CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 - Unable to persuade

Y City.

Two days later, the news of the marriage of Zhang Huo suddenly spread through the media.

The sudden news shocked everyone.

The most unbelievable was the General Manager of the Hauptverwaltungsgebaude, Mr. Huo Jia Bao.

When he saw this news on the news, without a word, he immediately rushed to Huo Family.

At this time, Huo Xi Wen had still not completely recovered from the journey in Africa. Seeing Huo Jia Bao\'s arrival, she was a little surprised.

"Why am I here? Why do you think I\'m here? Are you crazy? Back then, he had spent so much effort to distance himself from the Zhang Clan. What was going on now? You actually want to be engaged with Zhang Jun Xian? " Huo Jia Bao threw his phone at her. Luckily she caught it, or else he would have injured him.

Huo Xi Wen looked at the news on her phone, and her face revealed a wry smile, "He really can\'t wait to announce it to the public."

"What do you mean? Is this grandson speaking the truth? Are you really going to get engaged to him? " From her tone, it didn\'t seem to be a unilateral decision by Zhang Jun Xian.

"This is what I owe him. I must repay it." Huo Xi Wen looked in front of him with empty eyes and said softly.

"What do you owe him?" What do you owe him? Huo Xi Wen, did something happen between the two of you that I don\'t know about? " Huo Jia Bao asked hurriedly when she heard her tone of voice.

Just then, Mrs. Howe Zhou Wan Ru walked down from the stairs, and seeing Huo Jia Bao asking about Huo Xi Wen, she immediately went up and separated the two of them, "Jia Bao, how do you have time to come here? Xi Wen did not go to the company today. Is the company not busy? "

"Aunt, if I don\'t come soon, Xi Wen will put himself in a wolf\'s den." Huo Jia Bao knew that he could not accept Huo Xi Wen, so he turned to him and said.

He hoped that she would understand and stop Huo Xi Wen from doing this.

After Zhou Wan Ru heard these words, she looked at Huo Xi Wen with a baffled expression, "Xi Wen, what does Jia Bao mean by this? What did you do? "

"Mom, it\'s nothing, don\'t listen to your brother\'s nonsense. Previously, I had a misunderstanding with Zhang Jun Xian, which was why I wanted to sever our relationship. But now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, I decided to get engaged to him. Huo Xi Wen held back her tears and said.

Zhou Wan Ru also noticed that something was amiss with Huo Xi Wen recently, especially after the huge uproar caused by the previous explanation, the Zhang Family had practically cut off all relations with them. Now, they said that they were going to get engaged again, this was simply too strange.

Although she didn\'t know what these children were doing, she was still very worried. "Xi Wen, marriage is not a child\'s play. Have you really thought about it? Are you going to get engaged to a handsome man?"

Huo Xi Wen nodded and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying and comforted his mother: "Mom, don\'t you like Zhang Jun Xian a lot? I think he\'s good anywhere. Shouldn\'t you be happy that I\'m getting engaged to him right now? "

"Although I hope that you can get married, that is only if you are happy. If you choose to marry your mother just to please her, you don\'t have to. Although Mom is old, she\'s not stupid. " Zhou Wan Ru patted Huo Xi Wen\'s shoulder and said warmly.

"Aunt, I would never agree to let Xi Wen marry that brat surnamed Zhang. Let me tell you, that kid is very evil. He definitely has ill intentions when he wants to marry Xi Wen. " Huo Jia Bao said as he looked at the mother and daughter in front of him.

Huo Xi Wen looked up at him and sniffed, "Brother, you don\'t have to worry, I will give you the position of chairman and CEO before the engagement ceremony. After the engagement ceremony, I will no longer hold any positions in Hauptverwaltungsgebaude. This way, you won\'t have to worry that Zhang Jun Xian will take advantage of Hauptmann\'s because of me. "

"What did you say?" Girl, are you crazy? You actually abandoned the Hauptmann\'s just for a Zhang Jun Xian. What exactly did he give you to drink? " Huo Jia Bao never thought that Huo Xi Wen would actually make such a decision, which made him incredibly shocked.

