Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1203 - Meeting an Old Friend (1)

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Chapter 1203: Meeting an Old Friend (1)

Over here, the anticipation of new lives completely dispelled the gloominess in Bai Qingqing’s heart.

Meanwhile elsewhere, after swimming a great distance away and confirming that the baby snakes wouldn’t be able to find their way back, Curtis finally came to a halt.

He opened the bag and poured out the baby snakes.

The baby snakes collapsed into a heap on the ground and dazedly looked around.

Gazing down at them from a towering height, there wasn’t a hint of emotion in Curtis’s icy voice, only threat. “Let’s bid farewell here. Don’t ever appear before my eyes again. Or else, don’t blame me for discarding our father-and-son ties.”

The baby snakes cowered, unable to understand why their daddy was saying such things to them. Moreover, at their tender age, the concept of “going home” was foreign to them. Hence, they didn’t take to heart their daddy’s threat.

Satisfied with their reactions, Curtis thought to himself that this time none of his offspring would think of replacing him again, and thus turned to leave in a pleasant mood.

Only after he left did the baby snakes relax.

This was their first time interacting with the wilderness. The plants here were messier and denser than the ones at home. But they were actually more satisfied with such an environment.

After each selected a direction, the baby snakes spread out in all directions and began to embark on their vagrant lives individually.

By the time Curtis reached home, it was already evening, and Bai Qingqing had already fallen asleep. Her tranquil manner surprised Curtis.

He had thought that Snow would be upset for a long while and hadn’t expected to see that she was fine. He was glad to see that she was alright.

Casting a glance at Winston and Parker sleeping by her sides, as well as Muir who was crouched elsewhere by himself, one speculation arose in Curtis’s heart.

It must be Winston and Parker’s doing, for males who lived in tribes tended to be more passionate. This wasn’t something he or Muir was capable of.

On the next day, the weather remained sunny and pleasant. After the breeze and sunshine from yesterday, the rainwater on the ground had dried up, and many females had come out to play, making for a lively scene.

Bai Qingqing went out after breakfast. With An’an in her arms, she came to Molly’s tree hole, but was informed by Molly’s other spouse that she and Alva were out.

“They didn’t go to the Flos Eriocauli field?” Bai Qingqing thought it was strange. That was Molly’s favorite place, yet she didn’t go there this year.

One-ear Edgar said with a smile, “Females who just moved here have never seen such a huge Flos Eriocauli field. With them occupying the place, she asked Alva to fly her to some farther away places to play.”

Bai Qingqing nodded in enlightenment. “I’ll go look for her, then.”

With that, she carried her baby home to look for Muir.

Only now did she realize just how convenient it was to have a beastman who could fly at home. It was like upgrading from traveling by private hire cars to helicopters.

As it wasn’t Muir’s turn to hunt today, he was peeking at Bai Qingqing from a tall height, so it was natural that she couldn’t find him. It took Muir some time to realize that she was looking for him, and he immediately flew down from the tree.

“There you are.” Bai Qingqing walked towards him. “Can you take me out? I want to look for Molly. It’s so rare to have such sunny weather. When the rain comes again it’ll be inconvenient for me and An’an to go out.”

When he heard that they were going to meet another female, instead of landing on the ground, Muir flew into the house and picked up an animal skin skirt with his beak, before coming out to let Bai Qingqing ride on his back.

Searching for two people in the vast jungle was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. One must be really lucky to achieve such a feat. And only eagle beastmen with their exceptional eyesight had remote chances of such success.

After analyzing the topography, Muir deduced the spots with great scenery and searched those shortlisted places one by one, and only then succeeded in finding the peacock male who was at one time a fellow admirer of Qingqing.