CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 361

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"What do you have to say now?" After Ye Fei left, Su Chen Hao lazily raised his head and looked at Luo Qingyun, who was standing at the side.

Right now, she was like meat on his chopping block. How could she not be obedient?

"Since Mr. Su thinks highly of me, then I will naturally serve you well." Luo Qingyun spoke with a formal tone and an expressionless face.

Su Chen Hao was not satisfied with her answer. More importantly, she did not have this kind of attitude before. She clearly looked like she wanted to be by his side.

However, he didn\'t have the time to analyze her thoughts right now.

In order to punish her for rejecting his orders one after another, Su Chen Hao decided to fix her up.

"Can you cook?" Opening his mouth, he asked.

Luo Qingyun did not know why he would ask this question, but she still nodded, "Yes."

"Very good, now cook for me and cook a few W City specialties for me." He thought for a moment, then added, "That seafood feast must be prepared."

When Luo Qingyun heard this, her face was full of question marks: "Do you want to eat it now?"

If she remembered correctly, hadn\'t they just come upstairs after lunch in the restaurant downstairs?

The food was still in his stomach, completely undigested.

Furthermore, such a big dish like the seafood feast would take a long time just to prepare the ingredients, not to mention the complicated method of handling it.

He had to fry, fry, stew, and finally turn into a hot pot …

She wasn\'t good at making W city specialties, so she estimated that by the time she was done, it would be the latter half of the night.

"Yes, I want to eat now, hurry up and prepare." Su Chen Hao nodded.

"But didn\'t you just finish your meal? It\'s not good for your health to eat too much tonight. As your personal butler, I have an obligation to remind you of this. " But in reality, it was because of him that she dared to say such words. If it was any other ordinary guest, she, as a housekeeper, would naturally take it upon herself to satisfy all the needs of the guest.

"I\'m not full for dinner." Su Chen Hao looked at her and spoke without thinking.

"The seafood feast is rather time-consuming. If you haven\'t eaten your fill, how about I make you some delicious dishes so that you can eat them tonight without burdening your stomach?" Luo Qingyun replied.

Su Chen Hao was a little displeased. "It\'s alright if you take the time. Butler Luo, go. "

Luo Qingyun had no choice but to turn around and go downstairs to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients.

After she left, Qiu Ye looked at Su Chen Hao with a strange expression: "CEO, are you still able to eat?"

Why didn\'t he remember that his boss\' appetite was so good?

"Who said that if I let her cook, she has to eat by herself?" Su Chen Hao let out a cold laugh and got up to go to his room. "I\'m going to rest first. Watch over her. She has to do it herself. Do you understand?"

"Oh." Qiu Zhu was speechless. He still wanted to find some time tonight to see that old classmate of his who hadn\'t even been able to see the higher-ups.

20 minutes later, Luo Qingyun came upstairs with a bunch of ingredients.

A waiter from the kitchen came up with a cart in his hands. It was filled with fresh seafood and vegetables, as well as some special seasonings.

"Qingyun, you went to get the New Year\'s food, right? Why are there so many dishes?" Seeing Luo Qingyun\'s worried expression, Qiu Ye could not help but laugh.

"Stop being sarcastic, hurry up and come over to help. Otherwise, we can only eat breakfast tomorrow." Luo Qingyun said to him with a depressed face.

Hearing this, Qiu Ye immediately went up and helped carry the ingredients to the kitchen.

Fortunately, they had the help of a waiter, so the ingredients were quickly cleaned, cut and placed on a plate.

Next came cooking.

At this time, Qiu Ye reminded, "Qingyun, the CEO said to make the dishes himself and let me supervise you, so don\'t let master help you. Otherwise, when the CEO comes out and sees you, you will have done it for nothing."

When Luo Qingyun heard this, she frowned: "What do you mean? You want to supervise me? "Does he want to eat my cooking, or is he deliberately making use of the opportunity to mess with me?"

"I think the CEO wants to eat the food you made yourself," Qiu explained, fearing that she knew the truth would be dropped. "I think the CEO wants to eat the food you cooked personally, to find some memories. "Think about it, the CEO used to eat the food you made in the past. That taste, you\'re the best at it. If he ate and thought of something else, wouldn\'t that …"

Hearing this, Luo Qingyun felt that it made sense, so she turned around and said to the waiter: "Master, thank you for the hard work. I will remember all the things you taught me. I will do it myself."

Hearing that, the waiter smiled, "It\'s fine, Butler Luo. If you have any questions, you can ask me and the head chef through the walkie-talkie. The head chef has instructed us, we will always comply with the presidential suite\'s requirements in the kitchen."

"Thank you." As Luo Qingyun spoke, she sent the waiter out.

Looking at the neatly washed ingredients on the table, Luo Qingyun was full of energy. She rolled up her sleeves and started to cook.

Since the seafood feast was the most complicated and the most processed dish, Luo Qingyun chose to make this dish first.

While she was holding a big pot of stew, she was also boiling oil in a frying pan. Suddenly, the entire house was filled with the scent of smoke. It was no longer the magnificent, elegant, otherworldly existence it was at the beginning.

The sound of cooking and frying could be heard from one side of the open kitchen, while soothing music could be heard from the other side of the bedroom. Su Chen Hao was sitting on a massage chair by the French window, holding a book and reading carefully.

The interior and exterior was separated by a door, and an extremely good soundproofing effect divided the room into two worlds.

After three hours of work, Luo Qingyun finally managed to fry everything that needed to be fried. What needed to be stewed, and what needed to be steamed, all she needed to do was boil the ingredients in the pot for the seafood feast.

Following that, she began to fry the specialty dishes again in a fluster.

Stir-fried dishes were much easier. After half an hour, all three dishes were cooked.

After she had prepared all the dishes and brought them to the dining table, she turned to Qiu Zhu and said, "Alright, let\'s go and invite him out for a supper."

At this time, Qiu Ye got up, walked to the door of the master bedroom, and lightly knocked on the door. There was no response from inside.

He carefully pushed the door open and entered. He saw that Su Chen Hao had already finished bathing and was sleeping soundly.

He silently left the room and closed the door. He walked in front of Luo Qingyun and said, "The CEO is asleep."

"Sleeping?" When Luo Qingyun heard these two words, her mind instantly became blank.

She had spent more than three hours cooking midnight snacks in the kitchen, and now he was actually sleeping?

"Qingyun, how about we eat together?" Qiu Ye wasn\'t actually hungry, but he really didn\'t want to waste Luo Qingyun\'s night\'s effort.