CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 257

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Chapter 257 - Engagement with him

"You have such a fiery temper. This isn\'t good, it\'s too unladylike. How can you enter my Zhang Clan in the future? How can you be my Zhang Clan\'s Young Lady?" Zhang Jun Xian grabbed her hand, shook his head, and said.

"Dream on for a long time. I will not enter your Zhang Clan." Huo Xi Wen struggled with all his might, wanting to pull his hand out of Su Yun\'s grasp.

However, she could not pull back even after using all her strength for half a day. In the end, it was Zhang Jun Xian who took the initiative to let go, allowing her to regain her freedom.

"Fu Mu Yun has disappeared for the past few days, do you not miss him?" At this time, Zhang Jun Xian sat up straight, his fingers unintentionally pushing the screen of the iPad as he said indifferently.

Huo Xi Wen was startled when she heard him mention the name "Fu Mu Yun." She was about to say something when she heard Zhang Jun Xian, "Are you still not going to take off the monitoring device on your body?"

At this time, Huo Xi Wen could no longer care about anything else. Her intuition told her that Zhang Jun Xian had news about Fu Mu Yun.

Lifting her hand, she took off the mini surveillance device from her shirt and placed it on the tea table. She asked, "Do you know where he is now?"

Zhang Jun Xian casually picked up the monitoring device, and with a slight force of his two fingers, the device was crushed into pieces, and the signal was cut off completely.

"Of course I know. Not only do I know where he is now, I also know his identity as a counterterrorism investigator. Do you know, his life is in my hands now." Zhang Jun Xian said as he opened up a video from the iPad and placed it in front of her for her to watch.

Huo Xi Wen took the iPad, and with a trembling little hand, she opened up the playback button. She saw the bloodied Fu Mu Yun hung on a pillar, her face was no longer recognizable, and her body was riddled with wounds.

"Speaking of which, your beloved is really capable. She came from the underworld and ended up in the upper echelons of the international anti-terrorism alliance. Do you know how many terrorist organizations this guy has destroyed? Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder so many people wanted his life. "Like I said, he\'s just the adopted son of the head of the underworld. How did he manage to get himself into his current state? It turns out he has the backing of an official …" Zhang Jun Xian was still using a weird tone to explain Fu Mu Yun\'s background.

At this time, Huo Xi Wen\'s entire being had completely collapsed, and her tears that were as big as beans uncontrollably fell down, dripping onto the screen.

"Save him, please, save him …" "No matter what you want me to do, I\'ll promise you. As long as you can save him …" She rose from the sofa and stood in front of him, her voice choked with entreaty.

Just at this moment, the doors to the presidential suite was smashed open by someone. Huo Jia Bao rushed in with a group of police officers, led by Lin Ping, and walked in front of Zhang Jun Xian, "Mr. Zhang, you are suspected of kidnapping and are threatening others.

"Kidnapping? Didn\'t I just tell you? It was just a video of a prank. Didn\'t you call the kidnapped lady to confirm it? " Zhang Jun Xian had a disapproving smile on his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

At this time, a police officer walked in from outside and whispered into Lin Ping\'s ear, "Boss, the police officers from He Mei Xin District have been to her house to confirm that she is indeed resting at home. The cell phone is not connected because there is no more electricity, it is charging right now."

"Did you hear that? I told you I didn\'t kidnap her, why didn\'t you believe me? " Zhang Jun Xian said, while shaking his head: "If you guys didn\'t investigate thoroughly, then you would have sent out so many people just like that, is this a waste of the police force?"

"You didn\'t kidnap them, but you sent the kidnapping photos to the Miss Huo, which is enough to threaten them. You still have to come with us. " Lin Ping said with a serious expression.

Hearing that, Zhang Jun Xian turned to look at Huo Xi Wen, "Oh Xi Wen, quickly tell this police officer, am I threatening you? Don\'t let them misunderstand. "

At this time, Huo Xi Wen stood up from the ground, she raised her hand to wipe the tears off her face and pretended to be calm: "Officer Lin, I\'m sorry, this is a misunderstanding, sorry to trouble you."

"Misunderstanding? Didn\'t you get the photo? "Take it out, I must take this grandson away today." Huo Jia Bao\'s violent temper surfaced all of a sudden. He rolled up his sleeves and was about to do it himself.

"Brother, take them with you, I beg of you. Don\'t pursue this matter anymore. " Huo Xi Wen shouted loudly at this time, as tears once again flowed uncontrollably.

Huo Jia Bao had never seen her lose control over her emotions before, hence he was momentarily frightened. What\'s the matter with you? Did he do something to you? "

"I\'m fine. Bro, listen to me. You guys leave first. I have something to talk about with Mr. Zhang." Huo Xi Wen did not want them to know too much, so she immediately shook her head.

"What do you want to talk about? What do you have to say to him? "Come, come home with me." How could Huo Jia Bao be at ease here by himself? He immediately went up and pulled her wrist to walk out.

However, Huo Xi Wen had no choice but to break free of his grasp, and looked at him imploringly, "Brother, I can\'t leave, you don\'t need to worry about me, you go first, I have something important to tell him."

"You …" Huo Jia Bao was so angry by her, he wondered what the hell was going on with this girl, how did he suddenly change his expression?

"Let\'s go, I\'m begging you, okay?" Huo Xi Wen was worried about Fu Mu Yun, she just wanted them to disappear quickly.

Huo Jia Bao felt that he treated his good intentions as nothing, and was extremely angry in his heart, he waved his hand, and turned to leave, "Hmph, I don\'t want to bother with you anymore."

At this time, everyone followed Huo Jia Bao and left the hotel. When the door closed again, the bustling room instantly quieted down.

Huo Xi Wen raised her head to look at Zhang Jun Xian, "Tell me, what do you need in order for you to be willing to help me save Mu Yun?"

"Xi Wen, do you know that my mother and grandmother have been in a very bad mood these days because of your willful declaration?" Zhang Jun Xian looked up, a pair of long and narrow eyes staring fixedly at her face, and said.

Huo Xi Wen knew that he was trying to find him to settle the score, "I have not thought over that matter clearly, and have done the wrong thing. I\'ll be in the papers right away and apologize to you and your family. "

"Apologize? That is not necessary, but since you have such a realization, how about you sign in with the news of your engagement with me? " Zhang Jun Xian said as he looked at her with a smile.

"Wh …" What? Engagement? " After Huo Xi Wen heard this, her expression froze.

"Yeah, compared to apologizing, isn\'t getting engaged to me more persuasive? If so, doesn\'t that declaration of yours become invalid? "Our Zhang Family\'s reputation will finally return."

"But …" If they were to be engaged to Zhang Jun Xian, the Zhang Family would gain a lot of face, but wouldn\'t this mean that the Huo Family had slapped his own face?

He had just announced that he would break off all relations with the Zhang Clan, and now that they said they were going to get engaged, how could the outside world guess their relationship?

Besides, was getting engaged a child\'s play?

"It looks like you don\'t really want to get along with Fu Mu Yun either." Zhang Jun Xian did not force her, and only spoke slowly.

"No …" Please, you must save him. I promise you, I will be betrothed to you as long as you can save him. " When he thought about how Fu Mu Yun was beaten up like that, Huo Xi Wen felt a pain in her heart. As long as he could save Fu Mu Yun, she would pay any price.