CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 - Deliberate Mention

"Chen Hao, you woke up." Bai Ci Hui walked in front of the two of them, and said as her gaze fell on Su Chen Hao\'s face.

Su Chen Hao slightly nodded, "En."

Bai Ci Hui then looked at Luo Qing Yun who was leaning on Su Chen Hao\'s chest. "Qingyun, have the children woken up yet?"

"Yuan Yuan should be asleep again by now, Sister-in-Law Wu is looking at her. They usually sleep until they wake up at 7: 30. " Luo Qing Yun replied.

Bai Ci Hui nodded his head, "Last night, you stayed in this house with the children for the first day, did you sleep well?"

"Thank you for your concern, aunty. We slept very well." It was rare for Bai Ci Hui to care about them.

Bai Ci Hui looked at Su Chen Hao, "Chen Hao, it\'s rare for you to be able to stay at home, are you used to it?"

Su Chen Hao frowned slightly, and said indifferently, "Fortunately, I\'m not unaccustomed to anything."

"That\'s good, this is your home after all. Since you\'re back now, if you feel that something is wrong, and if there is anything in your house that isn\'t nice to you, you can just tell A Lian and she will arrange it for you." As Bai Ci Hui said this, she glanced at the two of them again. That gaze carried a sense of oppression that made Luo Qing Yun feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Luo Qing Yun felt her gaze on her shoulder, which was leaning on her body, and immediately stood up, pulling apart the distance between her and Su Chen Hao.

"Breakfast should be ready by now. You should go to the dining hall after you\'ve washed up." Bai Ci Hui threw these words and turned to head back to the dining hall.

Luo Qing Yun watched her back as she left and heaved a sigh of relief.

"You seemed very nervous just now. Are you very afraid of her?" Su Chen Hao could see that she was relieved. He turned her body around and let her face him.

"No …." "No, I\'m …" Luo Qing Yun lowered his head, raised his hand a little embarrassed, and lightly patted his shoulder, "From now on, at home, we should still be more careful. It\'s not good to be seen like this by others."

"What\'s not good? You are my wife, isn\'t it natural for me to get close to you? " Su Chen Hao said as he hugged her tightly on purpose.

Although Luo Qing Yun was a little worried that others would see this and was embarrassed, she still felt sweet inside …

After breakfast, Su Chen Hao left for the company.

In the morning, Luo Qing Yun was playing with the children. Xiao Qin sent the fruits upstairs and saw that Yuan Yuan was still awake.

Luo Qing Yun saw that she seemed to like Yuan Yuan a lot, so she asked, "Do you want to hug her?"

Xiao Qin didn\'t think that Luo Qing Yun would actually let him hug her, and her face revealed surprise and joy, "I … "Can I?"

"Of course." Luo Qing Yun said, as she carefully handed the child over to her.

Xiao Qin took Yuan Yuan over, her movements unusually gentle and careful, as if she was afraid that if she wasn\'t careful enough, he would hurt her.

Hugging Yuan Yuan in her arms, her gaze became incredibly gentle, "She looks really cute, just like a little angel."

"If you start crying, you\'re a little devil." Luo Qing Yun could not help but laugh.

"Miss Lowe, you are so fortunate to have such a cute pair of children." Xiao Qin looked at the Small Circle in her arms as she spoke with incomparable envy.

"When you find the person you love in the future, you can also bear children and lead a happy life." Luo Qing Yun laughed.

After Xiao Qin heard this, she was truly confused, "Can you? I\'m afraid no one will like someone like me in this lifetime. "

"Why do you say that?" Luo Qing Yun looked to be in his early twenties and had a rather pretty face. Although she could not be considered the beauty that people called, but she was still young and looked pretty good.

At such a young age, why was he so desperate for the future?

Xiao Qin realized that she had lost control of herself, and quickly regained her senses, then she squeezed out an awkward smile towards Luo Qing Yun: "I\'m sorry, Miss Lowe, I shouldn\'t have told you these."

Seeing her slightly evading attitude, Luo Qing Yun did not pursue anymore and only smiled, looking at the impatient Yuan Yuan in her embrace, "Give me her, this little guy is going to start messing around again."

Xiao Qin carefully returned the child into her hands and prepared to leave. However, when she reached the entrance, she suddenly stopped in her steps, turned her head, and said to Luo Qing Yun, "Miss Lowe, did Sisters of Lotus ask you to help water the flowers in the garden this morning?"

