CEO's Secret Lover - Chapter 250

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Chapter 250 - Life-threatening

This sudden change of events gave the people in the carriage a fright, especially Zhao Wei, whose bullets were almost flying right in front of him, if not for the bulletproof glass in front of him, he would probably be dead by now.

"What just happened?" Huo Xi Wen heard the sound of bullets hitting the glass, but they were simply too fast for her to see clearly.

Without saying a word, Fu Mu Yun immediately reached out and pressed her body down on her lap, telling her to lie on the ground, "Xi Wen, be good and don\'t move recklessly."

"Boss, it\'s a sniper." It looks like it\'s in the building up ahead. " Zhao Wei steadied the car while supporting himself with the steering wheel, and said.

At this moment, one of the two business vehicles behind them sped up and arrived in front of them.

A few more bangs followed, hitting the front windshield and then the car tires.

The tire seemed to have been broken, and the car started to move towards the left uncontrollably. Luckily, Zhao Wei reacted quickly and released the throttle of the car, allowing his hands to tightly grip the steering wheel so that the car wouldn\'t crash into the car beside him.

Because of the continuous attacks on the car, they had to stop.

Zhao Wei opened the box in front of the car and took out two handguns from within. One of the handguns was tossed to Fu Mu Yun: "Boss, they don\'t seem to be the same person.

"No matter who it is, the other side is after me. You go cover XIwen and go to the car in the back, I\'ll go in front." Fu Mu Yun quickly loaded the gun and pulled the safety.

Huo Xi Wen was already completely dumbstruck. Appearing next to him with the plot of the movie was just too scary.

When she saw Zhao Wei getting off the car, she suddenly reacted and grabbed Fu Mu Yun\'s arm, "I\'m not going with him, I want to be with you."

"Be obedient, follow Zhao Wei, I will be fine." Fu Mu Yun comforted her with a gentle tone.

"I\'m afraid …" Huo Xi Wen\'s voice trembled a little as tears welled up in his eyes.

"I know, but you must go with him now. He will protect you." Fu Mu Yun said as he pulled her hand away from his arm and pushed her towards the door.

"Don\'t …" Huo Xi Wen screamed and fell out of the carriage.

Just as she got out of the car, several more bullets flew in from the front and hit the rearview mirror.

Huo Xi Wen was so scared that her legs turned soft. Seeing that, Zhao Wei had no choice but to carry her and under the protection of Group B bodyguards, they went back to the car in the back.

After getting on the car, she couldn\'t help but tremble as her eyes stared straight ahead.

"Turn around, let\'s go the other way." Zhao Wei ordered the driver.

The driver, on receiving the order, quickly turned the car around, ready to leave.

Seeing that, Huo Xi Wen immediately shouted: "What about Fu Mu Yun? Are we going to leave them? "

"Don\'t worry, the boss has Team A\'s protection. He\'ll be fine. The other side doesn\'t have many people. They\'re just hiding in the shadows. We can\'t deal with them." Zhao Wei explained.

"Is he really going to be okay?" Huo Xi Wen was worried.

"Even if you don\'t trust me, you should trust the boss." Zhao Wei said, he turned to look at the bodyguard, "Have you called the police?"

"Yes, the police will be there in ten minutes." answered the bodyguard.

"Ten minutes is enough." Zhao Wei muttered to himself.

Huo Xi Wen held onto the hem of her skirt tightly with both hands, her slender knuckles turning slightly white, her teeth biting on her lower lip, and her face completely pale.

At this moment, she suddenly understood why Fu Mu Yun was so determined to push her away.

It turned out that the danger he was talking about actually existed. Not only that, it could happen at any time around them.

In her lingering fear, she became even more worried and distressed towards Fu Mu Yun.

No wonder he stayed up at three in the morning, standing on the balcony smoking.

If it was her, she probably wouldn\'t be able to sleep at all.

The carriage left the main road and took the other road to bring Huo Xi Wen home. As it approached his house, Huo Xi Wen was unwilling to get off the carriage, "I want to go to Fu Mu Yun\'s house, can I go there? I need to see him back safely. "

"This... "Without the boss\' orders, we don\'t dare to make our own decisions." Zhao Wei said, looking a little troubled.

"No, I have to go. If you don\'t take me with you, I\'ll drive over myself later. If you don\'t let me in, I\'ll guard the door." Huo Xi Wen insisted.

"Miss Huo, after today, do you still not understand how dangerous this is?" Zhao Wei did not understand, if a normal person met with this kind of situation, they would only want to stay far away from them and hide in the safest place, what was wrong with this girl?

"I understand. It is precisely because I understand that I want to personally verify his safety. Don\'t worry, I will only wait for his return. When I see that he is safe and sound, I will leave. I won\'t stay there. " Huo Xi Wen raised her hand and swore to the heavens.

"…" The bodyguards in the car were silent. They did not have any right to speak on this matter.

"Forget it. If the boss wants to curse, then curse." Zhao Wei couldn\'t refuse her, so he made up his mind and instructed the driver to drive.

The car turned immediately and came out from Area C, heading towards Area A, where Fu Mu Yun\'s villa was.

Soon enough, they reached their destination. Huo Xi Wen got off the car and followed Zhao Wei into the villa.

Fu Hui Hui was having a hard time at home, and when she saw Huo Xi Wen\'s arrival, she was pleasantly surprised. She was extremely excited as she hugged her and spun around, "Xi Wen, why are you here? Did you come to see me? Do you miss me? "I miss you, but if my brother doesn\'t want me to contact you, I wouldn\'t dare to call you …"

She spoke for a long time in one breath, causing Huo Xi Wen to lose consciousness. She stopped and said, "Alright, Hui Hui, I\'m dizzy, let\'s sit down and talk."

"Oh right, why did you come with Zhao Wei? Where\'s my brother? Does he know you\'re here? " Only now did Fu Hui Hui remember that he did not see his live Big Brother Hades.

"Your brother, he …" Huo Xi Wen didn\'t dare to tell Fu Hui Hui about the danger they were in on the way, lest she was worried. Thus, she turned around and said to Zhao Wei, "Assistant Zhao, it\'s better if you quickly give Fu Mu Yun a call."

Zhao Wei understood, she wanted to confirm Fu Mu Yun\'s safety on the phone, so he nodded, walked to the side of the hall, and called.

"Xi Wen, where did you come from if you\'re dressed like this?" At this time, Fu Hui Hui realized that Huo Xi Wen was dressed very grandly today. This was completely different from her usual style of dressing as a strong woman.

"I went out to socialize today." Huo Xi Wen answered, but his eyes kept looking at Zhao Wei who was making a phone call. Seeing him say a few words, he suddenly ended the call and walked towards the door in a hurry.

"Zhao Wei, what\'s wrong?" When Huo Xi Wen saw his heavy expression, an ominous premonition arose in her heart, and she hurriedly followed him out.

"Xi Wen, where are you going?" Seeing that, Fu Hui Hui extended his hand to pull her.

"Hui Hui, wait a moment …" Huo Xi Wen lightly patted Fu Hui Hui\'s hand, and got rid of her hand, just as she was about to follow Zhao Wei.

But by the time she reached the door, Zhao Wei had already walked to the garage and was preparing to get in.

"Zhao Wei, where are you going?" She could only loudly ask as he chased after him.