Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1131

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Chapter 1131: Untitled

Curtis threw a cold glance at Muir and said, “You stay behind.”

Muir frowned, shooting him a burning gaze.

Seeing that the two beastmen were going to get into a fight again, Winston spoke up.

“Curtis is right. Muir should stay behind. If we aren’t able to hold the behemoths back, you will leave with Qingqing and the children. You aren’t the only one. All the eagle beastmen in the city will stay behind and ascertain the safety of every single female.” Winston’s voice was deep and composed. Even though he had only said a few words, his words were strangely persuasive. Moreover, each of his words was straight to the point.

Muir paused, calmed down, then replied, “Alright!”

He had been too driven by the thought of earning merit and only wanted to prove himself to Qingqing. He hadn’t looked at things from the greater perspective.

After making the arrangements for their family, Winston then immediately called for all the beastmen in the city and told everyone of the arrangements. He then led an army of massive armored beastmen out of the city.

The tribe instantly became empty, and the remnant scent of the austere smell of iron and blood could be smelled.

Bai Qingqing watched as the beastmen left, then lowered her eyes and turned away. “Let’s go and make preparations as well.”

Her tone was dejected and solemn. Because she knew that this time around, many beastmen would die. Even though she didn’t understand this world that well, she could sense it from the suppressed atmosphere.

The tribe had remained positive when facing the scorpion beastmen and the insect tide. But this time around, none of the females wore relaxed expressions. The children didn’t know much, but they weren’t as lively as usual under everyone’s influence.

She couldn’t save them. This was the rule of this world. The survival of the fittest. Even if one was smart, it was useless. Unless the beastmen possessed powerful science like the humans from her world did.

As for the armors, it might still be good for fending off ordinary beastmen’s attacks, but when facing huge beasts like dinosaurs, they’d probably be like chocolate-coated ice cream, becoming tastier.

Muir looked at Bai Qingqing and suddenly held her hand. The icy feeling caused his heart to ache. “It’ll be fine. I’m here.”

Bai Qingqing gripped his hand as well, pursing her lips and smiling at him. The intimacy between the two of them came very naturally, and neither of them was as restrained and careful as in the past few days.

The ground rumbled as countless behemoths ran. When one looked down from a height, they’d be able to see large patches of tremblings taking place amongst the crowns of the trees.

Thankfully, Curtis’s senses were very sharp and he had noticed things in time. The behemoths were still a few mountains away from the City of Beastmen when they were stopped by the gleaming silver beastmen.

Even though the behemoths were peremptory, well-known for being unafraid of anything, they were still stunned by the piercing silver light. The behemoths at the very front all came to a stop in unison.

In comparison to the behemoths, the beastmen’s bodies were small like basketballs, not much bigger than the behemoths’ feet. They were a good size to get stepped on.

The behemoths on the front row opened their eyes wide and were stunned for a moment. The other behemoths behind them who couldn’t stop in time then collided with them. The behemoths instantly became irritated, running forth and stepping onto the silver balls.

A black and red figure cut across the air like lightning, making his way through the behemoths.

“Roar!” Winston let out an enraged roar. When the behemoth in front of him ran to the optimal location, he ran two steps forward and leaped onto the behemoth’s front leg, piercing his sharp claws into the behemoth’s hide, easily stabilizing his body.

Another roar rang out. This time around, it was a behemoth’s agonizing howl. Its body shook and its two huge legs stomped around chaotically.

The beastmen who couldn’t escape in time were implicated, instantly squashed into meat paste together with their armor. They didn’t even have the time to scream.

Parker was faster. With a “swoosh”, he jumped onto the back of a behemoth. Although he didn’t have Winston’s burly figure, he was faster and more agile.