CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 252

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Chapter 252 - True Face

"Miss, how could it be Mr. Zhang? Of course it\'s your boyfriend." As she spoke, she laughed.

Hearing this, Huo Xi Wen\'s heart could not help but thump.

Zhang Jun Xian, why is he here?

Didn\'t he just say that he would respect her choice?

Why did he come to her house now?

Hearing that Zhang Jun Xian had arrived, Zhou Wan Ru immediately stood up from the reclining chair, and patted Huo Xi Wen\'s shoulder, "Xi Wen, why aren\'t you getting up."

Only then did Huo Xi Wen slowly stand up and follow behind Zhou Wan Ru. The mother and daughter pair walked into the house.

walked into the living room and immediately saw Zhang Jun Xian sitting on the sofa. The servant served tea and in front of him laid an enormous bouquet of fiery red roses, which looked like 999 flowers in the legends.

Seeing Huo Xi Wen and Zhou Wan Ru, Zhang Jun Xian immediately got up, "Aunt, Xi Wen."

"Why are you here?" Huo Xi Wen looked at him with a somewhat unhappy expression.

"Ah, you\'re handsome. Xi Wen just told me that you guys …" Zhou Wan Ru was just about to ask Zhang Jun Xian to confirm his words.

"Aunty, it\'s my fault. I accidentally made XIwen angry. Don\'t be angry, XIwen\'s words, please don\'t take them to heart." Zhang Jun Xian didn\'t wait for Zhou Wan Ru to finish speaking and directly interrupted him.

After Huo Xi Wen heard this, her expression instantly changed. "Zhang Jun Xian, what do you mean by this? Didn\'t we agree … "

Xi Wen, I know I was wrong, can you not be angry at me again? Even if you want to be angry, just don\'t let Auntie worry about us, okay? There are some things that we can settle privately. " Zhang Jun Xian said in a meek tone.

In Zhou Wan Ru\'s eyes, it was as if the two children were fighting over something, and thus, she treated Huo Xi Wen\'s words from before as words of anger. She grabbed Huo Xi Wen\'s hand and patted it lightly, consoling him, "Alright, Xi Wen, since Junxian admitted his wrongs to you, don\'t be too willful. Talk to him. "

"Mom, it\'s not like that. Don\'t listen to his nonsense." Huo Xi Wen panicked. She realized that whatever she said now, she wouldn\'t be able to gain her mother\'s trust.

Zhang Jun Xian was a person who knew how to scheme too much. He had probably already thought about how to deal with this day.

"Xi Wen, I promise you that I will never make you angry again. Whatever you say will be the truth." Zhang Jun Xian saw that the Mrs. Howe had basically already stood by his side, and took the chance to strike the iron while it was still hot.

Huo Xi Wen knew that no matter what she said, her mother would only think that they were just a couple quarrelling.

In order to resolve this issue, he still had to discuss it with Zhang Jun Xian.

Taking a deep breath, she looked up at Zhang Jun Xian. "You follow me upstairs, we\'ll talk alone."

"Alright." Zhang Jun Xian had a fawning smile on his face as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Xi Wen, if you have something to say, then say it nicely. Talk to Jing Xian, don\'t lose your temper, do you understand?" Zhou Wan Ru worriedly told her daughter.

After Huo Xi Wen heard this, the only thing she wanted to do was to slap herself.

Who told her to be so impulsive when she agreed to Zhang Jun Xian\'s suggestion? Now that had turned this guy into a piece of tofu, she wouldn\'t be able to get rid of him.

She went straight to her own room. Zhang Jun Xian followed behind her and went in as well.

Closing the door, Huo Xi Wen turned her head to look at Zhang Jun Xian. There was a trace of anger in her eyes, "Zhang Jun Xian, what are you trying to say? Didn\'t you say that you would respect my choice? "Why did you come to my house now and make my mother misunderstand us?"

Zhang Jun Xian did not immediately answer her question, but strutted over to her bedside and sat down on the pink bedsheet, "I didn\'t think that your room would look so pink and tender.

"I\'m talking to you, get up. Don\'t sit on my bed." Seeing his sloppy attitude, Huo Xi Wen became even angrier. She reached out to pull his sleeve, wanting to pull him up from the bed.

However, it was still good that she didn\'t get close to him. Not only did she not pull him up from the bed, but he also pushed her down onto the bed and pressed her down.

"What are you doing?" "Let me go." Huo Xi Wen glared at him angrily.

Zhang Jun Xian reached out his hand, swiped his long index finger across her face, and shook his head. "Look at you, you\'re not cute at all."

"Don\'t touch me." Huo Xi Wen tilted his head to the side in disgust, not willing to look at him either.

"I won\'t touch you?" How can that be? You\'re my girlfriend now. " Zhang Jun Xian said, his face revealing a sinister smile that could chill the heart.

Lowering his head, he moved his lips close to her ear and said in a low voice, "Don\'t you know that from the day you agreed to be my girlfriend, I\'ve been taking it seriously?"

Huo Xi Wen heard this and immediately felt like she was on a pirate ship, "What do you mean by that? "Could it be that you\'ve already harbored ill intentions towards me?"

"Bad intentions? What a terrible thing to say. Tell me, you are so beautiful, your family background is so good, and you didn\'t want to have a girlfriend like me. Where do I go to find a second young miss of the Huo Family? " At this time, Zhang Jun Xian had already completely torn off the disguise on his face, revealing his true appearance.

Yes, she had been his target since their first meeting.

"You\'re shameless. Let me go." Huo Xi Wen scolded and began to struggle.

"Xi Wen, don\'t you understand? Even if I let you go, you won\'t be able to run away. " Zhang Jun Xian said, his lips pressing against her cheeks as he forcefully kissed her, "You are my, Zhang Jun Xian\'s, woman, and this is something that the entire nation and even your mother acknowledge."

"Shut up, I\'m not. "My mom was just tricked by you." Huo Xi Wen clenched her teeth and said.

"Wrong, I didn\'t trick her, she was tricked by us. But now we don\'t have to lie to her. We just have to be honest with this lie. " Zhang Jun Xian said as he stood up and released her.

Huo Xi Wen immediately stood up from the bed, her body continuously retreated a few steps as she pulled a safe distance away from him. Her pair of beautiful big eyes stared at him with fury and humiliation, "Zhang Jun Xian, this is my house, my chassis. Don\'t you think you\'re being too presumptuous? Do you know that if I scream, you\'ll be thrown out immediately. "

"Xi Wen, don\'t scare me like that. If you wanted to scream, you would have done so earlier. Oh right, since you have suddenly changed your mind and do not want to continue pretending to be a couple with me, it should be Fu Mu Yun that said something to you, could it be that he did not tell you my true identity? " Zhang Jun Xian sat on the bed, crossed his legs, and had a fearless expression.

"Real identity?" When Huo Xi Wen heard these three words, her expression froze.

"It looks like he hasn\'t told you yet, so you must not know what kind of business he\'s doing behind his back." Seeing Huo Xi Wen\'s frozen expression, Zhang Jun Xian\'s tone became more playful.

"What kind of business?" Huo Xi Wen immediately asked.

At this time, Zhang Jun Xian laughed loudly, "You want to know, but I don\'t want to tell you right now. However, there is one thing I want you to understand. I have no bottom line when doing things, so you better not anger me. Otherwise, I can\'t guarantee that your family will encounter any accidents in the coming days. "

"Are you threatening me?" After Huo Xi Wen heard this, her expression suddenly turned cold.