Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 987 - Scorpion Colony Invading (3)

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Chapter 987: Scorpion Colony Invading (3)

Saint Zachary’s body sank halfway into the sand. However, the one in danger wasn’t him, but Curtis.

Saint Zachary’s scorpion tail dodged the snake tail and then rose from the side. After Curtis slapped down, and in the time he raised it, Saint Zachary’s raised tail spike high and counter pierced toward the snake tail.

“Roar!” With a leap, Winston dashed toward the scorpion tail, knocking it a bit off course, brushing past Curtis’s skin and missing him.

Curtis rapidly moved his tail away, and Saint Zachary also crawled out from the sand.

In the time for a few breaths, a number of the three-striped beastmen Winston brought had died. Winston immediately drove the rest of the three-striped beastmen away as if they no longer cared for their lives and stayed there by himself to help.

Scorpion beastmen were vicious and held grudges. Winston caused Saint Zachary to lose the chance to attack Curtis, so he changed his direction and attacked Winston instead.

Winston was too close. That poisonous tail spike pierced toward his head, and it looked as if he wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

That poisonous spike reflected a glow similar to that of metal under the sunlight. Its toughness also didn’t seem to be any lower than armor.

Even if he dodged, he would still be hit for sure. It remained unknown if the armor could block off the poisonous spike. He could only leave things to fate.

In that quick moment, Winston decided to not retreat but to attack instead. His hind legs kicked out, and he charged straight for the scorpion tail.

Saint Zachary was surprised, but then he felt admiration for this tiger beastman’s courage at the same time. Those who could reach the level of a king beastman mustn’t be underestimated.

Winston’s leap caused the speed of the poisonous spike attack to be further shortened. It was coming at almost the next second. However, as Winston gained the initiative, Saint Zachary was caught unaware and his reaction couldn’t keep up. Winston turned his head and dangerously avoided the poisonous spike.

His body jumped past while brushing against the scorpion tail, landing on the other side of the huge scorpion. Remnants of the piercing sound from the metal getting scratched in the air could still be heard.

Winston landed on the sand gracefully, not daring to stop at all, and ran for several tens of meters before coming to a stop.

He turned his head and saw a slit several inches long scratched on the armor protecting the side of his waist. Some hints of dark green venom could be seen on it.

That was close. If he stayed on the spot and dodged from there, his life would be over.

There was no way he would be able to withstand the venom of a beastman on a higher level.

Only Saint Zachary was left on the battlefield. Curtis and Muir moved around while Winston was planning to run over again to help out. Saint Zachary suddenly sank into the sand.

Not long later, he disappeared into the desert.

Winston ran over quickly and took a look at the spot where Saint Zachary had disappeared. He removed his armor, turned into his human form, and said, “He ran?”

Curtis’s body fell limp. He turned into his human form, his countenance looking terrifyingly pale, but he didn’t have any injuries.

Muir’s body was covered in wounds, both from pincers and cuts. He looked as if he had crawled out from a pool of blood, and only his eyes still maintained their pitch-black color.

Winston was amazed and secretly felt admiration for him.

Each of his injuries looked extremely vicious. The reason he could keep on emerging victorious amidst the dangers wasn’t just because of luck. It also required courage and intelligence.

Curtis took a look at Muir, then suddenly said, “Saint Zachary only used poison spike when dealing with me, but he used all sorts of attacks against Muir. It seems that he wants to catch me alive.”

“Catch you alive. Then, he wants to catch Qingqing…” Winston frowned. “What does he want to do?”

A battle lured many animals that liked to feast on corpses, such as vultures. The desert became lively once again.

Winston got beastmen to clean up the battlefield, finding the male beastmen from their side who had died in battle.

The scorpion beastmen suffered great casualties, but they had also paid the price of 30 to 40 males.