Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 977 - The King Returns

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Chapter 977: The King Returns

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“Even if you tell me, I wouldn’t know the person.”

Molly said with certainty, “You definitely know her!”

Bai Qingqing’s interest was piqued. She didn’t know many females, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Who is it?”

“Becky.” As Molly said this, she let out an almost unnoticeable sigh.

There were only several tens of females in the village back then. Becky and she were of the same age, but Becky had a lot fewer suitors. Now that there were close to 200 females, Becky became the most popular one instead. Things in life were really unexpected.

Bai Qingqing first felt stunned. Becky was only considered slightly above average in the beastman world. She was a far cry from Molly.

However, she soon understood. It was because Becky had a strong reliance on her mate. Many males must be envious of how clingy she was toward him.

“Then, has she accepted new mates?” Bai Qingqing asked.

Molly nodded. “She has five males now, and all of them are three-striped beastmen. They’re also strong ones amongst all the three-striped beastmen.”

Bai Qingqing gasped at Becky’s speed. She couldn’t help but feel worried for Becky’s first partner.

He was used to enjoying Becky’s reliance, but now, he suddenly had to share it with four others. He definitely wouldn’t feel happy about this. Having lost something after getting it was far more painful than not having it before.

Bai Qingqing then asked, “What about you?”

Molly deflated. “One and a half.”

“Hmmm?” Bai Qingqing looked at her with raised brows. “You said that you wanted to pick your mates properly, and it’s normal for the speed to be slow. But what’s with that half?”

Could it be that things with Alva weren’t conclusive yet? Bai Qingqing looked at her with a gossipy gaze.

Molly pouted, feigning disdain. Her slightly creased chin showed a few hints of grievance. “He’s my mate just in name. It’s good enough to consider him as half.”

He was only considered half. This meant that she had admitted Alva’s identity, but didn’t complete the… cough, mating process after all this time. Even Bai Qingqing felt anxious for them.

If she was Alva, she would care less and just pounce on her.

Wasn’t it a useless torment to drag things out like this?

However, after going through the episode of matchmaking for Bluepool, she swore never to interfere with other people’s love matters anymore. Let them drag it out themselves, then.

The females would stay in the Flos Eriocauli field for the whole day, only returning when it was time for dinner. Bai Qingqing couldn’t hold on for so long and left at noon.

Three days later, Parker, Winston, and Muir finally arrived at the village as well.

Winston was the king of the tribe. When he returned, a huge commotion broke out in the entire village. All of them ran to the empty land in front of the stone castle, causing the land to shake and the branches and leaves to shake slightly.

Winston was fatigued from the traveling, but his eyes remained bright and spirited. He let out a deafening roar toward the beastmen.

Howl howl howl~

The other beastmen in the village were influenced, and the males of varying tribes started howling away. They formed a world-shaking disposition when put together.

Winston felt consoled. With this disposition, they wouldn’t lose.

Bai Qingqing could tell that Winston had something to say. She walked up behind him and tugged at his tail.

The white tiger standing on the rock stiffened. He didn’t need to turn his head and could tell from the strength of the grip that it was undoubtedly Bai Qingqing. His tail instantly stiffened into a rod, and all his fur stood up.

“Put on your clothes before you talk to everyone,” Bai Qingqing said softly before letting go.

Winston’s body also relaxed as she let go. He heaved out the murky breath in his chest and replied with a deep voice.

As Winston left, the tribal head immediately stood on the rock, telling everyone to stay where they were. His Majesty had something to announce.

The beastmen started whispering amongst themselves. The tribal head had suddenly gotten them to hasten on forging weapons, and many beastmen managed to guess that they were going to war.