CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 392

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"Although a lawyer might not be able to take his child away, if I remember correctly, the news that exploded on the internet today, in addition to the bullying of fellow students, is that he is my elder brother\'s illegitimate child. Are you sure you want to admit this in front of a lawyer and then make it public in this situation? I remember that\'s why big brother Zi told people to delete all the news on the internet. Now that the illegitimate child revealed the truth, I\'m afraid that this person, the person in charge of the Hao Ting Corporation, will not be able to escape from this crime of bullying. " Su Qizhe said with an indifferent smile.

"You …" Bai Ci Hui didn\'t expect him to grab hold of her weak spot so quickly. Although she already wanted to make her identity known to the public, now was not the best time to expose her identity.

With an ice-cold face, she seemed to have thought of something. She looked at Su Qizhe with a furious face, "You did it, didn\'t you? The news online was spread by you, right? It must be you. Do you think that you can take over Chen Hao\'s position just like that? "

"Heh …" Facing her accusation, Su Qize only sneered, "Aunt really is old, right or wrong can\'t be decided. If I want Big Brother\'s current position, Aunt thinks that I need to disappear overseas for four years, and let you four years pass by so peacefully? "

"What do you want?" Bai Ci Hui was left speechless by his rhetorical question and had no choice but to ask.

"I have made my purpose clear. "It\'s simple, I just want to bring the child to Qingyun\'s side and have them stay together for a few days, that\'s all."

"That\'s it? Just for a few days? " Bai Ci Hui couldn\'t believe it.

"That\'s it. Of course, if Aunt allows it, there won\'t be a problem staying a bit longer." Su Qizhe shrugged.

"Why?" Bai Ci Hui asked.

"Why?" Su Qizhe looked at her.

"Why are you helping Luo Qingyun like this?" She is Chen Hao\'s woman, why must you treat her so well? " This was a matter that Bai Ci Hui could not understand no matter how much she thought about it.

"She is a good woman, so naturally there should be people who treat her well. Since big brother is unable to do so, I shall do more for him. " Su Qizhe answered with a calm voice.

Bai Ci Hui\'s expression froze when she heard the answer.

A good woman?

Was Luo Qingyun really a good woman?

Or could it be that she had some sort of magical power that could bewitch her son and also her nephew?

No, after living under her nose for so long, she knew that she was just an ordinary woman.

"Alright, I can promise you that you will take the child with you for the time being." After thinking for a moment, Bai Ci Hui raised his head and said.

"Then I\'ll thank aunt first." Su Qize said.

"However, I want you to agree to a condition of mine." Bai Ci Hui asked again.

"Please speak."

"I want you to promise me that you will never come back to fight with Chen Hao for everything he has, including Luo Qingyun. If one day he thinks of Luo Qingyun and she is the only one who can do it, you must help them achieve their goal. " Bai Ci Hui said with a serious expression.

In fact, when she said the second part of the sentence, she couldn\'t quite believe it had come out of her own mouth.

Deep in her heart, she still understood that Su Chen Hao might not be able to let Luo Qingyun go for the rest of her life.

Although she was unwilling to admit and accept Luo Qingyun\'s existence, if one day, Su Chen Hao regained his memories, she knew that she would definitely not be able to stop him from being with Luo Qingyun. If that day really came, she might as well be a bit more generous and help them.

Su Qize was startled when he heard Bai Yihui\'s words, but very quickly, a smile appeared on his face. "So aunty isn\'t as heartless as I thought."

"Ruthless? How could I be cruel to my own son? " Bai Ci Hui laughed bitterly at himself.

In her entire life, she had lived a life that was too strong, so strong that it made people feel fear, but no one knew that the part of her that was soft in the bottom of her heart had always been the same.

"He can\'t be cruel to his own son, but he can be ruthless to his own husband?" Su Qize asked.

Bai Ci Hui\'s face stiffened when she heard this. "What do you mean by that?"

But at this moment, he didn\'t want to talk too much with her. He had already achieved his goal of coming here, so he could leave with the child in his arms. Thinking that Luo Qingyun was still waiting at home, she said, "It\'s nothing, aunty, call someone to bring the children down, I\'m going to take them away."

Bai Ci Hui stood up from the sofa and walked to the entrance of the parlour. She then ordered the servants outside, "Go and bring Yuan Yuan and Yuan Ji down."

"Yes, ma\'am." "Yes," the servant said, and went upstairs.

At this time, Aunt Lian walked over from the side of the living room. She suspiciously looked at Bai Ci Hui and then looked at Su Qizhe behind her. She asked Bai Ci Hui in a low voice, "Madam, why did you ask someone to bring the child down?"

