Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 923 - Exchange Between Experts

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Chapter 923: Exchange Between Experts

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Bai Qingqing could only hear from a short distance, but beastmen, who could receive a wider sound frequency, could hear the snake hissing from even further.

Saint Zachary understood that since the wild snakes had come, their leader should be coming very soon too.

He stared at Bai Qingqing’s face, suddenly breaking up into a smile. He didn’t seem to be showing expression on his handsome face, but Bai Qingqing shuddered for some reason.

“Your mate seems capable.”

After saying this, Saint Zachary headed out. He then said, with his back facing them, “Bring her to the ice house. That place can cut off all auras and connections.”

Mitchell pursed his lips and said “yes” with great difficulty. He then carried Bai Qingqing and headed over.

He had understood by now that this matter was no longer something within his control.

The three beastmen, Parker, Winston, and Curtis, worked together and found an underground passageway. They searched their way here, killing countless scorpion beastmen. They didn’t find Bai Qingqing but came across a formidable opponent.

Just then, the three of them who had been able to sense Bai Qingqing vaguely, their hearts suddenly throbbed. Their connection with their mate was completely cut off.

“Who are you? Quickly return Qingqing to us!” Parker was the most impatient and immediately stood out to say.

This was even though he could clearly sense that this person was stronger than him and that he had no chances of winning.

Winston’s senses were similar to Parker’s. He was also unafraid, staring at the other party calmly.

Only Curtis had some clarity over the situation, not changing his expression as he looked at the other party. All of his muscles were on guard, revealing his wariness.

Curtis had only become a stripeless beast in recent years, but although this scorpion beastman before them looked young, he could discern from the rotting disposition coming from him that he was definitely not young.

However, Saint Zachary wasn’t as calm as them. He had thought that it was a four-striped beastman, but other than there being two four-striped beastmen, there was also one who had reached the level of returning to the natural state, revealing a no-stripe state.

As expected, beautiful females would be surrounded by strong beastmen!

He assessed the snake beastman, not replying to the leopard beastman. Instead, he asked, “Since you’re already a stripeless beast, then why don’t you hoard the female to yourself but choose to share with these males?”

This was something that he couldn’t understand. It was because he couldn’t understand this that had caused him to be abandoned by his mate, and he still ended up losing her eventually.

Although he had brought all of these upon himself, Saint Zachary still harbored feelings of complaints and fury, not thinking that he was in the wrong.

He was a strong beastman. Since he could get rid of his love rivals, then why shouldn’t he?

They say it’s lonely to be at the peak. When someone strong came across another strong person, it was inevitable for them to share similar feelings. Therefore, Curtis also made a rare exception and spoke up, “So that she can be better taken care of.”

When Parker heard Curtis’s words, he felt so angry that he snuffed heavily, releasing growling sounds from his throat. However, he hesitated in front of their enemy and didn’t make a move.

Saint Zachary thought of how snake beastmen had the habit of staying by themselves and then understood. If that was the case, this stripeless beast’s actions could be explained.

He thought of his situation, then compared it with the snake beastman. He couldn’t help but feel jealous and said, “If you’re a scorpion beastman like me and can find tribesmen to take care of your mate, would you still tolerate them?”

Saint Zachary threw a meaningful glance at the white tiger and leopard.

Curtis said without thinking, “Kill them all.”

Parker was so angry that his lungs felt like they were going to explode, but there was nothing he could do. On the other hand, Winston remained calm, his gaze not even flickering. He wasn’t surprised by Curtis’s reply.

“Hahahaha…” Saint Zachary laughed maniacally, feeling great envy for the snake beastman’s great luck.

Why wasn’t he a snake beastman?

If that was the case, then he wouldn’t kill off all of his mate’s other males just because he was able to take care of his mate in all aspects?