CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 342

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"Found what?" Su Chen Hao asked casually.

"I found out that I\'m not in a good mood today, so I\'m not happy." Zheng Baozhu immediately said.

"Oh." Su Chen Hao only nodded his head, indicating that he knew about this.

"Oh? Oh what? Brother Chen Hao, do I not care about you at all? Right now, I am your fiancee. If your fiancee is unhappy, why haven\'t you reacted at all? " Zheng Baozhu was getting a bit anxious. She discovered that she really had no status in Su Chen Hao\'s heart.

When Su Chen Hao heard her words, he thought for a moment and asked, "Is that so? "Then what should I do?"

"You should at least ask me why I\'m unhappy, and then think of a way to make me happy." Zheng Baozhu wanted to tell him how you used to coax Luo Qingyun, but now she could just use it on him.

"Miss Zheng!" Su Chen Hao\'s expression suddenly became serious as he looked at her seriously.

"I already said, don\'t call me Miss Zheng, you\'re too unfamiliar with this place. Just call me Jewel." This was also the second thing that Zheng Baozhu cared about. She did not understand why Su Chen Hao would be so distant from her, not even willing to change his way of addressing her.

"We were never close to each other. I can\'t remember anything now. You\'re a stranger to me. "So, I can\'t give you the kind of intimate relationship you want, at least for the time being." Su Chen Hao\'s words sounded heartless, but he was honest. His logic was too perfect for anyone to refute.

"Brother Chen Hao, you …" Zheng Baozhu didn\'t know what to say next. She wrinkled her nose, showing a wronged look, her eyes red as she said, "You weren\'t like this before. You were very good to me before."

"Is that so?" Su Chen Hao looked at her, but his voice was emotionless.

"Yeah, you loved me a lot before, so you cared about my feelings a lot. You never let me feel wronged …" Zheng Baozhu continued.

When Su Chen Hao heard this, he could only smile helplessly. "Unfortunately, I don\'t remember anything."

"Do you really not remember anything? Have you lost any memory of the past? " She was really scared. It wasn\'t that he didn\'t remember how cold he was towards her, but rather what he thought of that made him treat her this way.

But that\'s not right. If he remembered something, he shouldn\'t be like this. He should want to find Luo Qingyun as soon as possible.

"What do you think?" Su Chen Hao asked her a question before smiling and said, "Tell me, why are you unhappy?"

"Ugh …" "I …" Zheng Baozhu didn\'t expect him to suddenly be concerned about her feelings. She stared blankly for a moment and pretended to be indifferent. "Forget it, it\'s just a small matter. You\'re still sick, so I don\'t want to cause trouble for you."

"So it\'s like that." As Su Chen Hao spoke, he actually stopped asking.

Who would have thought that Su Chen would not follow her plan and would feel somewhat unwilling, so she spoke up while standing to the side, "Brother Chen Hao, actually, we have been together for quite a while. When I went to the hospital day after day, and my father\'s mother saw that, she kept asking me when your injuries would recover, and we are both old enough to consider getting married."

When Su Chen Hao heard her words, his expression sank slightly, but he did not speak.

"Brother Chen Hao, you …" Say something. " Zheng Baozhu couldn\'t wait to know the answer, and after a long silence, she couldn\'t help but urge him.

"You are now... Is he trying to force me to marry him? " Who would have thought that Su Chen Hao would look at her with a sharp gaze and say with a cold voice?

\'Forcing a marriage \'was indeed Zheng Baozhu\'s original intention, but Su Chen had mercilessly said it in such a manner, causing her to have a difficult expression on her face.

She hurriedly explained, "No..." It\'s my parents. They think I\'m getting old, too, and it\'s time to get married. "You know, parents all look forward to their children getting married early …"

"If that\'s the case, then I\'ll have to trouble you to explain to Uncle and Aunt that I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to marry you in a short period of time." Su Chen Hao said calmly.

"What?" "Why?" This was definitely not the answer that Zheng Baozhu wanted, not getting married for a short period of time? How long would she have to wait? Waiting for him to remember everything?

"I don\'t want to marry a woman I don\'t feel. "Even though you said that we were once lovers, at least I don\'t feel that way about you right now, so I won\'t marry you." Su Chen Hao answered without hiding anything.

This answer was very hurtful. Zheng Baozhu knew that he probably didn\'t have much feelings for her, but he never thought that he would say it so directly. Wasn\'t this clearly telling her that there was no hope for the two of them?

Seeing Zheng Baozhu\'s shocked expression, Su Chen said, "You don\'t have to be sad. In our current situation, you can go find another man and leave my side at any time. I will not use the marriage contract to restrain you."

"No, Brother Chen Hao, I love you. Other than you, I won\'t marry anyone else." Zheng Baozhu shook her head. She had already done so many things for him, she definitely wouldn\'t give up.

"In that case, how are you going to explain this to your parents?" Su Chen Hao looked at her with a troubled expression.

Zheng Baozhu immediately said, "It\'s alright. As for my parents, I will think of a way to explain them to them, to tell them not to press us any further in the future."

"Good girl!" Only then did a warm smile appear on Su Chen\'s face.

Looking at the change in expression on his face, Zheng Baozhu had a nagging feeling that something wasn\'t right, but she couldn\'t recall what it was.

Su Chen Hao felt a little sleepy. As a patient, he spent most of the day sleeping.

Therefore, after seeing him lie down, Zheng Baozhu didn\'t dare to disturb his rest. Carrying the empty bowl of porridge, she left the ward.

She was feeling very depressed. Even though it might have been easier for her to start with Su Chen Hao, it had proven that Su Chen Hao was not someone who could be fooled. If she could not make him fall in love with her, it would be too difficult for her to marry him.

After half a month, Su Chen Hao\'s body had recovered greatly, and he was able to get off the bed and walk.

Since living in a hospital was not as convenient and comfortable as staying at home, coupled with the fact that Bai Ci Hui didn\'t want to travel around the hospital every day, Su Chen Hao left the hospital with the permission of the doctor and prepared to return to the mansion.

When Luo Qingyun heard of this news from Qiu Ye, she could no longer suppress the excitement in her heart and prepared to go to the entrance of the mansion to block Su Chen Hao.

Bai Ci Hui had cut off all contact between Su Chen Hao and the outside world. It was almost impossible for her to see him.

Now, Su Chen Hao finally came out of the hospital. If she went to the mansion, with the help of the people around her, perhaps Su Chen would be able to think of something when he saw them.

Thinking like this, she ignored the opposition of Sister-in-Law Wu and Qiu Ye and resolutely headed towards the mansion. Before Su Chen reached home, she was already waiting outside the big iron gate of the mansion.

Half an hour later, Su Chen\'s horse carriage arrived from the front. Luo Qingyun did not care about her safety and directly rushed over to stop the car.

The driver was shocked by her action. He quickly stepped on the brake, causing the people inside to rush forward. Fortunately, the safety belt pulled them back and prevented them from hitting the front of the car.