Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1022

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Chapter 1022: Untitled

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Unable to woo her, he could only look at her secretly to relieve one-sided love.


The sound of a water splash came from the waterhole.

The eagle beastman was instantly on the alert, his sharp gaze darting toward the source of the sound. Bai Qingqing was also brought back to her senses. She said in surprise, “We’re here?”

She then slid off from the eagle beastman’s back. The female’s soft body caused the eagle beastman to instantly stiffen up.

Bluepool raised his hands and propped up a bubble, his pair of long and narrow beautiful eyes staring at the eagle beastman. “Who is he?”

“Winston got him to protect me.” Bai Qingqing instantly felt her head aching. She could sense the favorable impression the eagle beastman had toward her. The demand exceeded the supply. As a piece of top-quality meat, she had long gotten used to having males sneaking glances of deep adoration at her.

To this, her usual way of doing things was to ignore them, not giving them a hint of hope at all so that they could quickly dismiss this thought as soon as possible.

Bai Qingqing looked toward the eagle beastman with a normal expression. “It’s fine now. You can go back to help them.”

The eagle beastman turned into his human form and stood there firmly. “The city lord told me to always keep watch by your side.”

If an accident happened, it’d be the safest to fly up into the sky.

Bai Qingqing didn’t argue with him. She bent over and entered the bubble.

Bluepool threw a sideward glance at his new rival with a black face. He then carried the air bubble and submerged it to the bottom of the water.

Bai Qingqing had just reached the bottom when she saw the faint light coming from the cave. It was flickering away. Clearly, An’an was playing with the luminous ball.

“Has An’an been good? Did she cry? Did she…” poop. She felt embarrassed to talk about this with him, so she swallowed the rest of her words.

Bai Qingqing laid in the bubble, looking at the merman cave. She finally saw An’an, who was sitting on the floor and chewing on the luminous ball.

The waving of Bluepool’s tail paused for a moment. This small change was discovered by Bai Qingqing, who had her attention on him, and she secretly put her hand to her forehead.

As they entered the cave, she realized that An’an had really pooped. The evidence was on her pants.

The cotton pants that Bai Qingqing had personally sewn for An’an was covered in unidentified yellow stuff, giving off a strange scent. Bai Qingqing especially left behind a piece of animal skin to clean An’an’s butt with. It was also stained.

It was also a skill to be able to take care of a child to this state.

Had Bai Qingqing wiped all the poop? She asked herself if she had offended Bluepool.

Bluepool mumbled, “I haven’t taken care of a female child before. The animal skin that you left isn’t enough. One isn’t enough to clean it. You also said that I can’t wash her with warm water. I can only use her pants to wipe her. I even especially used the outside of the pants to wipe her. It just looks bad, but at least An’an is clean.”

Bai Qingqing was rendered speechless. What he says makes a lot of sense. I have nothing to rebut.

“I still have to thank you.”

Bai Qingqing then took off An’an’s pants, hiding her in her own clothes. She then said, “Help me get some water in here. I’ll wash the animal skin and wipe An’an’s body. It’s fine if it’s just wiping her down.”

Bluepool hesitantly looked at the dirty fabric, tried to hold it in, then finally took it out of the cave, soaked it in water to clean it, before bringing it back.

“There.” Bluepool twisted the animal skin to dry it, then handed it to Bai Qingqing.

Bai Qingqing thanked him gratefully. After receiving it, she quickly wiped An’an’s body, causing An’an’s small body to shudder. She reached her short and plump arms to hug her mommy, raising her head and biting on her mommy’s soft breast.

Bai Qingqing placed the animal skin by her side and wrapped An’an completely with clothes. She turned her back to feed An’an. Thankfully, the clothes were loose enough, and there was still space even when she was carrying the child.

Bluepool threw a few glances over, feeling uneasy. He picked up the dirty animal skin and cleaned it again. He then smelled his hands, and his expression instantly turned disdainful.