CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 275

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Chapter 275 - How could he disappear

When Su Chen Hao returned home, he saw Luo Qing Yun sitting at the door with an uneasy expression.

Seeing Su Chen Hao coming in, she immediately went forward and grabbed his hand, "How is it? Is your mother all right? "

"Don\'t worry, she\'s fine." Su Chen Hao patted her hand lightly and comforted her.

"It\'s all my fault. Chen Hao, I\'m really blaming myself. If I hadn\'t married Qi Ze out of impulse back then, we wouldn\'t have been so unacceptable today. " Luo Qing Yun was extremely vexed as she thought of her decision from the start.

Su Chen Hao reached out to hold her face, "Qingyun, listen up, don\'t bring up the things from the past. You didn\'t do anything wrong, and even if you did, I was the one who made the first mistake, causing you to misunderstand. Don\'t blame yourself, we still have a long way to go in the future, so the little difficulty before us is nothing. "

"Chen Hao, if your mother is unwilling to accept us, what should we do?" Luo Qing Yun asked with a face full of unease.

"It doesn\'t matter if she accepts it or not, as long as I recognize you as my, Su Chen Hao\'s, woman." His voice was very low, very gentle, comforting her.

When Luo Qing Yun heard this answer, she felt even more guilty.

If Su Chen Hao fell out with his mother because of her, how could she be at ease?

What should he do?

What should he do to make Bai Ci Hui accept her?

Huo Xi Wen\'s Engagement ceremony was just around the corner, everything was ready.

The servants of the Huo Family were all beaming with joy. The Mrs. Howe was also always smiling, as if he was very happy.

Only as the heroine of the Engagement ceremony, Huo Xi Wen looked worried.

That day, after meeting Fu Hui Hui, she had called him on the second day, wanting to inquire about her situation.

But the answer Su Chen Hao gave her was that he was also unable to contact Fu Mu Yun, and there was no news from Zhao Wei\'s side.

She wanted to tell Fu Hui Hui of her reply, but no one answered her call. She went to Fu Mu Yun\'s villa, but found out from the bodyguard that Fu Hui Hui was missing.

How could a perfectly fine man suddenly disappear?

She really couldn\'t understand.

Could it be that Fu Hui Hui took the chance to get rid of her bodyguard and slip away that day?

After all, it wasn\'t as if she hadn\'t done this sort of thing before, and had even used her.

But once she thought about how Fu Hui Hui should be worried about Fu Mu Yun right now, how could she have silently left without receiving any news?

Her heart began to feel slightly uneasy.

"Xi Wen, what are you thinking about?" Mrs. Howe saw that Huo Xi Wen was holding onto his gown to look at his expression, but his expression did not change as he asked.

Huo Xi Wen regained her senses when she heard his mother\'s voice, "Ah, it\'s nothing. Ma, is there anything you particularly want to go to? "

"Where do you particularly want to go? Why are you suddenly asking this? " Mrs. Howe was baffled by her question.

"I was thinking that you haven\'t traveled since my father died. "Why don\'t we take advantage of the fact that we can still walk around, go overseas and have a look?" Huo Xi Wen laughed.

When Mrs. Howe heard this, he reached out to scratch her nose, "Child, you\'re here, how can I be at ease to leave?"

"Aiya, it\'s just a trip, and it won\'t take long. It\'s only a month or two, to go for a walk in Europe. Isn\'t it good to go to the cathedral or something and enjoy the paintings and feel the charm of European classical art? " Huo Xi Wen suggested with all her might.

Mrs. Howe looked at her expression for a long time before she laughed and said, "Child, it\'s rare for you to have such a heart. Now that I think about it, it\'s better for me to go out and take a look."

"So you agree?" Huo Xi Wen did not expect her to let her go so easily, and immediately said happily.

"You are so filial. For my sake, how can I not agree?" However, your Engagement ceremony will be here in a few days, I will have to participate in your Engagement ceremony at least before I leave. " Mrs. Howe said.

"Why, it\'s just a betrothal, not a wedding. "Mom, I heard that there\'s a very high quality arts group recently, and they\'re heading for Europe. I can help you contact them and ask you to go with those great artists to enjoy European art. How about that?" Huo Xi Wen was tempted again at this time.

Actually, until now, Mrs. Howe had already understood her intentions.

