Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 946 - Curtis’s Poison Acts Up (5)

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Chapter 946: Curtis’s Poison Acts Up (5)

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After Bai Qingqing told Winston about her plan, he had planned to use his life in exchange for Parker’s. However, seeing that she wasn’t willing to give up on him either, his heart felt sweet as honey.


Just as Bai Qingqing was about to break out in tears from anxiety, Winston finally gave in.

He took An’an with him and chose a direction to run off. He didn’t run too far off and hid in a corner in the oasis, squatted down, and didn’t move.

The wind was too strong today, sending sand flying about. The sand that had his scent on them would quickly be dissipated by the wind, and he didn’t need to fear that Curtis would follow after him.

Bai Qingqing looked at the spousal mark on her chest and then at the direction Winston left. She estimated that he had run off to a good distance before cowardly looking at the lake water under her. Taking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes and jumped down.


The female’s petite figure landed into the lake in the blink of an eye, making a huge splash. There was no sign of a snake in the air.

Bai Qingqing’s face was facing up toward the sky and her body was in a horizontal position. When her body hit the surface of the water, it whacked out some air from her lungs. She inhaled out of reflex, but her body was completely encompassed by water. Water entered through her nose and she wanted to cough, but water gushed into her mouth when she opened her mouth.

Bai Qingqing almost suffocated and was in great agony. Her small face instantly flushed up.

At the next instant, a huge snake appeared in the lake out of nowhere, wrapping around the female’s soft body.

With the sound of another splash, the snake beastman who had turned into a handsome young man carried the female out of the water.

His brilliant red hair glistened in an eye-catching way. His pair of red eyes looked very beautiful, like a pair of priceless rubies. However, his cold gaze made one feel fear.

When this pair of eyes landed on the female in his arms, almost no viciousness could be seen in them. There was only panic and worry.


Bai Qingqing turned her body and coughed, spurting out the water from her lungs.

Curtis quickly slid out of the lake and gently patted her back. Bai Qingqing only recovered after a while, but her chest was still in pain.

“How are you feeling?” There were strong feelings of concern in Curtis’s voice.

Bai Qingqing shook her head. “I’m fine.”

She then took an obscure glance at her chest. Seeing that Parker was still there, she relaxed as if a huge burden had been taken off her shoulders.

With her hand on her stomach, Bai Qingqing thought worriedly, Would Curtis’s children be alright from all this commotion?

However, were there any children in her stomach? It had been over 20 days since they last had intercourse. If there were male babies, her appetite should be piqued. If there were female babies, then she should be very fragile now.

Curtis was assured and checked Bai Qingqing’s body. The cuts made by the scorpion beastmen hadn’t scabbed yet, and there was also a big blue and green bruise on her shoulder from when she jumped off the bed.

Curtis looked at her injuries and fury gathered up in his eyes again.

“Winston fled?” Curtis looked around and felt even more enraged when he didn’t see the white tiger around.

Bai Qingqing thought about it before coming clean. “I told him to hide. After he left, I jumped off from the tree and called you back.”

Curtis’s eyes turned cold, and his grip over Bai Qingqing loosened a little.

Bai Qingqing knew that this would happen, but she had to let Curtis know. Otherwise, he’d feel suspicious even after he woke up. At that time, her concealment would hurt him.

“Curtis, I’m hungry. Shall we go and find food?” Bai Qingqing pleaded softly.

The rage in Curtis’s heart dissipated after looking at his mate’s big and moist puppy eyes.