Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1195 - Killing Intent in the Waterhole (2)

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Chapter 1195: Killing Intent in the Waterhole (2)

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Muir dashed over to the walls of the waterhole, fixing himself there agilely like a bat. He rapidly turned and saw an extremely fast human figure.

That human figure charged straight for him. Muir clenched his left hand into a fish and was about to return a lethal attack when the other party suddenly stopped.

“It’s you?” Bluepool let down his guard and waved his fishtail a little, sending out streams of currents underwater.

The merfolk was accustomed to the deep ocean region where the light rays were dark. Therefore, their eyes were extremely sensitive to light. In a place like this, Bluepool could see much clearer than Muir.

Muir relaxed as well. He had forgotten that merfolk was territorial as well. Therefore, he didn’t take Bluepool’s attack to heart, but he didn’t feel guilty either. It was extremely normal for the strong to take over the territory of someone weak. Even if Bluepool was unwilling to give it to him, he must snatch away a piece of soil.

Bluepool looked at the bright light rays over him, spurted a big trail of bubbles, then said, “A loud sound frightened me earlier. I thought I was being attacked.”

Muir didn’t pay him any heed. He just dug the soil expressionlessly.

Bluepool was struck by a realization. “Qingqing wants to play with soil again?” He then lowered his voice, mumbling, “She plays with soil every time the cold season comes. Her hobby is really strange.”

Suddenly, all of Bluepool’s fins erupted. He felt an overwhelming killing intent encompassing him. He raised his head and saw that the eagle beastman mate whom Bai Qingqing had recently accepted was giving him a deathly glare.

Bluepool’s fishtail stiffened, then he continued to wave it. He then instinctively backed off a little.

Muir threw him a glance filled with warning intent. If it wasn’t because An’an liked to play with his item, he might have pounced on Bluepool and killed him the instant he heard that.

Qingqing could play with anything she liked. Who was this fish to say anything about it? Moreover, Qingqing wasn’t doing this for fun. She was making presents for him and the children.

Seeing that the merman kept quiet, Muir dug out a big ball of soil, let go of his grip, then floated up like a bubble.

Bluepool exhaled as if he had been relieved of a great burden, releasing a big trail of bubbles from his mouth. He complained inside, None of Qingqing’s mates are normal. Other than the leopard beastman, all of them are extremely dangerous. Are they going to allow other males to woo Bai Qingqing like this?

However, the leopard beastman was quite perverse too, becoming a four-striped beastman despite his young age. Bluepool was also a rare young strong merman even amongst several hundred thousand merfolk. However, he was a far cry compared to the leopard beastman. Comparisons between beastmen would really drive a beastman to death.

Muir left the waterhole, and a layer of frost formed on his wet body when the cold wind blew on him. When he arrived home, his upright black hair had hardened into a statue.

Bai Qingqing raised her head when she heard the sound of footsteps and saw Muir’s hairstyle. Stunned, she broke into a grin.

“You went into the water?”

“En.” Muir showed the soil to Bai Qingqing. It was also showing signs of freezing up and had become like soybean pulp.”

Bai Qingqing nodded. “This is it.”

She only noticed the wound on Muir’s arm then, and her expression instantly turned into shock. “You’re injured! What happened?”

Muir looked at the wound indifferently, saying, “I scraped myself by accident. It’s not a big deal.”

That wound was clearly a scratch. Bai Qingqing rolled her eyes. “Do you think I’m stupid? Was it Bluepool? Why did he hurt you?”

As she spoke, she walked over to Muir’s side and blew on his wound. “Thankfully, it isn’t too deep.”

However, this wound wasn’t considered a trifling matter in the eyes of people from the modern world. Three scratches lined side by side over 20 centimeters long and two centimeters deep. It didn’t look like a light wound.