"How do you know?" Luo Qing Yun was startled, she raised her head and looked at her.

"The flowers in that garden are kept by a gardener. You don\'t have to do those things." Xiao Qin said as she lifted her leg and left the room.

After Luo Qing Yun heard her words, she revealed a suspicious look.

Why did Xiao Qin mention this to him?

Just to tell her that she didn\'t have to do those things?

If she simply felt that she didn\'t need to do those things, then what did it matter whether she did them or not?

You need to tell her that?

It was obvious that he was the gardener, as Xiao Qin had mentioned before. Although the two of them had never met each other before, and neither of them knew each other\'s identities, but judging from the man\'s attitude, he seemed to have a temper, and was not friendly at all.

Just as she was thinking in her heart, Sister-in-Law Wu walked in from the outside, in her hands was a pile of neatly folded children\'s clothes.

"Madam, Madame just went out. She seems to have arranged to meet someone for lunch. She won\'t be back until about noon. Sisters of Lotus went out with her. " Sister-in-Law Wu walked into the room, neatly placed the clothes inside the cabinet, and said to Luo Qing Yun.

"So, did they say when they\'d be back?" Luo Qing Yun asked.

Sister-in-Law Wu: "No, madam. Do you want to go out for a walk today?"

Luo Qing Yun thought for a while, then shook her head, "Forget it, I will just stay at home. Right, isn\'t Aunt looking for the kindergarten for me? "I wonder how the search went."

"Preschool? Mummy, am I going to kindergarten now? "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are there a lot of beautiful aunties in the kindergarten?" By the side, the group that was playing with the small train overheard the conversation between the two. They immediately raised their small heads and muttered to themselves as they looked at Luo Qing Yun.

"Squad, you\'re looking forward to going to kindergarten, aren\'t you?" Luo Qing Yun asked.

"Of course, it\'s so boring to face Mummy like this every day." As she spoke, she spread out her two small hands with an expression of helplessness.

"What you\'re saying is that when we get to the kindergarten, don\'t beg me not to send you there." Luo Qing Yun knew his son very well, he was definitely not the kind of child who would obediently go to kindergarten.

At the moment, he was only filled with anticipation towards kindergarten, and that was only because he was thinking about those beautiful young masters.

When she truly enters the kindergarten, she will know that the rules that have to be observed in there are definitely not something to look forward to for him.


In a high-class western restaurant in the center of the city.

Bai Ci Hui and Sisters of Lotus sat in a relatively quiet place, waiting for someone.

After a while, he saw a young girl that was bright and alluring walk in from the door and walk towards them.

"Auntie." When Zheng Bao Zhu saw Bai Ci Hui, her steps quickened by a little. Not long later, she ran over to their side and greeted them with a smile.

"The pearl is here, sit down." When Bai Ci Hui saw Zheng Bao Zhu, her face revealed a gentle smile, and indicated for her to sit.

Zheng Bao Zhu placed her bag on a seat to the side while she sat opposite of Bai Ci Hui.

At this time, the waiter came over with the menu, "Mrs. Su, may I ask if any of your people are here yet? Can we order now? "

"Mn, A Lian, I\'ll let you help me make my decision." As Bai Ci Hui said this, she looked at Zheng Bao Zhu again, "Jewel, order whatever you want to eat."

"I\'m fine with anything, just let Sisters of Lotus order for me." Zheng Bao Zhu said with a smile.

Hearing that, Sisters of Lotus nodded, and turned to order some dishes from the waiter.

Bai Ci Hui carefully looked at Zheng Bao Zhu who was sitting opposite of him, and said with heartfelt regret, "After a few days, the pearl is really more and more beautiful than ever."

"I don\'t have any. Auntie, you are the one. Every time I see you, I feel much younger than before. I really want to ask you for some maintenance tips." Zheng Bao Zhu praised with a flattering look all over his face.

"Look at this little mouth, why does she know how to speak?" "You are better than blue, in my opinion, you are even more capable of making people happy than your mother." Bai Ci Hui enjoyed it very much as she smiled, the fine lines at the corner of her eyes slowly rising along with it.

"Auntie, why are you free to invite me out for dinner today? Where\'s Brother Chen Hao? Why doesn\'t he come and accompany you? " As Zheng Bao Zhu said that, she glanced left and right, but she did not see Su Chen Hao\'s figure, so she asked.

"Looks like you still want to see your Brother Chen Hao more than you want to see me." Bai Ci Hui ridiculed her.