Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 986 - Scorpion Colony Invading (2)

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Chapter 986: Scorpion Colony Invading (2)

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Curtis and Muir had no choice but to work together in order to help themselves. If Saint Zachary wanted to kill one of them, the other would come and make trouble. This allowed them to drag on the battle in a battered state till now.

The morning sun dyed the clouds as well as the endless desert in red. It also cast a layer of blood-red color onto the black battlefield that was covered in blue blood.

Mitchell had broken free from Winston’s entanglement. He stood in a high place and looked around. All the scorpion beastmen’s remnants all over the ground painted a ghastly sight.

He emitted a strong cooling vibe. Due to his father’s selfishness, their tribe was at the risk of being wiped out. Even a cold-blooded person like him couldn’t take this.

Seeing that their side was about to be completely wiped out soon, Mitchell could only take things into his own hands, ordering the remaining scorpion beastmen to slip into the desert.

The scorpion beastmen who had managed to hang on till now were only 20% to 30% of the number who had come. However, all of them were elites, and the beastmen couldn’t do things as easily as in the beginning. They’d also get hurt if they didn’t pay attention.

The one-sided massacre stopped. Now, it was time for them to go head-on for each other.

However, at this moment, the scorpion beastmen scattered.

The lumps of black dots sank into the desert, and the number of black dots on the surface became a little fainter. However, there were more of them on the outside, unable to move forever.

The ones still moving were just the many silver-armored ferocious beasts.

This battle could be said to be a complete victory. Winston let out a roar in agitation, emitting strong hot-blooded feelings from his voice.

The horde of beastmen was howled away crazily.

After they vented their common feelings, Winston looked toward the intense battle on Curtis’s side, his gaze solemn.

In the end, he picked out all the three-striped beastmen present, leading close to 50 of them to offer reinforcement.

Curtis’s vision was the widest. He was the first to notice Winston’s actions, but his feelings didn’t go through any fluctuations.

Winston’s decision was a great error. If it was a group of four-striped beastmen, they might still be able to put up a fight against Saint Zachary somehow. Bringing three-striped beastmen to the battle would just be courting death.

It was like how he had dealt with the mermen back then. Even when the entire tribe was up against Saint Zachary, even if they were wearing armor, they’d only be able to suffer casualties on both sides at most.

The metal tools were sturdy, but even he was able to break them easily. Saint Zachary would definitely be able to do it as well.

Curtis was cold by nature and didn’t care for other beastmen’s lives. He might be able to find a chance to attack when Saint Zachary was harvesting the other lives.

The group of beastmen led by Winston surrounded Saint Zachary. Saint Zachary had eyes on all three directions of his body, and they soon realized that the situation had changed.

Saint Zachary paid no heed to them. The six eyes on his side staring on both sides also emitted slight contempt.


The beastmen’s eyes were red from all the killing. There was no need for Winston to give the command, and all of them bit out toward the huge scorpion in the middle in unison. Some of them targeted his legs, some of them climbed up onto the scorpion’s back.

An experienced leopard beastman charged at the very front, biting onto one of the scorpion’s legs.


A crisp sound rang out from his mouth, but he didn’t manage to crush the scorpion leg. Instead, his fangs broke.

Saint Zachary raised his leg and sent the leopard beastman flying. When he placed his leg down, he made use of the momentum to hit the tiger beastman at one side that was about to bite out at his other leg. He instantly pressed the tiger beastman into the sand.

Another one was even more unlucky. The beastman dashed up in front of Saint Zachary, and he clamped out at him with his pincer, breaking the ferocious beast entirely at the waist with armor and all. A piercing cracking sound rang out and blood spurted out.

When Saint Zachary was dealing with the others, Curtis took the opportunity to slap out at his pincer with his tail, attempting to break it.

Saint Zachary’s speed was slow, but that didn’t mean his reaction speed was slow. His tail moved to the side, dodging the attack, only letting Curtis’s tail hit his back.