Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 885 - Underground Palace

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Chapter 885: Underground Palace

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He must have done the same as when there was a drought, drinking blood as water.

Bai Qingqing’s heart ached for him even more. It was no wonder Winston had become so skinny.

After Winston said that, he gave Parker a signal with his eyes.

Parker immediately crawled up. As he moved too abruptly, he pulled the wound at his waist. He felt so much pain that he gritted his teeth.

“Let’s go and eat. Curtis, should we bring food for you?” Parker gasped and then asked.

“I’ve eaten,” Curtis said.

Parker then left together with Winston.

“This place is really big.” Parker assessed the place as they walked.

Winston only brought Parker far away from the abandoned mine shaft, then found a random mine shaft.

All sorts of ferocious beasts were digging around with great effort. When they came across large pieces of rocks, they turned into their human form and smashed with huge rock pieces.

After spending a long time here, their bodies would get increasingly weaker. In addition, as they didn’t see light for a prolonged period, their bones wouldn’t be as hard as before. They couldn’t use their fists to shatter the rock pieces directly anymore. They’d only become damaged from the impact.

After arriving at the mine shaft, Winston took a look at Parker, who was covered with injuries, then turned into his beat form and pounced on a wolf beastman.


Before the wolf beastman noticed the danger, his neck was snapped off and he fell to the ground. His limbs twitched for quite a while before they lost all vitality.

The sudden assault caused the beastmen in the mineshaft to stop in their actions. All of them looked at the kill scene, then turned to look toward the seriously injured leopard beastman.

The eyes of some gleamed with a starving green glow. The tiger beastman biting onto his prey threw a cold glance at them, and they restrained their gazes.

They reckoned that the wolf beastman was enough to feed the tiger and leopard, so they continued with their work as if nothing had happened.

This was the law of survival in the underground palace. In the territory where only the beastmen lived, there was also a food chain.

The strong ones could go around to hunt for food. The weak ones could also wait at the grave pit’s entrance for the corpses or seriously injured bodies of the losers who had been thrown down.

Amongst every level exited its own survival means. It wasn’t different from the outside world, either.

Parker licked his lips. So, the food turned out to be beastmen. Then, there was no shortage of food.

It seemed that the underground palace was more dangerous than he imagined. If he was alone, he’d probably also become prey because of his injuries.

“Roar!” Winston then roared again toward Parker, urging him on.

Parker turned into his beat form and ran over with graceful steps. He lowered his head and enjoyed the rare delicacy, not feeling any mental burden at all.

Beastmen had always been in beastmen’s recipe. It was just that they had always been living in villages. If unwelcomed beastmen invaded their territories, they’d also kill them and eat them up.

It was just that everyone had the tacit understanding of not telling this to females.

The two males had a full meal, then cleaned off the blood traces on them before they returned to the abandoned mine shaft.

Bai Qingqing had just coaxed An’an to sleep. When she saw them, she smiled and asked, “Have you eaten your fill?”

“En.” Parker changed into his human form and patted his round tummy, looking satisfied.

Bai Qingqing felt reassured. It seemed that Parker would be able to recover very soon.

“You guys are so bad. You only cared to look for your own food and didn’t bring any for me,” Bai Qingqing said half-jokingly. She also had a bit of a craving. Chewing the jerky was so tiring that she almost couldn’t taste the food anymore.

“We’ll bring some for you next time,” Parker said, then climbed into the hole. When he saw that the animal skin bedding was taken over by Curtis, he could only lay on the ground at the side to rest.

Winston also turned into his human form and said, “I’ll go look for the scorpion king to get the antidote. The temperature of the ground is too high. Qingqing, you stay here. It’s more comfortable.”