She knew her daughter was trying to push her away.

It was just that she was not clear what Huo Xi Wen was planning or whether this plan contained any risks.

"Mummy, what do you think?" Huo Xi Wen saw Mrs. Howe\'s thoughtful expression and asked.

"This... Let me think about it. " Mrs. Howe said.

"Then you have to hurry. They are preparing to leave in two days. Give me an answer tomorrow at the latest, will you? "

"Sure." Mrs. Howe nodded his head, and then picked up the gown in her hands, "Since the clothes are here, let\'s go upstairs and try it out. After all, he is a Engagement ceremony.

"Your daughter, why am I so beautiful?" Huo Xi Wen said, she blinked his eyes at her, then carried the dress upstairs.

After she left, Mrs. Howe got up and went to the garden outside. He took out his phone and dialed Su Chen Hao\'s number.

"Aunt Huo, what\'s the matter?" After the call connected, Su Chen Hao\'s low voice came out.

"Chen Hao, Xi Wen\'s Engagement ceremony is about to arrive. Let me ask you, are you confident about that?" Mrs. Howe asked.

"Don\'t worry, since I\'ve promised you, I will definitely settle this matter perfectly." Su Chen Hao said.

"Oh, that\'s good. Just now, Xi Wen asked me if I wanted to go on a trip. I was thinking that the boy was probably trying to get away from me. I don\'t know if she has any plans, but do you think I should agree or not? "

"Xi Wen probably told you to leave because he didn\'t want you to be held hostage by Zhang Jun Xian. I think that it is very possible that she reneged on her promise on the Engagement ceremony. Since it\'s like this, you just have to leave as far as possible, you can\'t let Zhang Jun Xian know. Anyways, I will take care of Zhang Jun Xian. You don\'t have to worry about Xi Wen\'s safety, I will send someone to protect her. "

"I am relieved to hear your words." Mrs. Howe was completely at ease now.

After confirming that Huo Xi Wen would not be in any danger, in order to not become a burden to her, she decided to go to Europe.

When Huo Xi Wen heard the news, she was overjoyed. She immediately contacted the Arts Group and made arrangements, waiting for the other party to send someone to pick her up at home tomorrow.

After separating from his mother, Huo Xi Wen no longer had any worries, and no longer had to worry about Zhang Jun Xian using her family to threaten her.

At this time, she had already made up her mind. On the night of their engagement, she had disappeared from the Huo Family, not allowing Zhang Jun Xian to find her.

Although it was a little unkind of him to do so, she felt very relieved when she thought about how Fu Mu Yun was the one who exposed her and failed to do so.

Time flew by quickly. After sending her mother off, she secretly had He Mei Xin help her book a plane ticket to America.

Since she could not contact Fu Mu Yun, she would personally go to the headquarters of the US anti-terrorist alliance to find him. She did not believe that she would not be able to find him.

In order to not arouse Zhang Jun Xian\'s suspicion, she had obediently fulfilled all of his requests.

Accompanying him to all sorts of public occasions, such as showing love, throwing dog food.

The day before the Engagement ceremony s, when everything was ready, Zhang Jun Xian suddenly came to Huo Family at eight in the evening.

In order to not let him know that her mother was already at home, she did not allow Zhang Jun Xian to enter the room. Instead, she made him wait outside while she rushed out to meet him.

After the two of them met, Zhang Jun Xian sat on the carriage and did not get off. Huo Xi Wen could only get on the carriage, "Why are you looking for me at this time?"

"Nothing, I\'m just checking to see if my future wife is home obediently." Zhang Jun Xian said with a faint smile.

"If you see it now, can you leave?" Huo Xi Wen knew that he was still worried about her, afraid that she would play some tricks. Fortunately, she had already expected this and didn\'t leave early.

"Why are you so anxious to get rid of me? I still have a present for you. " Zhang Jun Xian said as he took out his phone from his pocket, opened up a video and handed it over to her, "Have a good look."

Huo Xi Wen took the phone and opened up the playback button. When she saw the scene on the screen, she was completely shocked, "How could this be? What did you do to Hui Hui? How did you get hold of her? "

"Don\'t worry, I didn\'t abuse her. I only gave her some medicine to calm her down." Zhang Jun Xian said with a smile as he took the phone back.