumbfounded.

"Mommy, this mountain is too high. If the two of us were to climb it, it would be a little too difficult." Zheng Baozhu began to complain before it even began.

Mrs. Zheng also felt a little awkward. She turned around and looked at the chauffeur behind her. "Old Ding, look around. Is there a sedan bearer who can carry us up? Any amount is fine."

Old Ding then went to the side to look for a sedan bearer.

The sun is high in the sky above, Zheng Baozhu stood at the foot of the mountain waiting for a while before she couldn\'t take it anymore, "Mommy, it\'s too hot here, I\'m tanned. What\'s the matter with Old Ding? "Why did you take so long to find a sedan bearer?"

At this moment, a black car stopped beside the mother and daughter. "Madam, are you going up the mountain to pay your respects to Bodhisattva?"

When Zheng Baozhu saw that the other party was a middle-aged man, she impatiently asked, "What does that have to do with you?"

"It\'s too hot for this season, and no bearers are out looking for work at this time of the year. I know a road that can drive you up the mountain. If you two are willing to pay, I can take you two up. " The middle-aged man chuckled.