Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 935 - Battle of the Stripeless Beasts

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Chapter 935: Battle of the Stripeless Beasts

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Curtis also thought of this. He flicked out his tongue and moved the necklace toward his mouth. A drop of saliva flowed down slowly from his mammoth-like fang, wetting the animal skin strap the crystal was tied to.

Saint Zachary’s face was distorted, and he had a strong urge to skin the snake beastman. However, he could only hold it in and back off, waving his hand and sending the surrounding scorpions back too. Only a few scattered scorpion corpses were left lying on the ground.

Parker and Winston ran off quickly, chasing after their mate. No scorpions dared to stop them.

Saint Zachary still hadn’t heard of what had happened to Bai Qingqing. Curtis was threatening him, so he summoned the scorpions to bring Bai Qingqing here.

However, in a few breaths’ time, a signal came.

Bai Qingqing had gone missing.

Saint Zachary’s expression became even more distorted.

During this time, Curtis waited calmly. When he saw Saint Zachary’s expression changing, he flicked out his tongue, clearly pleased with this reaction.

“If you dare to destroy the soul crystal, I’ll make sure that you and your mate will live a life worse than death!” Saint Zachary said viciously, his gaze not moving from the soul crystal in Curtis’s mouth.

A drop of saliva was about to drip onto the soul crystal; Saint Zachary didn’t know that females’ soul crystals came in a set of seven and only thought that Chris’s was mixed inside. Even though the one that was going to be destroyed first might not be Chris’s, he still couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Curtis’s expression turned solemn. He swung his head and tossed the soul crystal to the ground.

Saint Zachary relaxed as if a great burden had been taken off him. Only then did he realize that his back was drenched with cold sweat.

This was the first time he had been given a scare. This made him unable to tolerate the snake beastman even more.

Curtis wasn’t planning on bearing with Saint Zachary, either. The moment Saint Zachary relaxed, he suddenly attacked him at the speed of lightning.

From the fact that Saint Zachary hadn’t brought Bai Qingqing over for the deal, Curtis was certain that he hadn’t planned on letting her go. He must have other ulterior motives. Thus, Curtis couldn’t just leave like this.

Since the feud was already formed, rather than trying to escape for now and hide in their nest until the other party raised another challenge, they might as well fight to the death right now.

If he won, he’d crush the soul crystal. If he lost… with the soul crystal still around, this scorpion might not necessarily go all out to wipe out Snow.

Curtis’s attack came too quickly and fiercely, catching Saint Zachary off-guard. The snake’s mouth was already hovering above his head.

However, he was fast too and managed to dodge rapidly, only allowing his arm to be bitten by the snake.

Curtis’s fangs were sharp, but his bite wasn’t. Although this might kill mammal-type beastmen, his fangs were hard to break through the enemies’ defenses when up against shell-type beastmen.

The tips of his fangs, gleaming in cold light, landed on the scorpion beastman’s skin but were unable to penetrate further. Golden venom splattered out from his fangs, dripping onto the scorpion beastman’s skin. Sizzling sounds rang out as his skin started to corrode.

Saint Zachary let out an agonizing cry and then immediately turned into his beast form, swinging his scorpion tail to retaliate.

Curtis backed off immediately after clinching the attack. His long and slender body turned to another angle and he attacked once again.

The soul crystal necklace was kicked everywhere from their duel between. However, there wasn’t any saliva, so it wasn’t harmed.

Saint Zachary was utterly enraged, not holding back anymore.

His speed was extremely fast, especially his tail. It was impossible to launch a sneak attack against him head-on. He’d pierce you while you were midway in your attack.

Moreover, he had an impregnable shell and thus attacked the snake beastman without any restrain.

Curtis was quickly at a disadvantage, forced to back off incessantly.

He was in no hurry. The venom had already corroded the other party’s shell. He’d just need to hold on until the scorpion beastman’s blood was tainted by the venom, then the tables would turn around.