"Don\'t worry about it. Go and busy yourself." Bai Ci Hui was too lazy to explain, so she waved her hand and said.

Sister Lian didn\'t want to give up, but he didn\'t dare to ask. He just turned around and walked to the corridor, looking back at his surroundings.

After the nanny brought Yuan Yuan and the others downstairs, Su Qize looked at Yuan Yuan, who was being carried by the nanny and gnawing on his fingers. He couldn\'t help but reveal a doting smile on his face. Before he could reach out to hug her, he saw that the little guy was staring at Su Qizhe with a pair of bright and clear eyes. His two chubby hands were already taken out from his mouth, and they pounced towards him.

Su Qize didn\'t think that the little guy would actually take the initiative to let him hug her. Feeling overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, he quickly reached out to catch her. Yuan Yuan leaned against his chest, rubbed her head against his neck and chose a comfortable position to rest on.

Seeing this strange uncle in front of him, he tilted his head and asked with a face full of curiosity, "Who are you?"

"Do you want to see your mother?" Su Qizhe looked at him and asked.

Upon hearing "See Mommy", their eyes immediately lit up. "You know my Mommy? Are you going to take me to see her? "

With that, he turned his head to look at Bai Ci Hui, as if he was confirming something to her.

Bai Ci Hui said, "Man Man, he is Father\'s younger brother. You should call him uncle. He\'s here to take you and your sister to see your mommy. "

"Really?" Hearing this, the group of people immediately beamed with happiness. They rushed forward and held Su Qizhe\'s hand as they prepared to leave.

Su Qi Ze was so annoyed by these passionate brothers and sisters that he had no choice but to leave immediately. He carried one in his arms, held one in his hand, and went out with the other two.

After they left, Aunt Lian couldn\'t help but walk over to Bai Ci\'s side. "Madam, why did you let Su Qize take the child away?"

Bai Ci Hui turned around and looked at her, frowning slightly: "Didn\'t I say that you don\'t need to care about this matter? Why do you ask so much? "

Madam Lian was a bit unhappy and said: "I just wanted to remind you that after Luo Qingyun takes the child away, she should return it." You know, it\'s not like she hasn\'t done this before. Wasn\'t she the one who went abroad alone? "

"She won\'t." Bai Ci Hui was extremely confident.

"Don\'t be too optimistic. You are a mother yourself. You should understand that in a mother\'s heart, nothing is more important than a child." Sister Lian kept persuading her.

"It was because I was a mother that I understood even more that she would not do that. She would do all she could to give the children their best lives. She knows this better than anyone. The best way is for them to keep their child with Chen Hao. " As Bai Ci Hui spoke, he suddenly changed the topic and looked at Aunt Lian: "Oh right, Old Peng has asked me to resign my position. He\'s heading back to his hometown to take care of his mother. All these years, you have been by my side for long enough. Have you ever thought about it for yourself? "

When Aunt Lian heard this, her expression froze. "Madam, what do you mean by that?" "Are you going to chase me away?"

"Of course not, I just don\'t want to keep delaying you. You\'ve spent too much time with me to live your own life. "Although you didn\'t say anything, but I can tell that Old Peng is a pretty good person. At our age, we should think about how we\'re going to live in the future." Bai Yihui saw that she had misunderstood and explained.

"Madam, ever since the day I followed you, I have never thought of leaving you. After all these years, I haven\'t left, and I\'m not leaving now. Brother Hui is indeed a good person, but unfortunately, we weren\'t together at the time, and we don\'t have much time left in our lives, so there\'s no need to go through all this. I just want to stay by your side and take care of you until you\'re old. " Aunt Lian said with sincerity.

Upon hearing her words, Bai Ci Hui sighed heavily and said, "In the end, it\'s still me who is delaying you. If I had been more concerned about your life earlier, you wouldn\'t have … "Blame me, it\'s all my fault …"

"Madam, don\'t say that. We are similar in age and we are like sisters to begin with. I voluntarily chose to stay by your side and no one held us back." As Aunt Lian spoke, she squeezed out a few tears.

Bai Ci Hui shook his head and suddenly asked, "Speaking of which, why did you reject Old Peng back then? If I remember correctly, the reason Old Peng came to our house was for you. All these years, he has never given up. Why didn\'t you give him a chance? Don\'t you like him? "

"This …" "At that time, I was young, and I didn\'t know if you liked it or not. I just wanted to make more money, and since you were so kind to me, I never thought about getting married. I\'ve been living in this mansion for a long time and have never thought about that sort of thing …"