Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191: Untitled

“En, en.” Bai Qingqing quickly nodded while wearing an urging gaze.

Muir immediately turned into his eagle form, standing over the little snakes, then squatting down slowly.

The little snakes revealed horrified expressions. The light rays became fainter as the black bird’s stomach came pressing down until they completely sank into darkness.

It was over. They were going to be eaten.

Hmmm? It felt so warm and comfortable. Were they already in the eagle’s stomach?

The little snakes’ bodies were stiff as they thought of this in unison. They almost sank into degradation under the warm feathers.

However, at the next instant, the little snakes made themselves wake up “with determination”. They mustn’t sleep. They were definitely going to be digested. If they were to sleep, they wouldn’t be able to wake up anymore.

Reserve energy darted out after their bodies warmed up. This was the thought that was on all of the little snakes’ minds.

Snake beastmen were really strong. Even if they were eaten, as long as they were still conscious, they wouldn’t give up hope on living.

When these little snakes were in their mother’s stomach, Muir hadn’t become mates with Bai Qingqing yet. Therefore, they didn’t have the consciousness that “Muir is very safe. He’s Mommy’s mate.”

In the little snakes’ consciousness, eagle beastmen were their natural enemies whom they must be wary against. Even though the memories they received from their father weren’t clear yet, they vaguely knew that there was an especially detestable guy called “Muir”.

On the other side, Curtis also refused to give in as he pressed down on the little snake in his nest, staring at Muir with a cold gaze as he tried to bring heat under his stomach. He seemed to be trying to compete with Muir.

Muir also covered up the little snakes under his stomach even more tightly with a disdainful gaze. He had nine snakes with him. He had won on the starting line.

Bai Qingqing didn’t notice the hidden battle between them and stood in the middle anxiously, switching between checking out each side, occasionally asking if the little snakes had shown any movements.

Muir was born with an advantage for this battle, but Curtis had ample energy, and with his attempt to stimulate warmth, his stomach also felt very warm.

Curtis was the first to move, wearing an expression as if he was certain of victory.

Muir was a little anxious, but the first little snake to crawl out had come from his nest.

The little snake was trembling. Before his body had completely recovered, he “escaped” under the horror and panic of being digested. After seeing his mommy’s legs in front of him, he immediately recalled her warm body and moved his stiff body to slither toward her.

Bai Qingqing felt overwhelmingly flattered and carried up the little snake, stuffing him into her clothes to warm him up. She even patted him through the animal skin fabric, saying gently, “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. It’s fine now.”

The little snake felt at ease and relaxed his body, resting sluggishly in his mommy’s warm embrace.

When the other little snakes under Muir’s stomach heard their mommy’s voice, they instantly felt spirited and all of them crawled out in succession, heading straight for Bai Qingqing.

In the end, all nine little snakes who had been warmed up by Muir had come out, yet the only one under Curtis’s stomach showed no reaction at all.

There was no other reason for it to go out because it felt very warm. His father wasn’t an eagle beastman, thus there was no need to be afraid. Therefore, he’d choose to stay as long as he could.

Curtis quickly understood and felt infuriated. He lifted his snake body and sent the soft little snake flying away with a slap.

“Scram!” Curtis said coldly.

The little snake didn’t feel upset even though he was hit. After falling to the floor, he shook his head for a while, then joined the other little snakes when he saw them rushing toward their mommy.

Not long later, Bai Qingqing’s clothes were bulging with snakes. For some reason, she thought of the story “The Farmer and the Viper”, then rubbed her nose in amusement.

“Muir, I think it’s enough time. You can go to the kitchen and eat another two bowls.”