Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 911 - Caught

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Chapter 911: Caught

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The ant climbed up to the edge of the “weed” and was about to enjoy its food when the lizard suddenly pounced onto it, opened its mouth, and flicked out its tongue to stick the ant onto it.

Quickly after, the snake buried in the sand suddenly rose, turning to bite the lizard, then starting to swallow it…

After witnessing the series of feigns and hunting in the animal world, Bai Qingqing gulped and turned to look at the Chinese cabbage that she was about to pull out.

She wanted to get up, but to her surprise, realized that her body had stiffened up.

Parker then poked his head out from the lemon trees again, looking at Bai Qingqing and saying, “Come back quickly. I’ll pick them with you later.”

Bai Qingqing turned back and realized that, unknowingly, a layer of black fog had appeared above the sand around her. As the sunlight was too intense, this layer of black fog was so faint that it was hard to see clearly.

Scorpion beastmen had two types of poison. The first was liquid venom, used to deal against enemies. The second was the poisonous fog, used to deal with females and create hallucinations.

Bai Qingqing had experienced it once and immediately reacted to it. However, it was too late. She could only look at Parker with a gaze pleading for him to save her.

Parker squinted his eyes and then opened them wide. His clear golden eyes reflected the scene of the female falling over helplessly in her white dress.


A roar rang out, and a leopard figure darted out from amongst the lemon trees, dashing crazily over.

The sandy ground in front of Bai Qingqing suddenly erupted and a huge scorpion tail darted out, curling around her body and bringing her underground together with An’an.

In just an instant, the ground became completely empty. What was left was a pile of messy sandpits with a few pieces of withered blades of grass or leaves in between them.

It took less than two seconds for the leopard to arrive at the sandpit and dug frantically, sending sand and dust flying everywhere.

Winston ran out and checked around, realizing that this piece of the oasis was really strange. He stood on the spot and didn’t move, but could still sense that his mate was moving.

The quicksand on the edges of the oasis was exceptionally dense and active. A thought struck Winston and he understood.

Curtis had told him that the underground palace was mobile, but he didn’t really believe that. By the looks of it now, the desert was really a mysterious and unfathomable place. The underground palace was probably not the only mobile part. It was likely that the same went for the oasis on the surface of the desert.

It excelled in hiding, and if it wasn’t because Curtis was sensitive toward water sources or because he had the connection with his mate, it’d be impossible to find this place.

Winston followed the connection with his mate and returned to the oasis once again, believing in this conclusion even more.

This time around, he wasn’t anxious in the least. He looked at the scorching sun in the sky and reckoned that it was about time for Qingqing to return. Therefore, he gathered firewood around the stone cavity and waited for Parker to come back to cook.

A leopard’s cry rang out from the far distance. Winston took a glance in that direction and wasn’t too concerned at the beginning.

However, the leopard kept on crying out incessantly, his voice sounding increasingly louder and his emotions increasingly clearer.

Winston straightened up and looked over. Parker seemed very anxious?


Curtis also crawled out from the stone cavity, crushing the pile of firewood, and slithered over.

Winston also quickly turned into his beast form, rushing forward at great speed.

Parker had yet to meet up with them. He let out two anxious howls before running off. After running for a while, he even turned back to take a look, clearly leading the way.

Only then did Winston and Curtis realize that things were amiss. Their expressions stiffened, and they quickly gave chase seriously.

They could no longer feel their connection with their mate amongst the patch of sand that had been messed up from all the digging. What left them even more horrified was that this stretch of oasis had its own magnetic field, and, by the time they gave chase to the center of the oasis, their connection with their mate was seriously obstructed by it.

They seemed like failed compasses, with the needle spinning around crazily. They felt that all directions around them seemed to be where their mate was at.