Towards Huo Jia Bao\'s shocked expression, she laughed bitterly, "Bro, didn\'t you always want to drive me down from this position? Now that I\'m giving you my hand, shouldn\'t you be happy? "

"Who asked you to give it up? Do you think everyone would want to become a CEO? " Huo Jia Bao rolled his eyes at her.

"Regardless of whether you care or not, I will give you this position. When father handed the company to me, he already knew that I alone wouldn\'t have the ability to manage the company well. That\'s why he allowed me to marry Big Brother Chen, let him help me get on the throne, and even gain a foothold in the company. Ever since I divorced the Big Brother Chen, I know that the company\'s normal operations were all thanks to you and the company\'s elders. I didn\'t do too much. The reason I was able to become CEO was only because I was Father\'s daughter. If not for your help, I wouldn\'t be able to continue on my own. So, it\'s more important than anything to hand over the company to you so that your dad\'s hard work can have a good inheritance. As the descendant of the Hauptmann\'s, it\'s your responsibility to manage our family\'s business, right? "

Huo Xi Wen said a long sentence. She would never say such words in the past.

Her pride did not allow her to say such words.

But now, she had been defeated by someone, and Zhang Jun Xian had already defeated her. If she did not give up her position, it was very likely that the Hauptverwaltungsgebaude would be swallowed along with her.

She had thought that the reason why Zhang Jun Xian was so persistent towards her, was probably because he had come to the Hauptmann\'s.

"Xi Wen, you … Have you really thought it through? " Zhou Wan Ru felt a little uncomfortable when she saw his daughter easily giving up the position that she had spent so much effort to get.

Huo Xi Wen knew that Zhou Wan Ru was worrying about something, so she hugged her and leaned her face on her shoulder, "Mom, don\'t worry, your brother will manage the company well. He\'s not as bad as we think. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have come over to stop me from marrying Zhang Jun Xian. "

"Who said that? Huo Xi Wen, if you dare hand over the company to me, when the time comes, I\'ll see how you explain it to your father. " Huo Jia Bao threatened her.

"Brother, you won\'t." However, Huo Xi Wen understood him. This guy had always been cold on the surface but had always been opposing her at all times, but in reality, he was thinking for her sake.

Seeing Huo Xi Wen like this, Zhou Wan Ru couldn\'t help but be worried.

She knew that her daughter must have encountered great difficulties to have no choice but to take this step.

Something had to be done to stop her.

After Huo Jia Bao left, because he was too worried and dispirited, Zhou Wan Ru coaxed her upstairs to rest before returning to his room. She picked up the phone and dialed a number.

The call was to Howe Tin Group.

The person who answered the phone was Qiu Ye, "Hello, may I know who it is?"

"Qiu Assistant? I am Xi Wen\'s mother, may I ask if Chen Hao is here? Is it convenient to let him answer the phone? "

"It\'s the Mrs. Howe. Hello, the CEO isn\'t in his office right now. If you have anything to say, I\'ll pass it on to him." When Qiu Ye heard Zhou Wan Ru\'s voice, her tone immediately became respectful.

"Okay, tell him for me that I have something important to see him about. I want him to find some time tonight to meet me." Zhou Wan Ru said.

"Okay, I\'ll tell him." Qiu Ye promised. After Zhou Wan Ru hung up the phone, he slowly put down the phone.

After 10 minutes or so, Su Chen Hao walked in from outside and told him about Zhou Wan Ru\'s call. Upon hearing that, Su Chen Hao\'s expression became serious, "Did she say anything?"

"I didn\'t say, but, I think, it is very possible that I am looking for you regarding the engagement ceremony between Miss Huo and Zhang Jun Xian." Qiu Ye guessed.

"That should be it. It seems that there is no other way for her to find me." Have you done all the things I told you to do? " Su Chen Hao asked.

Qiu Ye nodded, "It\'s done, don\'t worry, there won\'t be any problems."