Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 961 - Precarious Night (2)

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Chapter 961: Precarious Night (2)

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However, this thought only fleeted through her mind momentarily before she dismissed it.

This person was entirely different from Muir. When he didn’t move, he had the state of nothingness akin to that of a shadow. On the other hand, once he exploded, he was like a madman in battle, making her feel a darkness for some reason.

Muir was hidden fifty meters away from the grotto. If it were any other beastman, they would long have been discovered. But having spent prolonged periods concealing himself, he was so well-hidden that even Curtis didn’t detect his presence. This was why he could rescue Bai Qingqing at the first instant.

His speed was inferior to Curtis’s, and he had only struck while Curtis wasn’t paying attention. After running a few steps, he could hear Curtis launching an attack at him.

Muir took the chance to shove Bai Qingqing forward before he turned around to battle with him.

“Ah!” Bai Qingqing screamed.

Caught off-guard, she fell face-down onto the ground and found herself tasting a mouthful of sand.

The sounds of fighting were just a short distance behind, like a sharp blade that could cut into her back at any moment.

Not daring to get up, as she spat out the sand in her mouth, she crawled forward, and only after crawling for a good while did she dare to turn her head to look.

Parker and Winston rushed over one after the other. Though An’an was still crying, it wasn’t as hysterical as in the past. Having held it in for this long and only crying now, it appeared that the venom in her body was more or less cleared.

Bai Qingqing planted a kiss on An’an’s tear-soaked face. She gazed ahead at the fight and said in an astounded tone, “I didn’t know that male beastman was so formidable. To think he can fight Curtis in his human form. Seems like he’s also a stripeless beast.”

With this, her suspicion about this man being Muir vanished entirely. Though, she couldn’t gauge if what she felt was relief or disappointment.

Winston and Parker shielded her and retreated a few steps while staring nervously at the battlefield. Winston said, “We can’t let them continue fighting. Firstly, he’s no match for Curtis. Secondly, this isn’t a good thing for Curtis’s venom. Curtis must be treating him as an enemy in his hallucinations. If he fights on and his eyes turn red, he will completely lose his senses.”

“Then, what should we do?” Heart torn with anxiety, Bai Qingqing stamped her feet and pleadingly looked towards Alva. “Are you able to drag that person out?”

Holding his chest, Alva retreated several long steps, as though he had suffered a great shock. “How is that possible? Look at how intense they’re fighting. If I go in there, wouldn’t that be akin to suicide?”

Bai Qingqing gripped the arm of god-knows-which spouse next to her. She could tell that this beastman’s speed wasn’t on par with Curtis’s, so there was no way he could flee like Parker. If he were to retreat right now, he would probably lose his life. This was truly a dilemma.

All of them had their gazes riveted ahead, and no one noticed the sand slowly gushing up around them, enveloping them within.

Meanwhile, it was a precarious fight between the duo in there, with Curtis biting and coiling his enemy in his human form, and Muir jumping left and right in response. It was extremely dangerous.

Winston’s ears suddenly pricked up and shook, and with a stern gaze, he gazed in all directions. Alarmed by Winston’s actions, Parker also surveyed his surroundings.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! A series of roars and the crash of sea waves sounded as sand stirred up into the air. Under the hazy moonlight, gigantic scorpions appeared one after the other, surrounding them entirely.

Dense screechy sounds also rang from the ground. Upon a closer look, it turned out the sounds originated from countless little scorpions.

“The scorpion tribe is here to mess with us again!” Parker furiously stomped on those wild scorpions by his feet while launching into a protective stance beside Bai Qingqing.

Winston stuffed An’an into Bai Qingqing’s arms, then pushed her to Alva. “Take her away from here.”

Without demur, Alva immediately transformed into a peacock and lowered his body. After Winston placed Bai Qingqing on his back, he flapped his wings and took flight.