Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033: Untitled

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The behemoth tide was a huge threat to the City of Beastmen as well. Those short city walls could only fend off wild beasts. It was hard to fend off beastmen with them, let alone behemoths.

This was the period where the behemoths were in heat and their reproduction phase. They were more vicious and brutal than usual. A horrible massacre would definitely ensue if they charged into the village.

Bai Qingqing had witnessed the prowess of a group of behemoths herself. They were like a bunch of ferocious dinosaurs, and they could also run quickly because of their big size. In groups, they were definitely an invincible existence in the forest.

She recalled that even Curtis had been chased down to the extent that he didn’t have the time to catch his breath. Her face turned a shade paler.

They were just talking about behemoths. Did they have to be so unlucky?

The scorpion beastmen had the track records of creating an insect tide. Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but suspect them and looked toward Muir, who had driven a beast tide before.

Muir thought back on the memories from then, but could only recall how the female had left behind Curtis’s snake scale that had antidote properties to save his life. His gaze immediately turned soft.

Curtis clearly recalled that event as well. His disposition suddenly became icy-cold, and he threw the black eagle a cold sideward glance. At the thought of how they still needed Muir, he quickly restrained his killing intent.

Back then, the matter of Bai Qingqing saved from the hands of a four-striped snake beastman had taken the entire city by storm. Harvey, who had paid a lot of attention to Bai Qingqing, also knew about this. However, as Muir hadn’t shown himself, he had no idea which eagle beastman had such intellect and courage.

Now that he saw Bai Qingqing’s and Curtis’s reactions, linking to the connection with the behemoths, the eagle beastman who had saved Bai Qingqing, Harvey suddenly guessed the truth.

Harvey couldn’t help but “tsk”. This was really… a case of fortune’s fool.

It was no wonder Curtis held such great hostility toward Muir. Moreover, Muir was really unlucky. He had gone through such difficulties to save the female, but she still ended up getting together with the feral beast. It cut off his opportunity to woo the female instead.

Unlucky! He was really unlucky!

“You guys suspect that it’s the scorpion tribe again?”

Harvey then shook his head. “The scorpion beastmen’s speed can’t even compare against ordinary beastmen. If they were to carry a behemoth king egg with them, they’d be stomped into meat paste before they could lure the behemoths over.”

Bai Qingqing looked at the mud that Muir had brought into the house, then said, “Don’t forget that the scorpion beastmen excels in digging holes. If they hid underground, the behemoths wouldn’t be able to detect their scent. They just need to attract the behemoths after they’ve run away to a safe distance, then go back underground. Wouldn’t they be able to lure the behemoths over then?”

She paused after saying this, then added, “The behemoths have a sharp sense of smell. Even if the soil can’t cut off their sense of smell, there’s no way they’d be able to dig out the scorpions from the soil. As long as the scorpion tribe thinks of this idea, it’d definitely be possible for them to put it into action.”

Bai Qingqing sounded confident, and her expression was anxious.

Harvey was shocked. Upon more thorough consideration, her words did make sense. His hatred for the scorpion tribe deepened even more.

Curtis seemed consoled. Snow was always so clever, and it made him very infatuated with her. He didn’t feel any sense of danger at all. Right now, there wouldn’t be any risks if he wished to bring Snow with him and break away from the behemoths.

As for the City of Beastmen? Did it have any relations with him?

The males exchanged news rapidly and rushed home to console their mates. The leaders took this time to discuss their plans.

Parker ran back before Winston, his golden fur in a mess. He had clearly not rested for days, and his pure golden eyes were bloodshot.

“Parker?” Bai Qingqing jumped out from Curtis’s embrace and headed toward the leopard worriedly.

Parker ran while transforming into his human form. At the next second after his transformation, he and Bai Qingqing bumped into each other.